snow day

It was the morning. I looked out of  my window and to my supprise, it was snowing. Just then, my mum shouted,”Lola…it’s a snow day… no school.” Hurridly, i put my warm things and went to play. It was fun, fun, fun.

George M poem

G is for gentle
E is for energetic
O is for odd socks
R is for reading lots of books
G is for generous
E is for easy going

Thomas P’s bird acrostic poem

T is for Turtle dove
H is for Humming bird
O is for Owl
M is for Magpie
A us for Albatross
S is for Seagull

P is for Parrot
E is for Eagle
R is for Robin
R is for Red kite
E is for Egret
T is for Tawney owl
T is for Thrush

Lara’s poem

Lara, that’s me! I have a brother that’s 3.
A unicorn fan, to be a teacher is my plan.
Reading is my favourite hobby, especially the twits.
Always happy and smiley.

Lewis’ Acrostic Poem

L – loves to talk

E – Ellis is my middle name

W – Wednesday is my favourite day

I – I am always smiling

S – Skiing is my favourite holiday


W – Woolford is my surname

My Acrostic Poem

Magnificent at clearing my plate.
Excellent with my handwriting.
Respectful at listening.
Excited for getting my puppy.
Delicious strawberry mousse.
Interesting maths.
Tidy uniform
Helpful with taking the Bell in.

Hoola dancing trees 100wc

“Why can’t I move?” Toby wondered.

“Wait!Are you all stuck too?” he asked.

“Yeah, none of us can,” replied Sid.

“Oh help us God!” screamed Jack hoping for a reply.

An hour later Jack came up with the most random thing: He wants a doughnut he’s such a poop (No wonder he picks his nose and eats it ). Jack is loves unicorns and hates king-cobras.

“My leafs are falling off!” said Toby.

Half an hour later a rainbow appeared. He thinks and hopes he’ll find a unicorn and ride it up to the moon and back he is such a twit.

by Rosie


The stick man

Hello said the stick man how was your day very good should we practice are running but when some people came to look at us the biggest one said everybody freeze into your ninja move all of the trees were surrounding me so the leader said ninja atack when they finished atacking they went to bed for a very nice sleep in the morning we all went out side and played a game of catch and it was fun big stick said this is fun.

By India

the ninja stick men

one day in ordinary town in a ordinary village in a ordinary wood 7 ninja stick men came to rule the world one of them said this is our plan we all do a special dance to distract all the people then 1 or 2 of  us sneak out and steal the kea to unlock the queens crown and when we have the crown we will be famous HA HA HA I think I need to work on my evil laugh. lets get on with the plan but we haven’t practesed the dance just do the one that we did the other day.



Alexander’s poem

A is for APPLE which is my favourite fruit
L is for LOVING my mummy and daddy and doing gymnastics and eating food
E is for EGGY because someone called me that
X is for the many XRAYS I’ve had
A is for ALWAYS messing around
N is for my imaginary friend called Mr NOBODY who’s always around
D is for DA ,which is yes in Romanian
E is cos I’m an EXPERT at riding my scooter
R is cos I RUN like a cheetah

Charlie’s Acrostic Poem

Charlie is my name,

Having fun and playing a game,

Are my most favorite things to do!

Reading i am doing so well, but

Laughing when my dog makes a smell.

Interested so much in minecraft,

Even when i’m feeling very unwell!

Leah poem

Like eating ice lollies
Elephants are my favourite animal
And I like playing with my friends and
Having fun playing with Lego

Leah Pitman
Rabbits class

Zookeeper for the day!

I was a Zookeeper for the day. I fed the Giraffes carrots, fed fish to the penguins, fed the meeerkats LIVE mealworms, and fed the Lemurs fruit during a public talk. I patted the giant tortoises and one of them was 90 years old!! My favourite animal was the red panda. Daddy bought me my own red panda teddy bear and I have called her MARMITE!! It was the best day of my life!!!!

