working memories presentation

When I first arrived at the cheese and grains car park I saw Maddie  in her car . so I got out the car and walked over to the cheese and grain with her.When we got inside we got took to a table with two people that we did not know but one person’s name was called Margaret, I did not know who the other persons name was.After we chatted for a bit Mel brought a big victoria sponge cake over and some small cookies and some small cupcakes over too. We had a feast. then we watched a film of how the book was made and two ladies went on stage and did a speech.Brinny came to our table and said we had to go up with the other girls and boys so we went up and we got sent to an adult with a tray and on the tray was the books that all the schools made.  We all went round the tables with our adults to hand out the books to the writers.  We had a lovely time.Then when we got sent back to our tables Margaret asked us if we would like to go for tea at her cafe in Lacock that she runs.

my half Term holiday

On sunday I went to pantmime to watch the ugly duckling with  my granny and grampy and then I slept over it was great and I liked it very much.

what I did at xmas

on christmas  eve I was very pleased that xmas was finally here.We went to the frome flyer with Megan Catilin Cassy James and paul .we were all very Tired when we got home. In the morning we were up about 6am.  We went into mummy and daddy’s room and said our stockings aren’t here where could they be?  Then we looked behind our door and our stockings were there.  I said to mummy and daddy santa tricked us didn’t he.  Then we opened the presents in our stockings and I got stardust, a glowing polar bear light, and lots of other things like instead of a real orange a chocolate orange.  After that we went downstairs and we closed our eyes and there were really really big white footprints on the floor.  Santa has been!  And he had written on my letter.  Let’s see what he brought us …… Maddie I said you could open that present over there and then I will open this big present.  I think it is my main present mummy I said.  I wonder if it is.  I opened it then I screamed and said it is my main present and it was a bunny and I fed it a carrot and then it went to sleep.  I loved xmas the most because I got to spend lots of time with my family and that’s what I love best about xmas.


What I Did on My Holiday

I  went  to  La Manga in Spain.  First  we  got   up  at  3 .o  clock  in  the  morning  and   went  to  the  Airport  and we put our luggage onto the moving conveyor belt and then we got on the plane.  I had a sherbert lemon sweet to help my ears when we landed.  I had a cushion around my neck so I could try and go to sleep.   In 2 hours we landed in Spain airport.  When we got to Spain airport Daddy collected the luggage.

The apartment that we stayed in were very nice because it had a balcony and it had 3 swimming pools, 2 big ones and a circle little pool.  There was a little gate at the bottom and when we went through the gate there was the beach and at the beach there were jelly fish in the sea.  Daddy walked up to the shop and bought a net so we could scoop the jelly fish out of the water and we buried them under the sand.  I learnt how to dive in the swimming pool and when I did a bomb I hit my bottom on the floor of the swimming pool.  I swam in deep water lots of the time.  It was lovely in Spain.  I liked it on the last day because my grandma and her friend Sheila came for the day and we went swimming and had a lunch out in a restaurant and then went swimming again.  I liked it when we went out for dinner at night times when it was late.  We had lots of ice cream and desserts.

On a Thursday Bethany came over for a sleep over.  We had lots of midnight snacks. We went swimming together the next day with Megan, Caitlin and James, my other friends.  Megan bought one of her friends too.  I think Beth liked swimming at Bath Swimming Pool.

I enjoyed visiting Bath Abbey one day with my family.  We had a quiz to do and I nearly finished all of it and then I got a special ruler.

One of the things I really loved was spending lots of my summer holiday with my granny and grampy.  They took me and Maddie to Weymouth and we slept over.

On Tuesday we went to the cinema with mummy to watch Mr Popper’s Penguins which was fantastic and Mr Popper was very funny.



I am going to be in a show at the Memorial Theatre. Iam a show ponny.I am rilly happy because lots of people are coming to watch me.