Buddying up!

On Monday afternoon Rabbits and Owls had a great time. The year 4 children have been helping the new Reception children to settle in and have done a brilliant job. We all had a fantastic time sharing different activities and making new friends. It was lovely to see the children young and older exploring and playing together!
Mrs Matthews


A day in the life of……

When I went to school , when it was near the end of the day I went BMXing at school. I was proud of myself and when I did it I rode in a little area and then a big area. . Everyone was watching means people in Squirrels were watching through the window. Mummy was right there. Then Mrs Rayner asked everyone to come outside and watch. I am blogging under the kitchen table.

Our new motorhome

This week my family got our new motorhome. I am so excited, we have been for a ride and looking forward to going on holiday to Cornwall.


The reason that I have choosen Italy is because two of my friends originate from Italy.
So I decided to find out more.
Italy has a population of 61.3 million people.
The captial city of Italy is Rome.
The countries flag consists of three bands of colour green,white,red.
Italy is easy to find on a world map, as the country is shaped like a high-heeled boot.
Another football competition the World Cup was hosted by Italy in 1990.

Reading in an unusual place

I went to Open Farm Sunday with my family and I read my Tractor Ted in Summertime book, in the wheel of a tractor, in the wheel of a combine harvester and on a tractor and trailer ride! The wheels made good seats!


Reading in garden tent.

I enjoyed the reading in unusual places. My favourite book was Don’t be silly and my favourite place to read it was our garden tent.

Reading a book in an unusual place

I read the boy in the dress at Weymouth beach with my Nan at the weekend, we read it next to the life guard hut where the new life guards were training. It was hot and the sand kept blowing up into the pages as we turnt them, we liked reading the book at the beach because it was nice and relaxing.



Reading in an unusual Place


I chose to read this book which is one of my favourites, sat in one of my favourite places- slide at the park with my Mummy. The book is about a Monster  which saves a little boy, he is big, hairy, but not very scarey.




Unusual place to read

Today we went to my Nan’s to read one of my favourite books in a unusual place, I chose ‘tiddler tiddler’ and my mum chose to put me in a lilo to read my book in nan’s huge pond, so we could read tiddler tiddler to the fish!

tiddler tiddler  is about a little fish that makes up stories to say why he’s late for school, and one day he gets caught in a fish net and gets lost but finds his way home from other fish telling his made up stories.  When he finally gets to school he says why he was late, but no one believes him because of all the stories he’s made up.

i enjoyed it so much and so did my Nan’s fish!

What do you see at the seaside

Yesterday we went to JBR Walk in Dubai, there are lots of nice shops and a big beach.

On the beach we saw a play park, an outside gym, the Dubai Eye building (which will be the same as the London Eye) and a really big sand sculpture. We normally see a camel doing rides but it wasn’t there.

What is a Khim?

Last night we ate in a Thai restaurant and there was a lady dressed up very pretty doing Thai dancing, she was also playing a musical instrument called a khim, which is from Thailand.

The lady used two sticks made of bamboo to play the Khim which made a nice sound. It was made of wood and trapezoidal in shape, there were lots of metal strings in groups of 3.



My holiday in Dubai

Hello Rabbits class

I am having a lovely time here in Dubai. On Tuesday we went to Abu Dhabi to see one of daddy’s friends, we had a drink at Yas Marina where the Formula 1 circuit is then went to a shopping mall and went up a big viewing tower and had lunch.

Today we went to see a Mosque, a mosque is a sort of church for the people in Dubai. We couldn’t go inside but we did look round the outside. You are not allowed to wear shoes in the mosque and you have to cover your shoulders. The building isn’t old like Berkley church and there is no stained class and you sit on the floor. It is very clean and new. The men and lady’s have to say their prayers in separate rooms.

Then we went to the Burj Khalifa, it is the tallest building in the world. We went up to the 125th floor, it was very high we could see all of Dubai. Granddad was a bit scared and wouldn’t go near the edge.

It is very hot here and I am going swimming lots with my brother Reece

See you all soon, hope you all have a good half term.