Olivia’s poem

O nce upon a time there was a girl called Olivia
L oves her sister
I nterested in hockey and ballet
V ery much loves her toys
I n her house she loves her books
A lways jumping in muddy puddles


Olivia Spicer

Rabbits Class


Romans Acrostic Poem

Racing around on my electric scooter
Over a ramp in the road
Mummy tells me to go slow
And then I fall off
Now I will listen my mummy

By Roman


So far, my time in Australia has been awesome; We have been to Adventure world with water slides and roller-coasters. My favourite was probably Galiath where you sit in seats and you sit up and down me and Elosie were screaming our heads off but we wanted another go so, before we got ready to leave, my Dad came on with me but he’s a bit of a wimp he usually loves scary rides but he didn’t and me and my Dad went on Abbyss the most scariest ride there. It was a roller coaster that you shoot down and when you went up it went slow. My Dad didn’t like that much but we still went on again and I’m lucky enough that I was just about tall enough. We also went to The Maze and it was a water park with a gigantic maze we did get lost in there but we found our way out but there was one sneaky sign saying ‘this way’ but it led to a dead end. There is a park with a beach called Eden Beach we once went there and a lady told Rochelle (my aunty) that there was a snake crossing a road into the bushes.  A little while later a girl saw something slither in the bushes and soon it came out the bushes we all crowded round the snake while someone called a lady to pick it up. The lady told us it was a Dugite snake; Dugite snakes are as venomous as a cobra but we were more exited and interested in the snake then we were scared.

Australia is amazing I would recommend going there we went to Perth,  its in the western part of Australia.










My birthday

For my birthday I had a new book called The girl with the lost smile by Miranda Hart. I have just started to read it. I had a great day.

Rocking Ryan’s Poem

R.        Reading  I love to do.

Y.         Yummy  that’s me through and through.

A.         Adventurous I can be, when I climb a  tree.

N.         Naughty, now that’s not me as you can see.

The girl and the beautiful unicorn

One beautiful colourful sunny day a half horse half bird type of thing but it has a horn on it’s head. Anyway lets get on with the story , as I said it was a half horse half bird was flying through the air and there was a whole crowd staring at it. Someone said “Where did it come from maybe it came down the drainpipe” said a little girl. Then a little girl called out IT’S A UNICORN she could not believe her eyes. And the unicorn swooped down to the little girl the the little girl was so happy.

By Margot

Blogging competition

P             perfect princess in a room


H             haunted house full of doom


O              Often by the sea


E             EXCITING as me


B           being a unicorn what makes me a me


E           EXCITING as a magic key.


By Phoebe

Blogging Competition

M     agical at baking cakes.


A     mazing at everything.


R       espectful to everyone.


G     reat at tests.


O     ften quiet but sometimes noisy.


T     alented at a lot of things.


By Margot

The mouse who loved cheese

Once there was a mouse a small mouse he lived in a pipe full of cheese he loved his cheese. He had it for lunch diner and breakfast and every morning. It came down the drainpipe; I mean he came down the drainpipe to get some cheese. But one day he went down the drainpipe and he went to get some cheese and there was a nut so he ate the nut and he loved that nut so he ate nuts for the rest of his life. The end.

By Sid


Once upon a time there was a fish in her pod they were doing a show then something came down the drain pipe it was sparkling she swam towards it picked it up it was a neckless she turned back to tell the pod but they were gone. She searched everywhere. She couldn’t find her pod but then she saw a beautiful mermaid. The mermaid said “that’s my necklace, now I see that you lost your pod.”

The evil octopus captured them and eventually they came to a deep, darkened hole where the octopus was sleeping. So when it was morning they grabbed the key and headed off but then the octopus woke up and grabbed the fish the mermaid lost her magic powers and sent her to the zoo.

The end

By Lily

100 wc

“It came down the drain pipe!” I shouted.

“What” asked Spencer?

A bug that came down the drain pipe. Spencer was afraid of bugs in Arica.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” shouted Spencer!

I Loved bugs, bugs were soft and wet. I also love cats, big ones and small ones.

“Alright, alright.” I said.

