The euros is a big tournament of 24 teams from europe which are France, Romania, Albaina, Switzerland, England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, N.Ireland, Spain, Czech.Rep, Turkey, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary. I want Croatia  to win the euros because  in badgers  we had a sweep stake and I got Croatia 🙂 the scores  of all the euros matches so far FRANCE 2 – 1 ROMANIA     ALBANIA 0 -1 SWITZERLAND     WALES 2 – 1 SLOVAKIA     ENGLAND 1 – 1 RUSSIA    TURKEY 0 – 1  CROATIA POLAND 1 – 0 N.IRELAND    GERMANY  2 – 0 UKRAINE      SPAIN 1 – 0 CZECH REP      IRELAND  1 – 1 SWEDEN     BELGIUM 0 – 1 ITALY AUSTRIA 0 – 2 HUNGARY      PORTUGAL 1 – 1 ICELAND    RUSSIA 1 – 2 SLOVAKIA      ROMANIA   1 – 1  SWITZERLAND    FRANCE  2 – 0  ALBANIA ENGLAND 2 – 1 WALES     UKRAINE 0 – 2 N.IRELAND   GERMANY 0 – 0 POLAND     ITALY 1 – 0 SWEDEN     CZECH .REP  2 – 2 CROATIA SPAIN 3 – 0 TURKEY   at swaps  club on Monday if you are  going  do any of you have Simon church in swaps because I only need one more to fill up Wales.And also if you do have these maybe can you give them to me JACK WILSHER  ,THEO WALCOT  ,GARY CAYHIL  ,DANNY WELBECK AND ,ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN  ,LEWANDOWSKI ,ANDREA PIRLO ,SHANE LONG AND ,CEDRIC



David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to come to are school because I love his books . My favourite book is the boy in the dress because I like the bit where Dennis gets dressed up in a dress.

Tuesday !

On Tuesday me Kenny and Mummy went to London to see the Wonderful most lovely person in the world David Walliams  then he read a bit of gangster granny it was really funny then he sighed some books I don’t no witch one? then me and ken got a picture with David

then we went and had lemonade  and mummy had a lager then we went to pick up bella then we went to have pizza at lets eat  . I had ham pizza and ken  had pineapple pizza then bella took us  back to the train station then mummy forgot witch train we were on but then we found it I played on my Ipad  it took us 1 and a half hours  to get home when we got home it was straight  to  bed.

I like

My name Beau.My  favourite  thing  is  geography. And  art  because  I  like  colering.

And Playing on the iPads.

On the twelfth day of Christmas ….

My fishmonger gave to me

12  parrot fish pecking

11 dog fish digging

10 Lobsters laughing

9 Clown fish clapping

8 crabs cracking

7  monkfish mumbling

6 seamonsters stomping

5  crocodiles crumbling

4  flatfish flying

3 swordfish sawing

2 jellyfish juggling

And a whale wiggling its enormous tail

Baby Errol

Baby Errol is sweet,

Baby Errol drinks milk,

Baby Errol does nothing,

Baby Errol is my buddy,

Baby Errol can cry,

Baby Errol can sleep,

Baby Errol can cuddle!

Baby Errol is cute,

Baby Errol is my little brother!

By Beau