My Half Term

I’ve had a really exciting half term. First I went to a fostering workshop and it was a nature hunt , which was really good. Then it was my dads birthday and we went to Bath for the day shopping. Then ……….. Saturday came which was my birthday. I got lots of presents but best of all mum and dad surprised me and I got tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studios. Even better we were leaving in two hours !!! It was amazing and I got a Harry Potter wand , but the best thing was when we got there they asked if anyone had a birthday, I said YESSSSS and I got to open the doors to the great hall. I can’t wait to see my best friend Jamie because he sent me a birthday text to my mum. Hope you all had a great half term like me.

My half term

My half term has been super busy ! We’ve been to a christening where Mum and Dad were God Parents. We’ve been to Bristol and to Bath. We had lunch at Bath Hospital because my nan is poorly at the moment. We have been to Trowbridge and went in Next and I got an awesome Lego Movie t shirt. We’ve been to the cinema to see Shaun the Sheep the movie and it was epic ! We had tea in the pub and I had a wicked hot dog. Hope you all had a nice half term as well and I will see you on Tuesday.

David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to swoop into our school in his hair-raising helicopter.
We may never have the opportunity to meet him again and it would be epic and eye popping if a judge from Britains got talent came to our school to read to us all.

My 100 word challenge

I like the build up to Christmas because there’s only a few more days until Christmas day, and the Christmas plays too. This year I got to do a solo in front of lots of people and it was really fun, I also like Christmas because I love putting up Christmas decorations and putting up the Christmas tree.I loved Christmas Eve and Christmas day because this year my family came round on Christmas Eve night about 6:00pm, we all looked out of the window and saw Santa’s sleigh lighting up the silent sky.
What Christmas means to me, is that it’s a time to give and share presents,to those who don’t get anything at Christmas.
I Love Christmas Day as well because we always wake up at 6:00am, and open our stockings upstairs.
I love my mums Christmas dinner and having all my family round.
At Longleat we saw the Chinese Festival of Lights four times and it was amazing. We also went on the “Santa train” and we got a present and I got a mad scientist kit and it was really good.
Also I love making Christmas cards for my teachers and my class and this year I made a really cool one!.
I hope you all had a merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

By Archie

My trip to We Care Too

Me and Rylee are part of a Foster Family group for children called We Care Too, and we got to go to a workshop on Wednesday. We made a badge so everyone knew our names and we did circle time so when the ball was thrown at you, you had to say something special about yourself. After that we made loom bands, bath bombs, biscuits and pizzas for our lunch. Also we did a fashion show and we had to make our own costume and me and Rylee made an alien thing. We had a big feast and ate our pizzas and did a vote on which film to watch. We watched E.T . After that mum and dad picked us up and we had a really good time.

My summer holiday so far…….

So far we’ve had picnics and played in the park, we’ve been to town, we’ve been to Longleat and to visit our Nan and Grampy. We went to Weston Super Mare and me and Rylee made an amazing sponge cake that everybody ate. I’ve had my ear pierced which is really cool. We are going to Legoland and some more days out. And best of all we’ve got a foster child called Gemma who has come to stay with us for a while. I can’t wait to see Jamie and tell him all about my summer holiday.

12 days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me

12 Sparkling presents
11 Laughing pheasants
10 Friends are singing
9 Bells are ringing
8 Reindeers eating
7 Children greeting
6 Shiny baubles
5 Twinkling stars
4 Scampering squirrels
3 Wise men
2 Tons of love
And a snowflake falling from a tree.

By Archie Patch

forensic theatre

Today  I   saw     the   forensic theatre   my  favourite    part  was   when   cryastl

and       felix     tricked      James .Heathers   mum  said wheres  your

shoes but  Heather put her  coat on. It was fun.

Standerwick market.

Today    i     went      to     standerwick     market      and     I      saw      lots      of         fruits    and      vegetables . Also I  saw cows  and calves being sold.



I  like playing  with  my  brothers  at   home. We  like  playing  on  our   slide  and  swing.I    like   playing  with  my  little   brother.