WOW day

We had a fantastic start to the Summer term yesterday where we launched the new topic, Out and About, with a WOW day. The children worked in mixed age groups and completed four different activities. All the activities used the environment and built our skills through outdoor learning. With Mrs Matthews the children wrote group poems based on the clouds. With Mrs Hardwick they made patterns and pictures using natural materials, based on flowers and plants. With Mr Banton the children used the I-pads to build poems by finding QR codes around the school and with Mrs Langton they completed a scavenger hunt. All the children had great fun!

Buddying up!

On Monday afternoon Rabbits and Owls had a great time. The year 4 children have been helping the new Reception children to settle in and have done a brilliant job. We all had a fantastic time sharing different activities and making new friends. It was lovely to see the children young and older exploring and playing together!
Mrs Matthews


Do you want to be a Jedi Reader?

William and Freya’s Mum and Dad have a brilliant way of supporting reading.
Make the room as dark as possible, crawl under the covers and light up a light sabre (or a torch!). Get reading! What a fun way to read a book!

I wonder what other fun ways of reading we can think of? Post and let us know.
My children can’t wait to be a Jedi reader!

A massive thank you

A huge thank you to Mrs Scovell who came in today to read the children a story in Czech. We loved it and the children even learnt how to say some simple words in Czech. We also learnt about Easter celebrations in different parts of the world.

E-safety Day

Rabbits have really enjoyed meeting Smartie the penguin’s new friends, Red and Murphy. The children thought about ways in which we can keep safe on the Internet and about how we should behave towards others to make the Internet and safe and happy place to be. We made posters to help us remember.
The children will be bringing home a Smartie the Penguin tonight with some useful E-safety advice. Ask them to explain who Smartie is and how he keeps safe.
We also met Digiduck today. You can read the story of Digiduck’s big decision online at

Green day

We had a great day today in Rabbits.As part of our Green day we learnt about energy and where it comes from. Then we looked at how we could save energy around school and in our homes and we made posters to remind us. If you are in school have a look and you will see.
Look out for the photo’s coming soon!

Well done Mrs Burgess

A massive, massive congratulations to Mrs Burgess who won the Radio 3 carol writing competition this year. Her entry is just beautiful and really deserved to win! You can listen to it if you search the radio 3 website.
A huge well done Ann, we are really proud of you at Berkley school and exceedingly lucky to have you playing the organ for us every week!

Things found in Santa’s workshop

In R we have been writing some poems about things that we might see if we were to visit Santa’s workshop.

Santa’s red hat
Elves decorating
Cookies for Santa
A Christmas star
Loads of presents
By Adam

Santa drinking milk
Reindeers eating carrots
Elves helping
Soft teddies
A big sack
Santa’s list
By Neisha

The elves are making toys
Outside is snowing
Santa is making his presents
A shiny sleigh
Reindeer flying
A pretty Christmas tree
By Margot

Fluffy teddies
Elves decorating
Santa giving presents
Sparkly presents
A red hat
Santa’s brown boots
By Freddie

The elves making presents
The sleigh is magic
The reindeer flying
Santa eating biscuits
A napping Santa
A cup of tea
By Imogen

Santa eating cookies
Santa drinking milk
Elves making presents
Multi-coloured presents
A red sleigh
Reindeers flying
By Sid

Santa working
Santa’s big sleigh
A brown sack
Shiny presents
Santa eating mince pies
Santa’s list
By Beau

Different sized presents
Flying reindeer
Elves making presents
A brown sleigh
A red sack
Santa’s boots
By Oliver

Different coloured presents
A happy Santa
Cookies for Santa
Toys wrapped up in shiny paper
Flying reindeers
By Lewis, Max, Theo

Elves making toys
Waiting reindeers
Tied up ribbons
Big boxes of presents
A big sack
By Lola, Cory, Ryan D, Holly, Elijah

A machine making toys
Elves working hard
A happy Father Christmas
A big Christmas tree with lights
Reindeer flying in the sky
By Alex, Travis, Ryan K, Sullivan

Happy elves
A small Christmas tree
Father Christmas checking the elves
A curly sleigh
Waiting reindeer
Some yummy biscuits
By Shannon, Francesca, Lara, Eva, Harvey, Tommy

This week in Rabbits class

This week in Rabbits we have reading Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school. We have done lots of Raaing! We have also drawn dinosaurs and helped to put together a dinosaur world. We are really good at counting and Year 1 have been fantastic at adding up using the number line. The welly walk was great and we all really enjoyed it.

Mrs Matthews

Summer Holidays

Hope you are all having a lovely Summer holiday!
I am in northern Spain. We have stayed in two different houses. The first one was in a town and was very nice. It was opposite a farm. The next house we have stayed in is in the mountains so it is much colder but we have seen eagles and there is a small pool so my children have had fun in that – it is very cold in the pool! We have been to the beach, to a great safari park, to some towns and we went to a music festival yesterday.

Blogging Competition

Well done to everyone who has entered so far. I am so proud of you! The standard is really high and they have made my Christmas really special reading them!

There is still time to enter so please give it a go – you can have help!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Father Christmas brought you all the toys and gifts you asked for.

I had a lovely Christmas with all my family, playing games, opening presents and eating chocolates!

Have a relaxing rest of the holiday!

Mrs Matthews xx



12 Days


We have been learning the poem, ‘The 12 days of Christmas’. We have written our own versions in groups.

1 Christmas tree flashing

2 Snowmen digging

3 Presents under the tree

4 Bells jingling

5 Reindeers flying

6 Snowflakes falling

7 Father Christmas sleighing

8 Elves making toys

9 Candy canes hanging

10 Stars sparkling

11 Ho! Ho! Ho’s!

12 Mince pies munching

Year 1

1 Reindeer on a log

2 Santa’s laughing

3 Snowmen flying

4 Turkeys tweeting

5 Silver stars

6 Elves wrapping

7 Presents rattling

8 Dinners steaming

9 Angels fluttering

10 Bells jingling

11 Crackers popping

12 Christmas puddings to eat


Well done!!! They are amazing!



Rabbits Firework Safety

Rabbits fireworks

We have been learning how to keep safe on Bonfire Night.

Stand well back to watch the fireworks.

When you use sparklers keep it away from your body.

When they are finished and sparklers go out don’t touch them.

Put gloves on when you use sparklers.

Put sparklers in a bucket of water when they go out.

Stand back from a bonfire.

If you want to find out more look at the Welephant website, there is a great story that you can read together.

Nov 5th 2013

Half Term

We had a great time. We went away with lots of Maisy and Fred’s friends to a big house in Devon. We went on a very boggy walk and jumped in muddy puddles. We made broomsticks from silver birch trees and went on a story walk. We counted spiders at Knightshayes Court and we went on the cliff railway at Lynton. I am really looking forward to hearing all the exciting things that you have done.


Summer Holidays

I have had a lovely Summer Holiday with my family. We went to stay in a caravan in France and had a fantastic time. The weather was sunny every day and my daughter Maisy and I did lots of body boarding. Fred made lots of sand castles. We went to a brilliant place called the Puy de Fou. It has lots of different shows about things that have happened in the past. We watched a Roman show in a huge ampitheatre, a viking show, a bird of prey show with 700 birds flying all at the same time which was amazing, dancing horses, and we had ice cream! FANTASTIC!




I went to Oxford with Maisy and Fred and my husband Adam to see his family. We had a lovely time. We went to a museum of Natural History in Tring which was full of stuffed animals. Fred particularly liked the polar bear. Then we went to the SS Great Britain and @Bristol where we had great fun. Maisy made a bubble go right over her head!