Christmas blogging competition

During the Christmas holidays I tried my best to help my Mummy and Daddy. I laid the table for three Christmas dinners all by myself. I helped peel the carrots for dinner, helped Daddy dig a vegetable patch, helped with wrapping presents for Christmas and tidied up my bedroom. I looked after my triplet cousins and made them laugh.

Advice for Gareth Southgate

Try not to get a yellow or red card. Try and get a gold card. Work harder than ever. Always be nice to everyone and don’t kick the ball in people’s faces. Eat your vegetables. They make you strong. Have fun and score lots of goals. Olivia-Rabbits

Olivia’s poem

O nce upon a time there was a girl called Olivia
L oves her sister
I nterested in hockey and ballet
V ery much loves her toys
I n her house she loves her books
A lways jumping in muddy puddles


Olivia Spicer

Rabbits Class