Dispicable me 2

On Sunday  me Daniel and Malachie went to the cinama.To watch Despicable me 2, and Malachie’s mum took us there and then she went home.we were on our own and me and Daniel found a realy good place  well Malachie went to the toilet and when Malachie came back he said “look there’s two hole rows over there lets sit there.” so we did  we sat in the back one and a realy tall man sat in front.It was fun!

My new chickens

When we got our new chickens I let some out the crate. I stroked one on the head. It laid an egg and I nearly stood on it and it was very warm. I held on to it then I put it in side and told mum.


Saturday Treat

I went air riffle shooting on saturday. It was great. you had targits and you could bring them in and out.The guns were big.