Jack the Rat #100wc

Jack the rat was going to steal a diamond clock. He excitedly set off to the museum. Jack sneaked into the museum through an air vent. He had to jump over the security lasers. He replaced the diamond clock with a regular clock. He crawled back through the air vent and jumped onto his boat. He had a cup of tasty lime soda. The police found Jack and chased him on his boat. Jack threw the diamond clock overboard and escaped on his jet-ski. The end.


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  1. Hi Nathan
    This is a fantastic 100 word challenge and you have used the prompt words along with your hundred words so well to tell an intriguing story. I love your idea for the main character. Was he really a rat or was that just his nickname? You’ve also used adverbs for great effect eg “he excitedly set off for the museum” gave me a great picture in my mind of Jack on his way. Lots of excellent vocabulary in your story also. Great writing – I really enjoyed reading this and I hope you continue to write for the 100 word challenge.
    Ms O’Keeffe Team 100wc
    Galway Ireland

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