I went to center parcs for 3 days. I had a really great time. I really enjoyed the swimming and slides and we saw Santa. On Christmas Eve we went to church and made cookies for santa. I got lots of nice presents from everyone. I have really enjoyed spending time with my friends and family.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas!

Happy new year!

The force awakens

I went to Bath cinema to watch Star Wars the force awakens. The film started with the storm troopers invading Jakku. My favourite charater is BB8 because he is very funny and he has cool patches of Orange. My favouite part is when Ray and Kylo Wren had an epic lightsaber battle and there was a massive cut in the ground. It was sad when Han Solo died I don’t know why his son, Kylo Wren killed him. It was funny when Ray said to a storm trooper “Let me out of these cuffs and leave this cell with the door open and drop your weapon” the storm trooper did it. At the end Ray finds the missing Luke Skywalker. It was funny that C3PO had a red arm. It was weird that Kylo Wren had a master as big as the Eiffel Tower. It lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes, that was a really long time!!!!! The film was amazingly fun, it was action packed, I would definetly watch it again and again!!!!!!!!!

Well done Mrs Burgess

A massive, massive congratulations to Mrs Burgess who won the Radio 3 carol writing competition this year. Her entry is just beautiful and really deserved to win! You can listen to it if you search the radio 3 website.
A huge well done Ann, we are really proud of you at Berkley school and exceedingly lucky to have you playing the organ for us every week!

Christmas Cookies

I made my cookies for Santa they were very sticky.Me and Eloise got to try the cookies they were very good they were big. I bought them at the Christmas Fayre. We are going to leave for Santa tonight.

Paultons park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Paultons park.

We went on some rides.

We went on the viking ship ride and I hated it.

It made me feel sick!

We also went on the teacups,Maddie picked the wrong cup as it didn’t spin very well!

After that, I  played a water gun shooting game.

Then we went to see Santa.

He gave me some monster trucks.

We stopped for lunch on the way home.

I ate pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Film review

The Peanuts Movie

My favourite character is Snoopy because of all the chapters he wrote and he is funny.

I do not have a favourite part because I enjoyed all of it.

The best christmas.

At school we sang songs about The Little Red Robin.
I enjoyed it when I stood up in church and read my part to the audience.
I absolutely LOVED seeing Santa come past my house on his sleigh. The music was so loud and the lights were very bright!
This year it was my turn to put the star on top of the tree. Mummy had to lift me up high as it was so tall, as tall as our ceiling in fact!
I love being with my family celebrating Christmas.

Excited about Christmas

All is quiet in Frome and every girl and boy is excited about Christmas.
Hanging their stockings, putting their trees and decorations up.
Writing their letters to Father Christmas and hoping they’ve been a good boy or girl this year!
The best bit about Christmas is mums and dads going to watch their children sing in the nativity.
Now every body is giving and receiving Christmas cards.
I am giving some out too.
School is finally over and everybody is relaxing but not me, I am busy giving out presents!
We get presents on Christmas Day to show that when Jesus was born the people celebrated and brought him gifts.
I don’t mind if I have presents or not because Christmas is the time for family and friends and the people you love and who love you.
I wish you all a merry Christmas and peace and love in the new year.

christmas poem

C hocolate n calenders

H ot turkey in the oven

R eindeer flying across the sky

I am so exited

S antas on his way

T winkling lights on the tree

M istletoe hanging

A dvent is here

S nowmen outside

my book review

Name of book: The witches.

Characters: Grandma, The boy, Grand High Witch, Bruno Jenkins, Mrs Jenkins, Mr Jenkins.

What The Book Is About: Well… The witches turn the Boy into a mouse also Bruno Jenkins and Grandma tries to kill ALL witches! And she does.

Your Faveroute Bit: when Grandma  got up and put her walking stick up in the air and said “I will destroy EVERY WITCH!”

I hoped you like my book review!!!

