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Hello .

The tails are very long and strong and they use them when they jump and stand up . I didnt hold a koala as they poo all the time and They are very smelly . It took 5 minutes for the man to shear the sheep . I was swinging a pot with hot water and tea leaves before it goes on the fire to make the tea. The train looks fast but it is quite slow which is why it took 6 hours to get there. I hope it doesn’t rain for your sports day. You will all be even more clever when we get back with all that hard work !!!



Here are some new pictures. This is my family I am staying with and their dog Layla. We have been to lots beaches. There was a hot rod car show and Roo loved the cars. We saw a skateboard shop and a surf board shop. They are filming Pirates of the Caribbean here and so we went to the film sets but we didn’t see any actors. They have big sheets behind the sheet where they do green screening ! We then went to Sydney for a few days. It is a very big city . We had a bedroom on the 21st floor of the hotel. Hattie and Elliot sent me a picture when they went to Sydney so I went to the same place. George’s mum told us to go to a restaurant on the beach. We had a fantastic fish lunch. We went to Sydney Aquarium and saw lots of sharks. Roo was safe behind the glass ! Mrs Hirons has lots of videos to sort but she is busy helping Jack and Ella with their homework so she will get them sorted soon !

Week 2

We took Ella and Jacks dog Layla for a walk in the bush . We then travelled to Brisbane for a few days. Our bedroom was high up on 21st floor. It looked over the city and down to Anzac Square which is a war memorial.

We went on a trip to Tamborine to see some glow worms. We went to paradise country park to watch sheep shearing. There is a zoo there with lots of koalas, dingos and kangaroos so Roo had a great chat .

We went to Newstead house and in the garden there is a sausage tree. The fruit look like great big sausages but you cant eat them . Roo saw a secret door in a tree. We went on a river cruise to see the city from the water .

In the evening we went to an Outback Spectacular which is a horse show. We all had to wear hats. We then travelled to Rockhampton on a train that took 6 hours. That is a whole day at school !

We went to an Australian museum which had an old hospital, school and church there. There were lots of old cars and we got to ride in them.We listened to a didgeridoo player and learnt how to throw a boomerang ! Mrs Hirons was very good and hers came back to her .

Our last trip was to a crocodile farm . It was quite scary when they were being fed ! We were very close. I will make some videos of the crocodile soon.

We are going back to Ella and Jacks house for more adventures. They are filming the pirates of the caribbean just down the road from where they live !!

Hello Squirrels

Hello Squirrels

We are having a great time !
Roo is enjoying being back home !
My sister is called Sue.
It is very sunny and yesterday it was 24 degrees but one day last week it was 32 but we went to the beach to keep cool . We are going to Rockhampton today and it is going to be hotter there .
There are 23 million people living in Australia .
The lift went up to 65 mph.
The Q1 is 322 metres and is the 5th tallest building in Australia. Lots of people live in the Q1. Miss Pickford  it has a spa too !
The food is delicious. It is the same as ours really . They cook outside on the bbq mostly though even the roast dinners !
I will send some more pictures and videos at the weekend
Mrs Hirons and Roo

Thank you Rabbits

Thank you Rabbits. It was great to hear from you . I am glad your castle trip was fun . There are no castles in Australia !! We are having a lovely time.

It is the winter in Australia but it is still sunny and warm and you need your sun cream and hats.

Jack and Ella go to high school now so it is a really big school, a bit like Frome College .

. It wasn’t scary in the tower even though it was 74 floors up. It has the fastest lift in Australia. There is a screen in the lift and you can watch it going up and down when you are in it. I have a video which I will put on next week. It went up to 65 mph !!

We went on 2 planes . The first one went to Hong Kong snd took 12 hours and the 2nd one took us to Brisbane and it took 8 hours. I watched 6 movies and listened to lots of music. You have your own television and head phones so you can watch whatever you want .

Our favourite beach is surfers paradise . It is the one you see from the tower . It goes on forever and the waves are really big for the surfers. Roo ate lots of salad on the plane and we shared the ice cream as it was a big tub .

Roo went to an Australian outback farm and he met lots of kangaroos and he had a great chat with some of his family. He saw Koalas and Dingos. He also watched sheep being sheared . Mrs Hirons had to help make the tea over the fire so it was a bit like Australian forest school !!

We are in Brisbane for a few days so we will sent lots of pictures and videos when we get back to Jack and Ella’s house on Saturday . Love Mrs Hirons and Roo Xx