Christmas blog

I helped my Dad to fill up the bird feeders and clean out the chicken shed, it was very smelly!

I helped my mum make mince pies, set the table and write place names for our Christmas parties.

Noah’s Christmas help

This holiday I started making an ecobrick to help look after the planet. It is a bottle filled with plastic rubbish. It’s saving animals and plants because the plastic doesn’t end up in a big pile in the sea and other places. It was quite hard and fun and I want to make it into a table and stool when i make a lot more and stick them together. I also helped look after my brother Luke when he was poorly.

Santa’s grotto

On Tuesday night me,Joel,mummy and auntie Rachael went to santa’s grotto at Orchardleigh House. First we went to arts and crafts and made reindeer food, I helped my little brother Joel make his. Then we went to find out our elf names, the silly elf Robin helped us, my name was the same as Joel’s Frosty Sparklepants. Next we went to a path of light to the wishing tree and put shells,stones/gems and wood. After that we went on the elfmobile down a light lake. Then we had photos sitting on reindeers and a sleigh. Also I was sitting on Comet. Last but not least we went to see santa he told us to tidy our room so he doesn’t step on anything. Then he gave us presents. Last we went to the cafe to have a hot chocolate and a sausage roll.

Christmas Blogging Competition

During the Christmas holidays I was really kind to my Sister at a funday, and I helped her find the toilet because it was her first time going.I also helped some younger children with different activities. As a result of my behaviour I was star of the day.

Christmas blogging competition

During the Christmas holidays I tried my best to help my Mummy and Daddy. I laid the table for three Christmas dinners all by myself. I helped peel the carrots for dinner, helped Daddy dig a vegetable patch, helped with wrapping presents for Christmas and tidied up my bedroom. I looked after my triplet cousins and made them laugh.

Christmas holiday challenge

In the holidays I shared my 🎂 cake with my sister, I emptied the dishwasher, I also shared my new pool 🎱 table with my friends at New Year party 🎊, and I was very patient at my Nan’s house 🏠 waiting to put a film on.


  1. “You will not pass! ” said Thanos.
  2. “Stop thinking you’re better than me,”annoyingly said Iron Man.
  3. “You can’t say that,” anxiously said Thanos.
  4. “Are you saying that to one of the best people in the world?” said Iron Man.
  5. “Yes, why are you saying that to one of the best aliens in the galaxy,” said Thanos.
  6. “You win but that doesn’t mean our conversation is over,” said Iron Man.

Sulley 5 sentence challenge

There are lots of pretty red flowers in the nice garden. One black and white cat was in the sunny garden. There is a nice, happy man walking his small, little dog. An old red bike is standing next to the shed. An old, rusty house is standing still.

Advice for Gareth Southgate

Try not to get a yellow or red card. Try and get a gold card. Work harder than ever. Always be nice to everyone and don’t kick the ball in people’s faces. Eat your vegetables. They make you strong. Have fun and score lots of goals. Olivia-Rabbits

England Competition

Hi Gareth, Great job you are doing with the team. You can tell you have been working hard In training with all the goals scored on Sunday! Keep the team positive. You all have our support. Remember not too give up if things get tough and always try your best. Go England!!

World Cup

Eat healthily

Sleep early

Stretch your muscles

Pass well, shoot hard

Be scared of no-one

Be strong

Be brave

Move fast

Don’t slow down

Smile, enjoy it

Check your studs

Be kind to other teams

Substitutes stay warm

Pick our best team

Make England dream

Tips for Gareth & the England team

Eat healthy, especially your fruit. Kick the ball towards the goal at all times. Play as a team and listen to each other. Save all the shots from the other team. Try your hardest. Practice all the time. Buy Nike trainers. Always pick Harry Kane. Do your best.

Come on England!

Mr Southgate  please make sure you pick the best eleven players, for the team. They must eat all their vegetables and go to bed early the night before games to get a good nights sleep. Tell them to always try their best and kick the ball in the goal !!!!

Best biscuit in the World

After serious consideration, I believe that the bourbon cream is the best biscuit in the World! My reasons are as follows:

Its slim design makes it easy to hold between your pointer, middle finger and thumb. This also means that you don’t have to break it before dunking.

Did I mention dunking? As a consequence of having two thick biscuit shields as an outer layer, and a smooth creamy centre, the bourbon can remain in a hot cuppa for a good second without disintegrating into the tea, never to be seen again!

Its distinctive, moreish flavour makes it impossible to just have one!

If there is a better biscuit out there, I would like someone to let me know. Ask your friends, parents, neighbours, teachers etc.

Please write a comment below as I would love to hear your thoughts. Mr Banton

(P.s. I would also like to hear about your favourite healthy snacks.)

The beautiful UNICORN

One butiful sunny day a little girl was walking in the park then she herd a noise in the trees.And then there was a BANG full of colers

it looked like there was some sort of unicorn in there.Then the little girl called out HELLO is enyone there then she herd a SQWEEK .

