100 word challenge

Well done to all badgers that took part in this week’s 100 word challenge. The children have written a story that is 100 words or less about the picture above. Please feel free to read their work and leave any comments.

Woric Park #100wc

Once upon a time there was a park and there was lots of ride. The park was called woric park. One of the he rides was on was called the carousel. The carousel was a ride that children could sit on animals that are tied on by steel bars. One night two of the horses broke free.They jumped off the carousel and went running into the night never to be seen again .Early in the morning when the man who worked at the carousel was setting up for a new day he noticed that the horses were gone he was amazed.

By Thomas

The Funny Show #100wc

One day an old grandad came to the carousel

And said to the Nan Do you want to came on

yyyes said nan. Ok oooooooooOOOOOOOOO0000 said the grandad to the.

Nan getting in the Jacuzzi and the grandad got his Arsenal t-shirt on and snuck up on the nan and said, “Arsenal is the best!!!”

“OK!!” said grandad and went back to the carousel and broke the horses pole. And the grandad ran after the hors

Yes and the nan got the first horses the grandad got the second horses. The end.


Billy and George at the Fair #100wc

One day Billy and George were going to fair.

When they got there Billy and George went on the bumber cars.

After that they went on a roller coaster that was fun.

Then they went on a carousel.

Billy got a bit bored so he got off and went on the bumber cars again

George saw a person going on the carousel so he sat on the bench.

He saw the horses running at him so he ran .

I am never coming here again.


By Rudy

The Extraordinary Fair #100wc

One day there was a fair. The horses on the carousel knew it was nearly the fair so they ran away. The next day the owner was shocked he said where are my horses he said to his wife the horses have gone his wife didn’t believe him .He went to the fair everyone came all the children queued to go on the carousel he put a sign up it is closed the horses was sad feeling sorry and sad and when the owner was going to get a hot dog the horses go on the carousel THE END

By Kathryn

The Horses Run #100wc

One day Steve went on the carousel.

Then Steve went on the ghost train.

Then Fred was going on the carousel but the horses ran away and jumping over the benches.

Then he got Tom and Marley the managers.

When they got back the horses were gone.

They went to have a drink.

The End

By Jacob

Super-villain #100wc

Once upon a time was a super-villain and he opened a horses head from a carousel and it worked so he got his chainsaw and got it running and cut the bars and kept doing it and he made a stable and the police came and looked in the house but did not find him. Driving to the pub and the police drove past and chased him to the pub and the police found glue and put it under his wheel and he got caught for ever never to be seen.

By George

The Merry-go-round Escape #100wc

Once there was a magical fairy that had a magical wand and she was sat on a small bench by the merry-go-round. She secretly took her magical wand and said, “bibity bobity boo”. and then all of the horses escaped from the merry-go-round . and one of those horses said “thank you for freeing us”

“your welcome” said the fairy

“we are fed up of being sat on” said the second Horse . “well it is good that I made you free isn’t it” said the fairy when she was glad.

“yes it is” said the third horse.

The end.

By Alekos

The escaping horses #100wc

Once, some children went on a carousel. Their Christian names were Laila, Caiden, Tao, Thomas, Orla and Yanah. They each went on a horse and then the horses came alive and they butted their children off their backs and the children opened their eyes. The children were blind. The horses escaped. Then a little fairy popped out and stopped the horses from escaping. Then the fairy popped out again and put the horses back in their places. The children were no longer blind.

By Yanah

The Funny Show

One day an old grandad came to the carousel

And said to the Nan Do you want to came on

yyyes said nan. Ok oooooooooOOOOOOOOO0000 said the grandad to the.

Nan getting in the Jacuzzi and the grandad got his Arsenal t-shirt on and snuck up on the nan and said, “Arsenal is the best!!!”

“OK!!” said grandad and went back to the carousel and broke the horses pole. And the grandad ran after the horses and the nan got the first horses the grandad got the second horses. The end.


