Arthur K Jokes

Why did the lion spit out the clown?
Beacuse he tasted funny.

Why was the maths book sad?
Because it had so many problems.

What did the tiger eat after he had his teeth pulled out?
The dentist.

When did people start wearing uncreased clother?
The iron age.

My time in Squirrels

I like literacy and learning about the olympics.  I liked the time when we had popcorn and juice in class with the cinema. I like maths.

Australia days 9-12

Tuesday 20/10/2015

Today I went to Freemantle for a look around with mum, dad and the boys. We had a picnic and I played a didgeridoo. My dad has got one and said I can bring it to show and tell and I have some other stuff to bring to show everyone to. We walked along a street called Cappuccino road which daddy says is his favorite place in Australia. I just liked the ice cream. We did see some poor people and a lady sat on the floor with a sign. I gave her a dollar so she can maybe buy a house for her and her children but I don’t really think a dollar is enough but she might get some more. We went to Freemantle Prison which was really cool. It was built by the prisoners when they were first sent to Australia. It was a bit mean that they had to build their own prison though but they were mostly really bad people. They started to build it in 1850 and it took a long time. Some pe*/874ople died trying to build it. They had to build lots of tunnels to for the water for people in the city. I had a look in some cells and the visiting rooms. One of the rooms is a shop now and no prisoners live there anymore. I had my picture taken with the sheriff and I stood in a cell with the door shut but not locked. We saw some children on a school trip. I think they were doing a project.

Wednesday 21/10/2015
We went back to Perth again today and we took my cousin Ella to the Bell Tower so she could ring some bells with me. I rang a big bell and a smaller bell but they are all really big. My mummy told us all about the bells and how they work because when she was younger she used to ring church bells. It is called campanology. Ella had to have a day off school though. We also did lots of splashing in the water fountain. We went in it in the morning and again after the bell tower because it was so very hot. I do think I got a bit sun burnt today and had to have lots of cream on. I found out that the tower has 134 steps to the 6th floor and you can not go up anymore than that. It is 34 meters to the top floor but the tower is actually 82.8 meters high. It has 18 bells in it.

Thursday 22/10/2015
Tihis morning I went to the beach and made some sand angels. This is the same as snow angels but more sandy. I had an ice cream and then climbed some rocks with my dad. I found two crabs which were really big and alive. The waves were crashing on the rocks and splashing me and dad. I played in the sand and made London Bridge and the river out of sand. It was the best model I ever made but we didn’t get a picture. On the wall by the beach there was a massive Lizard which was very long. I didn’t touch it though. It ate a fly while I was looking at it. In the afternoon I went with auntie Naomi to Ella’s school to help with operation Christmas child. We loaded lots of boxes into the car and then took them to a warehouse and unloaded them again. They are presents for all the poor children in the world at Christmas. They have toys and stuff in just like we do at our school. We went out for dinner later and I had a snack pack.

Friday 23/10/2015

Auntie Naomi took me to drop Ella off at school. Then we went to church to help with the little children and play with them. I met a boy with the same name as me and he was nearly 6. Mum and Dad went to Perth to have a posh lunch in the resturant which spins around in the top of the tallest building. Children are not allowed but babies are so they took the the twins with them. I went to the school fair after lunch back at Ella’s school. I dunked one of the teachers in the swimming pool by hitting the target twice in a row. I won some prizes of sweets and chocolate and I had a milkshake. After the fair we came home and played Lego. It was a pretty normal day.


My twin brothers can stand up in their cots now holding on and they are growing some hair.


We are going to Rottness Island on Monday for 4 days so I will not be able to blog then. I will try and blog when I get back.



Monday 19th October Day 6

I went to school with my cousin Ella and I was allowed to stay until the tambourine and then it was no boys allowed. We just looked at stuff and did some writing. It was kind of fun but I am older. When I got back I went in the pool with my mum and splashed her a lot which was good. It was a bit cold at first but got a little bit warm.
We went on a train to Perth town, we are staying in a flat in my cousin Ella’s house in her garden which is in cousins street in a suburb called Karrinyup.
In Perth I saw a cactus statue and had my picture taken, then we went to have our picnic and I found a water fountain which was really cool and different bits came up at different times in sort of squares but I got trapped so had to run through the water to get out then I got soaked. Mummy did her cross face and then laughed and then we went and bought me some new shorts and T-shirt. We bought everyone’s presents well not everyone’s. Mum still wants to get some more but daddy does not really like shopping much. We went to the Bell Tower which has bells from St Martins in England. The thought the bells were broken so gave them to Australia but the weren’t broken at all so Australia was very happy. We went almost to the top and looked at the sea. We were very high up and you could see the ground through the bars on the floor. I looked at the boats through a big telescope thingy which cost 2 dollars. I ran around in the park for a bit and found a whole bunch of baby green bananas. Mum did not think we should eat them and that they probably wouldn’t grow anymore.

Saturday 17th October Day 4 Continued….

After we gave mummy her present and cards on her birthday we went to Yanchep National Park. I saw loads of Kangaroos, real ones like about 10 or 20 or something. Some were babies called Joeys and sometimes I saw heads and sometimes I saw legs sticking out of the mum kangaroos pouches and I saw one daddy Kangaroo. We had a Barbeque in the park where the barbeques are already there and you are allowed to use them for free. I burned my fingers twice. I saw some baby ducks with the mum and dad and they did not like being close to people and 2 Koalas. Koalas don’t normally live in Perth because the food they eat does not grow here so they bring it to the Koalas from imports. I also had a chocolate caramel thing which was very nice. We came home later and went to bed.