Love Lara


Weymouth beach!

On Saturday we went to Weymouth beach with some friends! We found a crab that was really scary looking but still cute, when we put it back to the sea it disappeared into the sand! We also found lots of shells and clams.

We made a moat with sand castles on it and paddled in the water. There were lots of donkeys on the beach too!

When we left after our chips, loads of seagulls came flying at us after our chips we had dropped and mummy screamed!

Then we went to the amusement park and I went on all the big rides as I’m not scared I love them!

Hope everyone enjoyed the sun this weekend!



Tuesday the weather was so nice my mum took me and my two best friends to Longleat for the day! I held a snake and a tarantula, the snake was smooth but bumpy and the tarantula felt soft and hairy Her name was Amber. There were lots of giant eggs hidden around Longleat, we found lots and I loved the humpy dumpy and batman ones! When we fed the tropical birds, they landed on our heads and one even pooped on my mums friend, it was so funny She was not impressed! We finished off with a nice big ice cream and a drive round the safari to see all the lions and tigers sunbathing!

i hope all my friends and teachers have enjoyed their Easter holidays!


Easter Holidays

I went to Bournemouth for Mummy’s birthday, we stayed in a hotel.

We went to the arcade and Daddy won a teddy for Reece and I.

I had a Beanie Boo called Ice Cube and Reece had a monster. We went to play on the sand and Reece sat in my hole.

We had a lovely time in Bournemouth.

Do you want to be a Jedi Reader?

William and Freya’s Mum and Dad have a brilliant way of supporting reading.
Make the room as dark as possible, crawl under the covers and light up a light sabre (or a torch!). Get reading! What a fun way to read a book!

I wonder what other fun ways of reading we can think of? Post and let us know.
My children can’t wait to be a Jedi reader!

A massive thank you

A huge thank you to Mrs Scovell who came in today to read the children a story in Czech. We loved it and the children even learnt how to say some simple words in Czech. We also learnt about Easter celebrations in different parts of the world.

Rabbits Being Smart

We have been learning how to be safe when we are using a computer or iPad or phone on the internet. We read the story of Smartie the Penguin . Click here to read the story with your child.  Smart has problems with unknown messages ,pop ups and unsuitable games. He learns how to deal with the problems “You have to tell a grown up and ask them to help you “. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember and we have made a Smartie the penguin to take home. Hope you enjoy our video.

E-safety Day

Rabbits have really enjoyed meeting Smartie the penguin’s new friends, Red and Murphy. The children thought about ways in which we can keep safe on the Internet and about how we should behave towards others to make the Internet and safe and happy place to be. We made posters to help us remember.
The children will be bringing home a Smartie the Penguin tonight with some useful E-safety advice. Ask them to explain who Smartie is and how he keeps safe.
We also met Digiduck today. You can read the story of Digiduck’s big decision online at www.childnet.com

Green day

We had a great day today in Rabbits.As part of our Green day we learnt about energy and where it comes from. Then we looked at how we could save energy around school and in our homes and we made posters to remind us. If you are in school have a look and you will see.
Look out for the photo’s coming soon!

Longleat Lights

On Saturday we went to see the festival of light at Longleat. It was very busy and we had to wait a long time to get in.

We went to the cafe first for a drink and cake. We walked around the lights my favourite was the dragon boat.

We saw Mrs Jeffery and Mrs James as we were going home. When we got home it was very late.

Longleat Dragon Boat

Beaus Christmas

For Christmas I got a Lego mammoth. I built it with my Dad and Father Christmas. I also got a Lego Train, an iPad mini, a Hoverball and a spider. In the Christmas Holidays we went to see my Uncle Matthew because he is moving to Switzerland. My cousins came to my house and we played games, my favourite game is Don’t Take Busters Bones.

Charlies Christmas Holiday

I have been very busy like the elves over the holidays.

I went on a Santa train at longleat all the way to the North Pole to visit santa! The elves and Santa loved my outfit, I was dressed as an elf with my mummy’s crochet elf hat on, there was snow and even a snowman.