100 word challenge #100wc

Well done to Badgers class for taking part in the weekly blogging competition 100 word challenge. They had to write a story that was less than 100 words, but their stories must include all of the following words:

Lime   Overboard   Excitedly   Clock    Rat

The great thing about this competition is there are no rules about punctuation or grammar (although try to do your best with these!) but just about having fun and writing creatively. Have a read of their stories and look out for the words. Give them a comment to explain why you liked it or you can give them some advice on how they could improve next time. Enjoy reading.

Mr Banton

Lime Sailor #100wc

Once upon a time there was a lime and he was a sailor. Now you might not think that he was a very good sailor but he was a professional. One day he toppled overboard. Several months later he got washed up on a beach. Excitedly, he jumped up. He found a clock. He turned it over and there was a rat under it. The rat had never seen a lime before so he went to investigate. The end.


Jack the Rat #100wc

Jack the rat was going to steal a diamond clock. He excitedly set off to the museum. Jack sneaked into the museum through an air vent. He had to jump over the security lasers. He replaced the diamond clock with a regular clock. He crawled back through the air vent and jumped onto his boat. He had a cup of tasty lime soda. The police found Jack and chased him on his boat. Jack threw the diamond clock overboard and escaped on his jet-ski. The end.


A Cheeky Rat #100wc

The Rat looked at the clock excitedly and the Rat drank the lime soda. The the toilet overflowed. The Rat had a little boat. He got on the boat for a couple of hours then he saw a cage. He jumped overboard to his cage. The cage was sinking in the toilet water. The Rat had to go under water to get his cage. He was about to drown but he was lucky because the owner opened the door and the toilet water went outside. The Rat was scared, he didn’t know what was going on.


Spy Clock #100 wc

Once there was a spy clock. The evil rat cast a spell on the clock. They were on a boat. The evil animal was excitedly drinking a lime soda (like in Fantastic Mr Fox in Bean’s secret cider cellar. But when they weren’t on the boat the clock meanly said, “Rat overboard, bye Rat.” The clock changed back to normal and the evil rat was never seen again. The end.


Captain Rat #100wc

“Oi! you Captain Rat, let us get free!”

“No you aren’t going anywhere oh and by the way be quiet!”

“No we will not be quiet and by the way you be quiet and get us out of here. I like your lime boat and we will throw you overboard so get us out of here because Me, Jamie, John and Matt are starving to death!”

“Where do you possibly want to go?”

“To the magic clock show of course!”

“Can I come to?”

“Yes of course.”

Thank you so much boys,” said Captain Rat excitedly.

The end.



The Rat King #100wc

Once there was a rat and he was evil and a black widow who was going to save the city. The rat was called Jay and the black widow was Jack. They were old friends but now they were enemies. The black widow was overboard but he wasn’t dead, he was still alive and he was angry. The clock was ticking and he was very mad so they had a face off. They shot off in battle but the rat became a king.He was named the Rat King. He was eating a lime excitedly.


The Broken Clock #100wc

One night Billy was going fishing. He caught 4 fishes. Billy got tired so he slept and slept. He woke up and fell overboard. He swam to a light house. He went inside to look at the clock. He looked down and saw a rat. He went back out. He was hungry. He saw a lime on the floor. He’d never eaten one before so he excitedly did.


Making new friends and helping them #100wc

Once upon a time there was a lime called Harry and an apple called Jack. They had lots of adventures. Once day Harry bumped into a rat. The rat said that he was called Rat and he didn’t have any friends. The Jack said, “We’ll be your friends.” They played a game of cards. Harry said, “Is there a clock?” “Yes,”said the rat, but Harry had already fallen asleep. In the morning they excitedly went onto a boat. “Overboard.” Jack went in to save his friend.


The Rocking Boat #100wc

A family lived on a boat. Then they looked at the clock and it went tick-tock-tick-tock. Then whilst they were doing their spring cleaning they saw a rat behind the bookcase. Soon after it was lunch time and they saw a lime and ate it – it tasted yummy. Then the boat went bang and then it rocked and they has no idea it went bang and then it rocked and rocked. Then the family excitedly went overboard the boat because they had arrived at their destination. It was beautiful and they lived in a hotel. The end.


The Rat Pirates #100wc

“Hey you there captain lime. Give us back our treasure.”

