Mill On The Brue

when we arrived at Mill on the Brue we waited outside for a little bit until some people came and put our stuff in a big truck so we did not have to walk up the hill with all our heavy suitcases. When we got up the hill we put all out things in the main house. The main house is were we slept.All the boys slept in honeysuckle and all the girls slept in beech. When we got up to our rooms we choose who we were sleeping on the bunkbed with,I was with India. When we had all chose who we were sleeping with we all unpacked our stuff into the draws under the beds we all waited by the meeting point and we were told what group we were in.After we got told what group we were in we went to our firs activity, my first activity was ice breakers which is a game where you got to know each other. After ice breakers we did egg drop, egg drop is when you have to cover lots of soft stuff over the egg and then you drop it over a balcony and see if it cracked.Then we had lunch which was chilly and for pudding was jelly. My 2 favorite activities were leap of faith and canoeing in leap of faith me Phoebe and Spencer were the only people that touched it and in canoeing sadly I fell in and it was freezing cold. At bedtime India and Imogen woke everyone up because they were shining their torches around the room and chatting very loudly so we were all very tird in the morning.

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