Nathan’s Poem

Nice and neat
Awesome and amusing
Terrific and truthful
Happy and hopeful
Artistic and affectionate
Noble but nutty


On Sunday Nathan did the Frome marathon he did really well.Nathan done 1k with out stopping he got a medal and Nathan got a goody bag as well he was proud of himself.Nathan was really hot he could barely breathe. (I’m so happy).


Reading at Portland Bill. I love the monsters in Goosebumps

My Christmas Holidays

I went to the cinema to see Star Wars The Force Awakens. My favourite bit was the giant laser.
I went to the pantomime to see Aladdin. The Chinese police were very funny. They squirted us with water.
For Christmas I got a Harry Potter book and the elder wand. I got lots of lego. I got Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger.
After Christmas we went on holiday to Wales. On the beach we found a starfish. I stayed up late and went to watch the fireworks at midnight.