“Not so fast,” said Captain Lime running away excitedly. Captain Rat was very very sad. So the next day the rat pirates decided to sail away. After a while some lime pirates boarded the ship. So the rat pirates pushed them overboard. You guys I’ve kind of hid the diamond clock in the treasure, said the captain. Nooooo Thomas screamed. The End!


The Lime #100wc

Once upon a time there was a lime that was a rich rich rich lime but suddenly came a rotten orange and he was shouting Hello Hello but no-one spoke and just then the rotten orange saw a lime that was rich and he live there forever. The end.


Princess and the Naughty Prince Rat #100wc

One day a princess was packing her bag and came behind her was the rat pirate. He put his hand on the princess’ mouth. He had a lime jacket. The clock was ticking. The rat put her on his ship. A prince came and he untied the princess and went overboard and they excitedly cheered that they would never see him again.


Hat Rat #100wc

My rat is called hat rat because he has a rat hat bowl and when ever I let him go out he nibbles my clock. And his favourite food is lime. And when we went on the bus we were pretending it was a ship and he fell off and so I said man overboard and thats my rat.

THE END – George

Apple store trip

Badgers had a wonderful trip to the apple store. We learnt how to use i-movie and we created some fascinating movies!!

Badgers visitors

Badgers had some very special guests visit them on Friday – guinea pigs!

More robots from Owls

I can’t wait until they are finished!

Robots are taking over Berkley School!

Owls class are doing an amazing job building robots – well done Owls!

The robots are starting to come together

Badgers are working hard to make the 3:00pm deadline!

Robot junk modelling

Badgers class are working extremely hard as individuals as well as in groups. They have a big day ahead of them building their robots but they have made a great start!

What a magical weekend in the FA Cup!

The fairy tale of this wonderful cup continues as Lincoln City and Sutton United reach the final 16 of the competition. Thank you to Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott for contributing 5 goals between you to sink The Saints!

Family Service

It was lovely to see the Berkley children at today’s Family Service. It was a wonderful service all about forgiveness. Well done to Ellis, Isaac, Rudy, Jacob, Laila, Matthew and Yanah for delivering that message. Every person I spoke to said how brilliantly you all performed (and I agree!).

A lovely afternoon in Badgers


Well done to Badgers for sketching beautiful pictures of the Hindu Gods. You have also taught me some very interesting facts today. It was nice to celebrate by reading in the autumn sunshine!



The start of a new week

The sun is rising over the outdoor classroom to indicate the start of an exciting new weeks’s learning in Berkley school! The goals have been put into place (sorry…I couldn’t resist!)




Place value

Well done to badgers class for working really hard to understand place value in maths. I have been very impressed with your levels of enthusiasm so please keep up the hard work!

Appeal for books

Does anyone have any spare childrens books just lying around? Also any comics/annuals/plays/childrens magazines that you are no longer using? We would love you to bring these items in as these would be of interest to the children at Berkley. Thank you for all of your support. Greg Banton.

Family picnic

Badgers class really enjoyed the family picnic and we thought it was really fun.  There were lots of exciting activities including making masks, orienteering, rugby passing, jumping over the bricks and many more. Sadly, because it was raining we had our picnics inside our classrooms but it was still fantastic! It was amazing showing everyone the cute, furry rabbits. We enjoyed showing the guests that included our friends, parents and siblings around the school. In the church we enjoyed listening to the poems from Rabbits, Squirrels and Owls. We also enjoyed reading our own!!


Year 3 rugby tournament

On May 20th 2015, 11 year 3 children took part in the annual Frome schools Tag Rugby Tournament, which is usually for year 4 children. The weather was rather chilly yet sunny and much better than the rest of the week. The children all played brilliantly and gave it there all! There were some close matches and they certainly saved the best till he last match where they won 5-2, with tries from Mia, Henry, Billy, Rowan and Katie. All the parents and Miss P cheered and shouted encouragement throughout while Mr Groves did super coaching, subbing and gave the children great advice.
Thank you to all who took part. The children represented Berkley brilliantly! Next year the children will be challenging for the title! Come on Berkley!

