Another WOW Day

On Monday we had a world renowned wildlife photographer Iain Green in to work with the children. He started off with a brilliant assembly to the whole school where he showed photographs on the interactive whiteboard of some of the animals that he has studied. He is particularly famous for his work with tigers and showed the children some amazing shots. He has also written several books about tigers and wildlife in London and been involved with the BBC on various programmes such as springwatch. After the assembly he then worked with each class in turn. They went out on the school field and some groups of children went in the church yard as well. He worked with the children on developing their observational skills, as he encouraged them to look really closely at things around the school and observe in detail using the camera. He explained that often we don’t appreciate or see what is right under our noses. The children were using their observational skills to notice things such as texture, colour, pattern and shape. We are hoping to invite him back as a stimulus for creative writing. Another super WOW day!!

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