Lola P’s joke

what do you call a man with a spade on his head?


what do you call a man without a spade on his head?


Our family outing at Longleat

Yesterday we went to Longleat for the day with Grandma and Grampy, mummy, daddy and Travis.

We went on Rockin Rhinos and Lions then we went on the safari bus.  We saw lions, wolves, tigers, cheetahs, monkeys, vultures, zebras, giraffes, Anne the elephant, rhinos and camels. After lunch we saw some giant porcupines and then went to the animal handling section where we saw daddy’s old iguana called Iggy.

Mummy and daddy had to rehome Iggy when they had me and now he has a lovely new home and new friends at Longleat.  It was so lovely to see him happy it made me and mummy cry.

Then we saw the stingrays which  we were allowed to touch but they didn’t sting because they were kind ones. We saw a parrot show where parrots went on scooters and said ‘hello’.  They were really clever and I even got a kiss on the head from one! I also feed some little parrots with nectar. We then went out on a boat where we saw the sea lions, hippos and the gorillas.

My favourite bit was the Bat Cave where bats were flying around our heads.  They were real and they were from the wild.  They were called egyptian fruit bats and they were really fluffy and cuddly and we saw them hanging upside down on branches.

We also saw a snake, a tarantula and some giant anteaters which had big noses just like an elephant. The last thing we did was to go into the house which is where the king and queens lived a long time ago.

I want to do a Show and Tell all about Iggy in which I will show everyone in my class some photos of him.

My Family Trip to Wookey Hole

We have been to Wookey Hole and we had lots and lots of fun.  It was really exciting because we got to explore in the caves.  There were lots of activities to do there – we went to the 4D cinema which had special seats that moved and the film that we watched was a dinosaur adventure. At one point, we even got ‘wee’d’ on by a dinosaur and got wet!! We had dinner in the pirates cafe and a yummy ice-cream in the ice cream shop. I went into the soft play bit with Travis then we played crazy golf.  We even had a go at ‘panning gold’ which I got a medal for.

My favourite bit was panning gold and seeing the bats in the caves.

The lady who showed us the caves told us that cavemen used to live there in their bare feet and she also told us the story about the witch and her dog who were turned into stone!


We had lots of fun.  I hope you enjoyed my blog.


Lola x