Dount be fritend I dount bite said the little girl.

So then the thing in the tree poked her head out and then the little girl SHREEKED with exssitement .

It,s a UNICORN but how did she get up there so she ran up to the unicorn happily.

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day at Berkley school.

I went to work with mummy and daddy. I made a poster to sell my cookies that I made for cookie day.They were  50p each with all proceeds going to Berkley school. Mummy sent an email to everyone to let  them know we were selling them at 10am. I made £7 from selling the cookies, some people gave me £1 for each cookie. Dave gave me a 5 pound note and I had to work out the change.

I will give my money into school on Tuesday.

snow day!!!

Super awesome building snowmen

o-one should hate being in snow

Obviously everyone should love sledging

Windy,cold freezing like a blizzard


I fall but never get back up

I’m unique but not a fingerprint

I am sometimes part of a ball but I am not leather

If I get warm enough I go away but I’m not a winter wordrobe

I am sometimes part of a man but I don’t have any skin

What am I?

A snowman!!!



In the snow my dad found one of his old skateboards and he took the wheels of so he could use it as a snowboard then we went to a hill by the Rugby Club then Eloise went down the hill with it and she was doing so well and got so far then…OOF she fell and hurt he face!!

I was just sat on the sledge having a rest while I could and then my dad decided to pull me down the hill I was not at already for it but it was fun. After a fun time in the snow we walked to the Rugby Club with Freddie and Ava. Brad and my Dad we drinking whistle me and Ava were playing on my phone 😀

When were playing in the snow my mum decided to stay inside (like she always does) while we had the best time ever in the snow!!!!! A couple hours later we had some tea it was delicious we had roast beef with carrots, Yorkshire puddings and potatoes it was awesome and tasty.

My day in the snow was great and I hope yours was to!! 😀


Acrostic poem

Energetic Elijah

Loves to climb

I like eating chocolate

Jaguars are one of my favourite cars

Avengers is my favourite TV programme

Hide and seek is lots of fun

Tabby’s Poem

T is for tennis on Tuesdays

A is for adding numbers

B is for ballet dancing

B is for being bright

Y is for yelling when I get cross!

Fun in the snow!

The snow is amazing! I hope everyone is having fun outside. Oscar and I built this, this morning, followed by a lengthy snowball fight.

Mr Banton

me and the sticks

  1. I was waking up and  with out warning a witch was in my garden I went and sorted things right. I prepared to fight the witch but with a flick of a wand, she turned me into sticks. My friends came running to help me. The battle commences and half of the witches army and half of the red army began fighting! it was a terrible war, it took two days of fighting for the Red Army to win the battle. One soldier shouted “VICTORY” and the others shouted “Hooray” The Red Army reversed the spell… I was human again.

Nathan’s Poem

Nice and neat
Awesome and amusing
Terrific and truthful
Happy and hopeful
Artistic and affectionate
Noble but nutty

Matthew’s Poem

Matthew Harris age 9

Always playing tennis and football is fine

Taking no prisoners on the court or pitch

Training every day

Hitting tennis balls as fast as meteors even though I’m a titch

Effortlessly running, strength, speed and agility

Winning, serving aces, scoring is my goal, testing my ability.


snow day

It was the morning. I looked out of  my window and to my supprise, it was snowing. Just then, my mum shouted,”Lola…it’s a snow day… no school.” Hurridly, i put my warm things and went to play. It was fun, fun, fun.

Thomas P’s bird acrostic poem

T is for Turtle dove
H is for Humming bird
O is for Owl
M is for Magpie
A us for Albatross
S is for Seagull

P is for Parrot
E is for Eagle
R is for Robin
R is for Red kite
E is for Egret
T is for Tawney owl
T is for Thrush

Lara’s poem

Lara, that’s me! I have a brother that’s 3.
A unicorn fan, to be a teacher is my plan.
Reading is my favourite hobby, especially the twits.
Always happy and smiley.

Lewis’ Acrostic Poem

L – loves to talk

E – Ellis is my middle name

W – Wednesday is my favourite day

I – I am always smiling

S – Skiing is my favourite holiday


W – Woolford is my surname

My Acrostic Poem

Magnificent at clearing my plate.
Excellent with my handwriting.
Respectful at listening.
Excited for getting my puppy.
Delicious strawberry mousse.
Interesting maths.
Tidy uniform
Helpful with taking the Bell in.

Hoola dancing trees 100wc

“Why can’t I move?” Toby wondered.

“Wait!Are you all stuck too?” he asked.

“Yeah, none of us can,” replied Sid.

“Oh help us God!” screamed Jack hoping for a reply.

An hour later Jack came up with the most random thing: He wants a doughnut he’s such a poop (No wonder he picks his nose and eats it ). Jack is loves unicorns and hates king-cobras.

“My leafs are falling off!” said Toby.

Half an hour later a rainbow appeared. He thinks and hopes he’ll find a unicorn and ride it up to the moon and back he is such a twit.

by Rosie