School life

To Mrs Thompson

Please can we have more break and can people come every so often to take videos of are school to show people what its like. Can we have a play track that has swings even tho we have a play track that does not have swings.Can we please have some baking clubs and art clubs.Please can we have desks instead of carpets.Can we have more visitors in school to show them our school and how great it is.Can we have more time on the computer and can we watch videos before we go home.Can we do more football tournaments at Selwood school.

The stick man

Hello said the stick man how was your day very good should we practice are running but when some people came to look at us the biggest one said everybody freeze into your ninja move all of the trees were surrounding me so the leader said ninja atack when they finished atacking they went to bed for a very nice sleep in the morning we all went out side and played a game of catch and it was fun big stick said this is fun.

By India