Rocking Ryan’s Poem

R.        Reading  I love to do.

Y.         Yummy  that’s me through and through.

A.         Adventurous I can be, when I climb a  tree.

N.         Naughty, now that’s not me as you can see.

Who has made an impression on me?

During my music lessons we have been listening to Beethoven’s music. I like some of his music, as it can be dramatic. He’s inspired me as he still wrote music when he sadly became deaf, what a clever man.

Ryan.K’s Jokes

What is yellow, and smells of bananas ?
Monkey Sick!!!!

Why can’t the turkey eat on Christmas Day?
Because it’s stuffed!!!


The reason that I have choosen Italy is because two of my friends originate from Italy.
So I decided to find out more.
Italy has a population of 61.3 million people.
The captial city of Italy is Rome.
The countries flag consists of three bands of colour green,white,red.
Italy is easy to find on a world map, as the country is shaped like a high-heeled boot.
Another football competition the World Cup was hosted by Italy in 1990.

Reading in an unusual Place


I chose to read this book which is one of my favourites, sat in one of my favourite places- slide at the park with my Mummy. The book is about a Monster  which saves a little boy, he is big, hairy, but not very scarey.