Making a fantastic rainbow .🌈

Today I made a 🌈.
I used a mirror and a fantastic glass with water 💦. We shone a torch at the mirror in the glass of water but a rainbow didn’t come. Then we tried a torch and a CD. We shone the torch at the CD and a rainbow appeared!

Then we did some tricks with a pencil and water. We put the pencil in the water and it seemed like the pencil was broken. It looked bent but when we took it out it looked fine! You should try it! It is called REFRACTION.

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  1. Wow Tabby sounds like you are having fun! Sorry it took me a few days to publish your blog I have been busy eating lots of chocolate!!!!!!! Hope you had a good Easter!

    From Mrs Hooper

  2. That sounds amazing, I hope other children try both of your experiments. You are a clever scientist!

    From Mrs Pickford

  3. What a clever recipe for a rainbow! Your experiment sounds like a lot of fun, I will try this with my children at home! What colours were in your rainbow? Mr Banton

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