When we got there we had to unpack all of the stuff and me and Tyler played on our scooters on this tarmac platform. That night we stayed in the tent because it was really windy and there was loads of rain . Saturday we went to the stalls and I bought 4 things . I went on a ride and you get in a ball and it floats on water and you have to try and run in the ball and keep up. Then we went to make a van . The next morning we packed up and went to the beach . We climbed up the rocks and looked at the vans . We had a wonderful time . xxxx


Georgias house

On Wednesday I went to georgias house and we made animaitoins. It was really fun . I did one about my beenie boos and georgia did one about her cuddly dog . After that we had delishous pizza and waffles for tea . Then Andy and me,Georgia and Maddie went out side to play .

snowy the snowman

On friday me and Tyler went around Maddie and Georgia’s house.We made a snowman and went sledging it was great fun !
Then we had some hot choc and cookies to warm up . When it was time to go home Maddie and Georgia came to play at my house and have tea . After tea we watched the Chipmunks dvd and it was brill !!

My fun day today

Today I went to my brother’s friends house and we played with them . Then we went to the park together! I bumped into Caitlin and we played on her bike, then we went back to our friends for lunch . After we went to the shop . When we got back I played with my friends called Alannah and Georgia we played Narnia and did a play.

when i hurt myself!

On the Friday that we broke up on after school i went on my scooter and i played with a couple of my friends. Then I went around one of the corners and I fell off my scooter and I really hurt myself badly. Oh no! I hurt myself all down the right hand side

The fabulous wow day

On the wow day I had a wonderful time!And i really appreciate that some of the mums ,dads , teachers and some other people came and put lots of effert in to it.

The party

On Tuesday we had a party and a delicious Christmas lunch and a magician came in and shown us some of his tricks . Then the whole school sang jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! to try to get santa to come and get him in the classroom and evryone was excited! And luckily he came!

longleat trip

Today I am going to Holly’s party and we are going to longleat . But first my Nanny is going to take me and Georgia to Holly’s house. I am really excited!

The school disco

on friday there was a school Disco ! It was brilliant and I won a PRIZE and my friend holly had a PRIZE as well. Also i had a tatoo that looks like a bracelet and I had a facepaint which was some flowers.