The beautiful UNICORN

One butiful sunny day a little girl was walking in the park then she herd a noise in the trees.And then there was a BANG full of colers

it looked like there was some sort of unicorn in there.Then the little girl called out HELLO is enyone there then she herd a SQWEEK .

Dount be fritend I dount bite said the little girl.

So then the thing in the tree poked her head out and then the little girl SHREEKED with exssitement .

It,s a UNICORN but how did she get up there so she ran up to the unicorn happily.

the ninja stick men

one day in ordinary town in a ordinary village in a ordinary wood 7 ninja stick men came to rule the world one of them said this is our plan we all do a special dance to distract all the people then 1 or 2 of  us sneak out and steal the kea to unlock the queens crown and when we have the crown we will be famous HA HA HA I think I need to work on my evil laugh. lets get on with the plan but we haven’t practesed the dance just do the one that we did the other day.



The girl and the beautiful unicorn

One beautiful colourful sunny day a half horse half bird type of thing but it has a horn on it’s head. Anyway lets get on with the story , as I said it was a half horse half bird was flying through the air and there was a whole crowd staring at it. Someone said “Where did it come from maybe it came down the drainpipe” said a little girl. Then a little girl called out IT’S A UNICORN she could not believe her eyes. And the unicorn swooped down to the little girl the the little girl was so happy.

By Margot

Please come to our school David Walliams!

I want to see you because I haven’t seen you before and I want to see if you are funny or not.

I have seen you on the telly before but I haven’t seen you real before.

Come to our school and visit me in Rabbits class. I am Margot.