Sunday 18th October Day 5.
I skyped Matthew today on his birthday and I went to a birthday party and I went to church and ate 6 sandwiches. I found a meeting room behind the curtain it was like a secret door and I found another two doors which were locked.
It was fun to Skype Matthew because I told him about Australia and the kangaroos.
Mummy and Daddy stayed home because mum was ill with a cold and cough.
The party was fun and there was a gym bus which is like a real bus that you can climb and stuff and there are little gaps to get in. Kind of like soft play a little bit but on a bus.

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 Friday
Today I went to look at a school called Deanmore primary. It used to have the same colours as Harry Potter but now it’s all new and blue.
Mrs Jo chatted to us and she was nice and the other lady gave us a tour and took us to the classroom. The teacher was very nice and told me the tyres in the playground were painted different colours because spiders don’t like bright colours so  won’t hide in them also you don’t burn your fingers. The children have lots of fun playing and stuff. We are going to do the book fair at the school on Tuesday. It’s much bigger than Berkley and really fun. Then we went to Hillarys that is a harbour and we made a wish on spinning dolphins but it’s a secret what I wished for.
Day 4 Saturday
Today it’s my mums birthday and the babies are crying but daddy has gone with uncle Doug to get a car and we are going to see kangaroos later at Yanchap national park.

The Journey and Days 1 and 2

Journey Monday -Wednesday.
Hi everyone in squirrels and the teachers, I am in Australia and Perth. It took one whole day and night to get here. I liked the games and movies on the plane and watched inside out. I had my own TV which came up from under the seat. It was cool but you had to wear headphones. The babies had cots on the wall in front of mummy and daddy. It was past the middle of the night when we got here it was dark. Daddy left a suitcase in the car park and mummy was upset because it was all the twins clothes. They had to wear my cousin Hugo’s which don’t fit him now. We got it back the next day .
Day 1. Wednesday.
I stayed in bed until 12 o clock because of jet lag I think, then when I woke up I had some cereal then I jumped in the pool. It was raining though and mum kept on saying  “are you warm enough? It’s a bit chilly today”. I was ok though cos the water was warm and the sun kept on coming out. We picked my cousin Ella up from school which has 3 massive swimming pools but no boys allowed.
Day 2 Thursday
We walked to the shops today. They are really big and up a big hill. I bought some new clothes with my money and mummy got me some too. I saw a Dr Who chess set and sonic screwdrivers but mummy said wait until the end to see if I have some dollars left. They have different dollars here to America but I have extra dollars now because my tooth fell out and the Australian tooth fairy came and have me $2. We went to the beach to watch the sun setting and I went in the sea with big water and also my legs got rough on them from the sand and water. It was really, really very sore. I had to take my shorts off and walk in my pants. I expect everyone will laugh at that. Then we had chips to get warm and got a taxi home. Oh and I fell over and scraped my knee, my elbow, my hands and my side on the first day but I am ok now.

David Walliams

Dear David,
Please come to my school in a helicopter because it would be really brilliant. My brothers called Edward and William are thirteen days old and came home yesterday. One of my brothers is called William David which is like your name but backwards.
Thank you
Love from Arthur


David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to come to our school because i like his books and they are brilliant. they are funny and they make me laugh. A helicopter flying into school would be fun.

Holiday in Cornwall visiting Benjy

I liked playing with Benjy a lot. I want to go back to his house today because I like Benjy a lot and he is my best friend. He let me play with his toys, even his toy hiccup. I liked playing on his bed making star wars Lego. On the first day we went for a walk with Vinny and Daddy and the dogs. We went to the park together and Benjy showed me his new school and it looked a bit like Berkley. Benjy is happy at his new school but he does miss everyone. We watched Harry Potter in bed. On the second day we went to the beach and collected some shells. There was a tire swing and we had great fun. We ate our lunch at a cafe near the sea. Later we went to another beach and we played on the rocks and in the sea pouring water over our heads. We dug in the sand and found buried treasure. It was cool to splash and jump in the sea. We had blue ice cream and then we had chips on the Harbor wall and looked at all the boats. On the 3rd day we went for a walk in the woods and there was a Waterfall in the woods. There were lots of them even magical ones. Me and Benjy were climbing trees up a hill. It was really fun. Later we went to THE EDGE OF THE KINGDOM (Lands End). Jo who is Benjys mummy said it in a really funny voice which made us laugh. We did Arthur’s quest and I got the sword out of the stone and there was a really cool cinema with a film called 20,000 Leagues under the see. The seats moved and the pictures jumped out of the screen because of funny glasses. We saw some houses that were really small. I was bigger than they were. We had a look at a helicopter and played in the park there on the zip wire. Mummy took our picture at the famous sign. We had a really great time and I had a lot of late nights. I really miss Benjy but we are going to write letters to each other and visit in the holidays.
My mummy has babies in her tummy because I wanted them and they are going to be my babies. I think it will be two sisters and they are coming after my birthday. I am excited about the babies and coming back to school in Squirrels.

Peterpan Panto

I went to see Peter pan at the Theater Royal in Bath on my Birthday 17th December. He was a girl and he could fly. Hook came on and we had to say boo and with Peter we had to say yeah. Tinkerbell had roller skates. Smee held her wings and Hook chopped them off and it really hurt her and we all shouted boo really loud. They did a cool song called “lets get ready for crumble” which was really funny. At the end the pirates did some gymnastics over a horse and they kept falling down and that was really funny. I laughed a lot and there there was twin boys sat behind me and they shared their sweets with me. It was a really awesome birthday treat. Mummy told me that in pantomimes the boys are played by girls and the girls are played by boys and this is really funny. Before the pantomime we went to Pizza Express and the man put a candle in my ice cream and sang happy birthday to me. On the way home I was really tired and fell asleep in the car. It was a great Birthday surprise.