My uncle Toby and auntie Alline came for Christmas, and Frankie and Rhys came round on Boxing Day for a sleep over at mummy’s, we made a disco in the lounge and played musical statues and pass the parcel. it was the bestest Christmas ever!

My friends Ellie and Courtney came with me and my mum to watch The good dinosaur at the cinema, i really enjoyed the film, we went to Pizza Hut after!

I also went back to longleat with my nana, grandad and daddy to watch the fireworks! I love the fireworks over longleat.

I hope mrs Matthews and Mrs Raynor had time to use their presents i got them!



My Christmas

On Christmas Day I opened all of my presents.  Uncle James and Auntie Alice had a sleep over at our house for Christmas Day.  We got dressed and I went on my new scooter that has two wheels and a stand.  I had roast for lunch.

Christmas Day

We had a Christmas log. Uncle James and Auntie Alice came. We opened all of our presents. I had a hamster in a ball. I had a scooter.

Christmas holiday show

We went to Dubai for Christmas and saw real camels on the beach. On Christmas Eve we watched a show on The Walk at Jumeriah Beach. It was a really good show, there was lots of singing and dancing.

Father Christmas delivered presents to us on Christmas day.

On boxing day we went to the Dubai Aquarium. There was a really big fish tank with over 20,000 fish, we had to walk through a tunnel with sharks swimming over our heads.

We did lots of playing on the beach building sand castles and digging holes for my little brother to sit in.

It was nice and warm in Dubai but when we came home it was raining.

Dubai Aquarium


Hi Everyone

Hi berkley. Thailand is great fun and very hot. We are in the pool every day. We have a lovely villa surrounded by palm trees. Yesterday we saw a snake show and the man wound the snake round his head! A monkey landed on williams back and tried to steal his ice cream. We fly to australia tomorrow evening. See you all in the new year xx

Things found in Santa’s workshop

In R we have been writing some poems about things that we might see if we were to visit Santa’s workshop.

Santa’s red hat
Elves decorating
Cookies for Santa
A Christmas star
Loads of presents
By Adam

Santa drinking milk
Reindeers eating carrots
Elves helping
Soft teddies
A big sack
Santa’s list
By Neisha

The elves are making toys
Outside is snowing
Santa is making his presents
A shiny sleigh
Reindeer flying
A pretty Christmas tree
By Margot

Fluffy teddies
Elves decorating
Santa giving presents
Sparkly presents
A red hat
Santa’s brown boots
By Freddie

The elves making presents
The sleigh is magic
The reindeer flying
Santa eating biscuits
A napping Santa
A cup of tea
By Imogen

Santa eating cookies
Santa drinking milk
Elves making presents
Multi-coloured presents
A red sleigh
Reindeers flying
By Sid

Santa working
Santa’s big sleigh
A brown sack
Shiny presents
Santa eating mince pies
Santa’s list
By Beau

Different sized presents
Flying reindeer
Elves making presents
A brown sleigh
A red sack
Santa’s boots
By Oliver

Different coloured presents
A happy Santa
Cookies for Santa
Toys wrapped up in shiny paper
Flying reindeers
By Lewis, Max, Theo

Elves making toys
Waiting reindeers
Tied up ribbons
Big boxes of presents
A big sack
By Lola, Cory, Ryan D, Holly, Elijah

A machine making toys
Elves working hard
A happy Father Christmas
A big Christmas tree with lights
Reindeer flying in the sky
By Alex, Travis, Ryan K, Sullivan

Happy elves
A small Christmas tree
Father Christmas checking the elves
A curly sleigh
Waiting reindeer
Some yummy biscuits
By Shannon, Francesca, Lara, Eva, Harvey, Tommy

This week in Rabbits class

This week in Rabbits we have reading Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school. We have done lots of Raaing! We have also drawn dinosaurs and helped to put together a dinosaur world. We are really good at counting and Year 1 have been fantastic at adding up using the number line. The welly walk was great and we all really enjoyed it.

