Once upon a time on a merry-go-round were four horses they were alive. One day someone came along and wanted to play on it but they ran away so the little girl went to the cage where the man was.She looked through the window with a fright AH it was the man he was frozen solid. So I turned my useful brain on and went and found  the  first horse was in the forest next in the lake next in the cottage and the last one was  behind the merry-go-round  cheeky ha.


By Finlay C











Finlay’s week


On Friday I done some colouring with my brother Harri. After that I played a bit of football. Soon I went on mxgp on the ps4 and I came first it was great fun. When I played football I Lost 3 2 against my brother Harri.on Saturday my whole family went to Manchester indoor to race. When we got there we watched the elite men practice. Soon it was 12 and under practice. On my first lap I went slow because I didn’t want to crash.well when we all went up to the gate sulli went down and crashed. When sulli crashed he split his chin open so he had to go to the hospital to get stitches in his chin. Before you say it did hurt him a lot and I am not kidding you at all ok. At that moment I went down stairs and saw a masive marshmallow so I ran up to mummy and daddy and said” am I allowed a marshmelow please ” and they said yes

My time in Squirrels

I like maths,Art and handwriting.I like doing football camp and  fun days. I liked it  when we had the cinema and I  like  French.I like it  when  we  raise money for viaanney.

My race weekend

This weekend I raced in Bath in the BMX South west regional. This is all the riders from around Cornwall, Devon,BANES and Gloucester. I came first in all 3 of my moto’s and then managed to win my final. This weekend I travel to London to compete in the British BMX series.

Reading Blog

The book I chose to read was “Bible stories”. My mummy and daddy used to read this to me when I was little and I still like to read it myself.
I read the book to my Daddy, we were lying down on our trampoline on a really warm evening.
The book has lots of different stories but my favourite ones are “Moses in the bulrushes” and “David and Goliath”. I love to play on the trampoline with my brothers and thought it would be a great place to read my book.

Finlay’s christmas

In the Christmas holidays I went to see Father Christmas at Lacock. We sat on the floor and he read a story to us. On the way home we went to a resteraunt for some dinner.

On Christmas Eve we looked out the window and saw Father Cristmas and he left us some presents. When I woke up in the morning Father Christmas had given me a new park bike. I had a great day.

My Half Term

In my half term, Mummy, Daddy, Harrison and I went to the fleet air arm museum. Whilst we were there we went on Concorde. We saw some helicopters and army boats. I had a brilliant day.

David Walliams

I would like David Walliams to come to our school because he is the funniest man in the world . It would be cool to see him at school. We might be able to have a ride in his helicopter but we might not all fit in

5 sentences about Christmas

1.Christmas is about when family and friends open presents together.

2. On Christmas day I had dinosaur a transformer.

3. We helped  Mummy and  Daddy  put  up  the Christmas tree.

4. Christmas is about Celebrating Jesus’s birthday

5. We  had  roast turkey for Christmas. Lunch.


Easter poem

Easter with all the family,
And friends are coming round to play,
Sun is shining,
Time for fun,
Eating eggs and hot cross buns,
Remembering Jesus and why he died, so we could live and he could guide.

My first regional BMX race!

On Sunday Harri and I went to Paignton with Daddy to race the first regional race of the season. I was racing in 6 and unders and I finished 4th,3rd and 4th in my moto’s and finished 3rd in my final.

Harri finished 2nd,2nd and 2nd in his moto’s and 2nd in his final. We had a great day in the sunshine.

I took my medal to school and showed everyone in my class.