Literacy story walks with iPads

Today the children in Badgers and Owls have had a lot of fun finding out parts to a story using GPS on an ipad and the having to solve lots of riddles!

They then created their own in groups, and shared their riddles with each other.

Here are some pictures of the day!

Miss Pennington and Mrs Langton
Badgers and Owls

ZooLab with Badgers and Owls

Please have a look at the fun creatures we got to see, touch and hold today.
Have a lovely holiday everyone

Miss. Pennington in the Big Apple!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. I have been enjoying a good break and had a lovely trip to New York.
Here is a picture of the skyline, myself in the M and Ms store and Central Park!!

PS Badgers I’ve got a picture of myself reading in a random place! Hope you’ve got yours sorted!

Bronze Certificates

In Badgers class since September the children have been earning merit marks for going above and beyond, this can be for work or play.
These children so far have achieved their 10 merits and received their Bronze certificates in the last term which is fantastic and are now on to the Silver Merit challenge which is 20 merits. I hope to see the whole of badgers class with 10 merits by the end of next term!
Well done!
Miss P

We’re glad you are having an amazing time Hattie!

Hello Hattie,
Glad you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing pictures and answering all our questions.

Zoe – I loved the pictures of the Koala bears you have taken.

Sam – You have a lovely tan and very blonde hair!

Charlie – Did you get to hold one of the Koala bears?

Nate – I really loved all the pictures.

Amelia – Have you tried any more strange foods?

Lily – The Kangaroo scared us all a little as it looked like he was sitting on a snake!  Have you seen a snake yet?

Kenny – How many new animals have you seen?

Leon – Have you tried any different fish?

Yasmin – Did the Koala run fast across the field?

We all wish we were there the weather looks fabulous!
Miss you very much
Love Badgers


We miss you Hattie! xxxx

Dear Hattie
All of badgers here. We hope you are having a brillant buzzing time!
We have (lots!) of questions we would like to ask you.
Yasmin: Have you seen a Koala Bear yet? and could you please bring one back with you!!
Lily:Have you seen a crocodile when you went down the Great Ocean Road? What other foods have you tried?
Mrs Perry: Did you ride the Stagecoach in Ballarat?
Charlie: What did the kangaroo taste like? We are all wondering!
Kian: Did you go fishing on the Great Ocean Road?
Archie: Can you tell us more about the Great Ocean Road please?
Leon: Did you enjoy the water park? What was your favourite ride?
Lily: Have you or will you see a Great White Shark?
Leon: Where are you staying at the moment?
Yasmin: Have you been on a glass bottom boat to see the coral/ sea creatures?
Miss Pennington: What is it like seeing your family for the first time?

Please please pleaaasssseee bring the sunshine home with you!!
Hope you are safe from the bush fires.
Have an amazing rest of your trip!

From all of us in Badgers


Apples are fun and other news!

The highlight of Badgers week was that we got to go to the Apple store in Bath. We were all very excited about getting to play with the ipads and the ipad minis.
The staff at the Apple store were very impressed by how many musical instruments we all can play and especially that we get taught two instruments at school. They think we are very lucky.
Our first treat was that we all got a bright yellow apple t-shirt that said ‘Fun is in session’ on the back! Miss P couldn’t wait to put her t-shirt on!

We got to make music in groups on an app called Garage Band, (that we are now going to have at school for continued use). There were so many different types of drums, violins, guitars and pianos to choose from and listen to and apply to our creations.
Kian, Leon and Hattie made music and what they love the most is that they can now play it on their computers as we all got given a USB with our very own original song on it.
Yasmin and Zoe created a track on Garage Band and they had a theme of trying to make it sound really really scary.
Charlie and Alex made a cool sound with the violins and added in other instruments to complement that particular sound.
Nate and Gracie-May took turns in adding music into their song which they both thought worked well.
Lily, Gracie-May and Amelia recorded their own original song called Moonlight, which you can find here on the website. It is very impressive.
Sam showed his talents well as he was able to recreate an Ollie Murs song on the keyboard! Whilst Kenny, added his own creative flare on top with other instruments, a great remix.
Toby and Jamie, created at least 3 songs, all very different as the showed just how whizzy children can be on technological equipment.