Mrs Matthews

Hello Everyone at Berkley School

I had a very long journey with Mrs Hirons going in a car, on a train, then on a coach and then finally an aeroplane. I had lots of sleeps on the plane and we watched lots of movies. Paddington Bear was my favourite and I had ice cream too. We could always see where we were flying on the screen and when we landed there was a camera under the plane to watch the wheels go down.

We went to Hong Kong first and it was very hot and rainy there. We then went to Australia.  It was very exciting to go to School to get Jack and Ella and see lots of children. We have been to lots of beaches . We went whale and dolphin watching but we didn’t see any . This was at Byron Bay which is the most easterly point of Australia. We went to a place called Paradise point for lunch and when we came out there were about 30 Ferrari cars . I couldn’t choose my favourite.

We then went up the Q1 which is the tallest building on the Goldcoast . The views were amazing ! It has the fastest lift in Australia and you can watch a film of it going up and down while you are in it which is really weird.

We went for a walk in the bush to try and find some of my relatives . We haven’t seen any yet as I think they are hiding at the moment. We will keep kangaroo spotting.

I have been to football matches and netball matches with the children and Jack scored a goal and Ella’s team won 15-3 and she won girl of the match.

We are now off to stay in Brisbane for a few days and then going to Rockhampton where there is a crocodile park . I hope they feed them before I get there !

They are also filming Pirates of the Carribean here at the moment so we are hoping to go and see the film set and see the Pirates.

I hope you have lots of fun on your school trip to the castle and send me lots of questions and messages.

lots of love from

Mrs Hirons and Roo !


David Walliams

I like books because I like learning the words, I like looking at the pictures, I like finding out things.

It would be really cool to see David Walliams and his helicopter at Berkley, The slightly annoying elephant story is very funny.

David Walliams

I would love David Walliams to visit because he is super funny. I think he would make us giggle. We could write some awesome stories for him to read. We could show him our rainforest and tell him about the things we learn at the best school in the world.

Please come to our school David Walliams!

I want to see you because I haven’t seen you before and I want to see if you are funny or not.

I have seen you on the telly before but I haven’t seen you real before.

Come to our school and visit me in Rabbits class. I am Margot.




David Walliams

David Walliams please come to our school as my mum will be so pleased as she fancies

you!………yuck.  Love Rosie-Mae ……..I am 5 don’t you know!

what christmas means to me

To celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  To spend time with my family.  Opening my presents and playing with my new toys.  Watching Christmas movies.  I also liked pulling crackers on Christmas day and loved going ice skating in bath at night with the Christmas lights with my family.


Five sentences about Christmas

1. Daddy is home for Christmas for the first time in 4 years 🙂 and its also Daddy’s birthday at Christmas day!
2. Grandma and Auntie went to Lapland before Christmas and gave my and my little brother’s letter to Santa and we got a letter back from him with his picture, and we got want we wish for.
3. We had Christmas lunch at grandma and grandpa’s we ate lots of yummy food that grandma cooked and we got lots of lovely presents.
4. We visited my mums family in London at boxing day and ate lots of Filipino food.
5. I love Christmas time so much specially this year as I spent it with my whole family together.

Christmas Eve

I went to Longleat. Uncle James and Auntie Alice came with us. We went ice skating. We also saw Father Christmas. It was lots of fun!

My five sentence challenge

1) I like the excitement of Father Christmas coming.
2) I like opening presents.
3) Christmas makes me happy inside.
4) The Santa train was lots of fun.
5) I love my advent calendar chocolates.

By Laygan

Christmas is the best!

I had a good Christmas! At Christmas all of my family came to our house for lunch, it was yummy. Santa gave me a remote control car and Mummy and Daddy gave me hero mashers. I was very happy to have my minion teddy and really happy to have my secret ninja top (I just love putting it over my head!) I am really looking forward to coming back to school.



For the bank holiday weekend we stayed in a caravan in weymouth it was great fun. Some rabbits lived in the hedge next to the caravan. We went swimming and crabbing. This weekend we are going camping. I cant wait