My shopping day

On Saturday I went to Bath with my auntie Jo, she took me in H&M she bought me a dress and hair bands and a necklace and a bikini for my birthday. After that I had some lunch in M&S my auntie Jo had a coffee and I had a pack of sandwiches and apple juice and a cake. It was such a fun day!

Harvest Festival

This is as many  as I could find

ash, vest, east, hat, he, have, her, tea, rest, hears, sat, see, Earth, test, eat, leaves, seat, ever, share, heat, fest, feet, tree, sail, father, fatherless

Phoebe H

Reading in unusual places!!

The book I chose was Robin Hood! We went to heavens gate , this is one of my favourite places. I could not decide where to read my book. I read a page on the stones to my brother and some more on the rope swing , a tree  then I finished the rest on a really high stone it was so scary I nearly fell off!

Best christmas surprise ever

My mummy and daddy surprised me and  my little brother with  a  holiday to disneyland paris!

It was magical. we went on lots of rides! The best ride was a roller coaster!

my favourite part was meeting snow white.

hope you all had a lovely christmas too!

love phoebe