One day  Gracie-May had a sleepover at my house because Elliot has had a lot of sleepover and he had Billy came round for tea. First we went to Gracie-Mays house to get her then we got Billy. We had pizza for tea my favourite. Me and Gracie-May had pepperoni and the boys had just cheese and tomato. After me and Gracie-May went upstairs to watch a movie we watched my favourite movie WALKING ON SUNSHINE (Mine and Gracie-Mays to be fair!!) We also made loom bands while watching the movie. When my mum came up and said ” You can jump into bed and read”. But me and Gracie-May went on our iPods. I looked at some cute and cool pics and Gracie-May watched a video on you tube. We stayed  up till 11:30 which was cool. The next day I went to Gracie-Mays for a bit I was supposed to sleep but we had some friends staying for the weekend so I just had lunch there. Gracie-Mays cousins where there for lunch as well. There names were Gabby, Jack and Robin. It was really fun there we had pizza AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I got back Lucas ,Ava, Danny and Kate arrived half an hour later. We had pasta cheese and ham for tea. The next day we  went to longleat first . we went on the rocking rhino next the boys did deadly 60 and the girls went to the shop and I bought a flamingo pen which looks really cool. We went in the adventure castle which was really , really fun. After that we went round the safari park it took a really long time to get round the lion bit and it was one of the smallest enclosures because a lion was to near to the gate they were not allowed to open it. But we got there in the end. My favourite animal was the wolves because they were like really big dogs and they looked really cuddly soft and fun to play with. When we got home we had tea( I forgot what we had) after me Lucas and Elliot watched a movie together and when we had to turn the telly off my mum said that I was allowed to sleep with the boys because the first night I was the only  one who slept by myself so I got to sleep with the boys.

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