Wells cathedral visit

Yesterdays trip was amazing at Wells We had a service at the start. Our first activity was a pilgrim box.  Then we went on a pilgrim tour.  The lady that showed us around told us a story about the stained glass windows.  There was a different religion that came to this country and disagreed with the stained glass windows.  Thy tried to destroy them.  Wells cathedral hid theirs and replaced them when it was safe.  They had to piece it back together as a jigsaw.  At the end me and Sam carried a banner to represent our school. It was a dove.  Our prayer was chosen to be read and Izzy read it. Robert and Kieran collected a candle to take back to our class.    Thank you to my teachers for taking me.

Photo Evening

I was really pleased to see so many people arrive to see our pictures, including my Mum Dad and Yasmin. I sold my pictures to Mrs Rayner, Grandma and Grandad and Mum and Dad. We raised lots of money for the school. I have loved camera club and would like to take pictures as my job in the future.

school trip

The school trip to bath was excellent. I really enjoyed the bath at work museum. My dads friend has given me a bottle with a marble in it that he dug up when he was a little boy, like the ones we saw today.


On Saturday 24th September I went to  the carnival. In the afternoon there was some majorettes, a band, the army cadets, the carnival queen and the two nursery’s Pepperbox and Rainbow, the theme was THE CIRCUS. There was ballerina’s, strong men, lions, elephants and clowns. They were quite funny!

That evening I went to my grandma and grandads, they took us to the night time carnival. We parked in my grandads yard and walked to the carnival route. My favourite bit was the ICE AND FIRE float it was amazing. There was, bands, majorettes, lots of floats.

Take That

I went to see take that in wembley. It took us 3 hours to get there. When we got there we walked to the tube station. We meet a friend and had tea with her. After we walked back to the wembley stadium. We had to walk though the security. Eventually we got our seats. I sat next to a teenage girl she was nice.  1 hour later 2 men came on called the pet shop boys. After them there was a count down on.  it was 2 minutes then the 4 of them came on,Gary,Howard,Jason and Mark they sang some songs from the circus and patients albums.[we also had scarfs and whistles] Then a man called Robbie came on he sang some of his songs. Suddenly all 5 of them were on the stage. They sang some new songs from their new album the progress and some old ones. When it finshed at 11:30 we slowly made are way out. When we got to the car we got tucked up and went to sleep. When we got home it was 2:20 so we went straight to bed.

by abi

Oscar Winners

I got picked to go to the oscars with two other people and mrs white. My dad picked me up and took me to the merlin. All the other people won something, but we won two things an oscar and a outstanding achievement. The outstanding achievement was  for the Icarus and Daedalus and the oscar was for there plaqueman movie by the year fours. I did the Icarus and Daedalus one.

medieval day

It all started when a archey man came in and talked about archery and showed us it then some people had a go.After lunch we went up to the libary and an a man that makes amour and yous to be a knight.Some people tried it on. The weapons were amazing. After that a bird man came in a falcon,2 owls and some more. I hold did one it was’t heavy and we led on the ground and the owl flew over are heads.