half term

First I went to Chichester I stayed in a Premier inn and then I went to see my Uncle and his girlfriend we had dinner in Prezzo.  I had Pizza and a little bit of Maddie’s lasagne. The next day we went in HMS Victory in Portsmouth and we visited the Mary Rose. The Mary Rose sank and there was only half of it left.  Then we went to the shops and after that we went to bowlplex. 

On Wednesday I went to Preston with my two cousins and my auntie and we met a few people there.  We had a sleepover and the next day we watched a pantomime called Peter Pan.  It was funny because Tinkerbell got stuck when she was flying!

On Saturday I had my birthday party at Writhlington Sports Centre it was laser combat. 15 people came, it was great I loved it.

On Sunday I went to Longleat.

Here are some half term pictures.

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