Miss P and Mrs Hirons took lots of pictures and videos of us creating music and having lots of fun! You can find a few on the website. Go have a look!

Also last week, we learnt a new song in French and it’s called Bonjour. Test us we are really good!
In maths we looked at Odds and Evens. We know that all numbers that end in 0,2,4,6,8 MUST be even and if it ends in 1,3,5,7,9 it MUST be odd. We also discovered that adding an odd and odd together it always makes an even number and adding an even and even together also makes an even number.
In literacy we looked at Antonyms which are words that have the opposite meaning.
We came up with loads these are a few of our favourites:
Kian suggested Bonjour and Au revoir!
Charlie suggested Gravity and Air Resistence
Polite to impolite (prefix)
Use and Useless (Suffix)
In Badgers we are a very clever class!

This week we are looking at Persuasive writing and are all become very good at persuading each other on just about anything even that a chocolate teapot is a good idea or that playtimes are a waste of time!!

Badgers over and out.

Black and White

Last week we started our new topic, Black and White. We all got to dress up in black and white, there were cats, witches, skeletons, cows, sheep, zebra, dog onsies, penguins, waiters and much more!
In class we had a brain storm about all the things we thought related to the black and white topic and we hope to find out more about some of our ideas over the coming weeks.



In art this week we learnt about silhouettes and created our own. Miss Pennington thinks they are all amazing and we cant wait for you to see them on parents evening.

In history we have started to learn about a very important man called Martin Luther King Jr. He wanted peace between black and white people across America and for everything to be equal and fair, including playing together as children, jobs, seats on buses and the right to vote. He did a very famous speech called ‘I have a dream’. We are looking forward to learning more about him as we think he is a very kind man and we couldnt understand why people didnt agree with him straight away.

As part of our homework last week we have all created a prayer each, and each week one poem will be chosen to be read out at the end of each day. This week Zoe’s prayer is being read out. It is about praying for the homeless to have food, water and the chance to learn like us.

In music we have all been working very hard on the Harvest songs and in English on our Harvest Poem. We cant wait to share it with you in Church this week.
We also got to play the violins and started to learn how to pluck the strings and they are called G D A E.

In French we continued with how to have a conversation, ask questions, how are you? and what is your name? Also we looked at colours and learnt Black and White in French which is Noir and Blanc. We have learnt up to 15 in French. This week we are going to learn up to 20!

As Badgers we are all working and playing hard and we cant wait to learn lots more.

Over and out.
Badgers and Miss P

Badgers…En Francais

This week we started to learn a new language, French. We all learnt how to say Hello, which is Bonjour, my name is… J’mappelle….
Goodbye is Au revoir and we learnt how are you. Which is ca va? And to answer you say ca va bien. If you feel good.
We are really excited to learn more French.. (Families you can test us at home!)
Charlie wants to find out about food.. and what are you cooking?
Kenny would like to learn the days of the week.
Hattie would like to learn how to say.. what are we doing today? And Alex added what work are we doing today?
Hopefully over the next few weeks and months we will become super duper french speakers!

This week we had recorders officially for the first time and we all learnt how to hold it and play the first note B. We now know that the squiggle at the beginning of a piece of music is called a Treble Clef and that it is on a row of lines called a Stave. We also had our first Violin lesson and we cant wait to start playing it properly next week!

In literacy we looked at alliteration which we all found fun to do. We just came up with the twisting, topped, tortoise made terribly, terrifying noises! Many of us then used alliteration in our Extended Writing task.
We looked at stories and wrote about a spooky, dusty ancient door that we all had a picture of. Some people wrote about the things that were behind the door.. others couldn’t get through the door and some told an adventure story of how they found the door and where it was.

In numeracy we have been looking at place value and all the children have been able to parition big 3 digit numbers into Hundreds Tens and Units. We have also started to learn the 3 times table and have promised Miss P to practise every evening for 2 minutes at least!

In art we have created a giant jigsaw with one piece created by each child to represented themselves and to show how we all fit together as a class.

Looking forward to telling you all lots more about what we have been getting up too in Badgers over the coming weeks.

Au Revoir!