My book review

My book review is about a book called sleepovers. It is about five girls who all have sleepovers for their birthday’s. Also they are all in a secret club called the alphabet club because that’s their names. A for Amy B for Bella C for Chloe D for Daisy and E for Emily. But Daisy has a sister with special needs and she does’nt want to show her sister to one girl called Chloe. Chloe is a mean, selfish, horrible girl and she is always mean to Daisy. So Daisy does not want to be Chloe’s friend but Daisy is kind so she has to be friends with everyone. Daisy does’nt have a friend because she has just joined the school but she really likes Emily. Daisy is really worried that Chloe will be mean to her sister. But in the end Daisy does have a sleepover Chloe does be mean to Emily’s sister but not as much as Daisy thought she would be.


Christmas Fun!

I had such a great day at work today! We had a fantastic whole school Christmas lunch, where there were lots of happy faces! I loved the chocolate cake we had for pudding…..delicious!

The Christmas entertainer was also great fun, we heard lots of noise in the office! We managed to watch from the office window, we wanted to join in with the conga! That looked such a good fun!

It was also really good to see Santa! He gave out lots of lovely presents!

It was so lovely to be part of such a good day at Berkley!


Christmas Santa

I loved the Christmas school dinner It was amazing.the best part was the cake.

I loved the party and I got a lovely present from Santa.



On Wednesday at school there was a christmas party. First we had christmas dinner.We all popped open christmas crackers. After a magic man came.The best part for me was when at the end we lined up and did the conga.Then santa visted us.He got me a dazzling denim set. Rosie got a paint your own teddy money box.



Hi Everyone

Hi berkley. Thailand is great fun and very hot. We are in the pool every day. We have a lovely villa surrounded by palm trees. Yesterday we saw a snake show and the man wound the snake round his head! A monkey landed on williams back and tried to steal his ice cream. We fly to australia tomorrow evening. See you all in the new year xx

My weekend!!!!

What I did on the weekend was very fun but when I woke up on the weekend I felt ill because my throat was sore but after a while I felt much better. Me my mum my dad, Ava and Freddie went to the safari park at first we went to see the monkeys and one went on our car!

Then we went through the lions and tigers we saw two tigers growling and fighting at each over last we went through the wolves they looked very scary!!!!!!!!


by Mia

Things found in Santa’s workshop

In R we have been writing some poems about things that we might see if we were to visit Santa’s workshop.

Santa’s red hat
Elves decorating
Cookies for Santa
A Christmas star
Loads of presents
By Adam

Santa drinking milk
Reindeers eating carrots
Elves helping
Soft teddies
A big sack
Santa’s list
By Neisha

The elves are making toys
Outside is snowing
Santa is making his presents
A shiny sleigh
Reindeer flying
A pretty Christmas tree
By Margot

Fluffy teddies
Elves decorating
Santa giving presents
Sparkly presents
A red hat
Santa’s brown boots
By Freddie

The elves making presents
The sleigh is magic
The reindeer flying
Santa eating biscuits
A napping Santa
A cup of tea
By Imogen

Santa eating cookies
Santa drinking milk
Elves making presents
Multi-coloured presents
A red sleigh
Reindeers flying
By Sid

Santa working
Santa’s big sleigh
A brown sack
Shiny presents
Santa eating mince pies
Santa’s list
By Beau

Different sized presents
Flying reindeer
Elves making presents
A brown sleigh
A red sack
Santa’s boots
By Oliver

Different coloured presents
A happy Santa
Cookies for Santa
Toys wrapped up in shiny paper
Flying reindeers
By Lewis, Max, Theo

Elves making toys
Waiting reindeers
Tied up ribbons
Big boxes of presents
A big sack
By Lola, Cory, Ryan D, Holly, Elijah

A machine making toys
Elves working hard
A happy Father Christmas
A big Christmas tree with lights
Reindeer flying in the sky
By Alex, Travis, Ryan K, Sullivan

Happy elves
A small Christmas tree
Father Christmas checking the elves
A curly sleigh
Waiting reindeer
Some yummy biscuits
By Shannon, Francesca, Lara, Eva, Harvey, Tommy