Reading in an unusual place.

The book I chose to read was diary of a wimpy kid

i was with my nan and my brother when I read this book

we were sat on a bench by the river Frome on are bottom garden





Hi Everyone

Hi berkley. Thailand is great fun and very hot. We are in the pool every day. We have a lovely villa surrounded by palm trees. Yesterday we saw a snake show and the man wound the snake round his head! A monkey landed on williams back and tried to steal his ice cream. We fly to australia tomorrow evening. See you all in the new year xx

Mr walliams

Mr Walliams you’re so cool, come and visit Berkley school.

We love to read, we love to write, we’re all good friends we never fight.

Your books are great, your books are fun, it’s hard to pick my favourite one.

Berkley school is the best, put us to the test.



New Years eve

on New Years eve my friend charley came over to play. We had a picnic and played hide and seak. Her big sister polly came to. We stayed up till midnight. It was a great night.

At camping

Me and my family went to Exmoor camping. I was allowed to ride my bike on my own to the shop. We went horseriding. Our horses were called Micky and perry.



My favourite film  is  Matilda. the best  part of the film is when Bruce  bog trotter has to eat an entire plate of  chocolate cake.

Pedro Puppy

I am very excited. This Saturday, me, Mummy and Daddy are going to get a new puppy. He is a Boxer and I am naming him Pedro. He will be a friend for Lola, our sausage dog.

Easter holiday

I had a great half term. Mummy, Daddy, William and I went to Weymouth for four days.

We met up with my best friend from Nursery, Charlie, at Lyme Regis.

On the Saturday we met up with Jessica and her family in their caravan. We all had a lovely day and stayed for tea, which Jessies Grampy cooked.