After that I made a treehouse. The treehouse was huge. Me, Spencer and the bug was amazed at are work. I’m proud. I said in a proud voice.

Just then Alex fell out the sky and killed the bug. Only bones were left. “Alex!”

“Sorry Jack!” Said Alex

“Oh no!”

By Jack

Two Ponies

One day there were two ponies in the garden. Rose said I’m hungry but there was no food left. So in the night rose saw a shooting star. She made a wish in the morning. She went to the drainpipe and she asked the pipe please, said rose something was in the pipe. And she said please one more time.

Then some apples came falling down. She went back to the farm house and shimmer said where did find all those apples. It came down the drainpipe. I made a wish in the morning rose and shimmer was never hungry again. The next morning she went to the drainpipe and she wished for happiness and it came true. The end.

By India

Imogen Alice and Wonderland

Once a little girl called Alice went out with her sister on a picnic. Oh my sister is reading a boring book he was a rabbit came jumping and he looked he was in a hurry. So I followed him and it came down the drainpipe led to a magical land of crazy thing animals and then I went to a caterpillar and he took me to a palace and the queen of hart a cat appeared. Out of nowhere so I fooled him to a rose bush and he disappeared again and he went to a party wow this is amazing party it was fantastic.

By Imogen



Hi small guy.

Mmm oh your voice it came down the drainpipe.

Ok bye-bye.

Why are you fooling me?

Mmm you’re trying to tell me something.

I want to help but I can’t. I know where the drainpipe is.

Mmm oh I just remembered you can’t talk. How am I going to get there?

I know I have a map, let’s go.

My map is wrong. Oh it’s upside down.

Mmm not digging. What is it?

Mmm what? You knew the drainpipe is over there.

How do you know I can talk?

I have my views. The End.

By Fred

Alien down the drainpipe



Once in space there was a bad alien it came down the had four arms.

It drew out its sword and let out a ROOOOAAAARRR!!! Everybody ran away. Meanwhile one hero could stop this, he had everything to stop him. But he was more powerful than him. “ ha ha ha ,” said the villan. “Ha” “you think you can stop me” yes I can but you aren’t better than me. But the super hero struck him with all he had. The villain was down., Everything is better again.

By Ethan


At the river there was a drain. In the drain there was a talking piranha. He took me down the drainpipe and turned me into a piranha forever. I went to different drainpipes. It was fun. He said, “I was going to stay a piranha.” But in the river I transformed back into a human again. But I had a potion in my pocket. I drank it. I set myself on fire and fell down the drainpipe and I turned into a rock. I couldn’t breathe so I got a floaty and I floated into the middle of the ocean.

By Beau

A spider and a guinea pig

A spider is coming today and a guinea pig as well. They both fell down the drainpipe SPLAT on their faces. Suddenly a cheetah came down the drainpipe. It came down the drainpipe to find his dinner. At the bottom of the drainpipe were the two friends were there. The cheetah gets stuck to the drainpipe and dies. The guinea pig also dies. 80 days later the spider dies. They all come to life and the cheetah is on the good side and they all lived happily ever after. The end.

By Adam


New Land 100wc

One day I was playing in the garden and saw a rabbit so I followed it. It led me down the drainpipe and it came down the drainpipe as well. When we got down the drainpipe IT WAS SO EXCITING. It was filled with carrots that never end and water with a gummy boat. The flowers could talk, it was amazing! Not a lot of people lived there.

“Hello,” I said, “but I know you can’t talk.”

“Yes I can,” said the rabbit.

I was surprised!

“Bye,” I said. Off I go.

By Phoebe

Rock story 100wc

“Why? What? How did we turn into rocks?” said Big Rock.

“We eat the food in that restaurant,” said Medium Rock.

“And the food makes people turn into rock and the waiters are poisoning everyone,” said Small Rock.

“I cannot move…HELP HELP HELP!!”


“Sorry,” said Big Rock.

“What did you have for your lunch?” said Medium Rock.

(14 days later)

“Can you turn us back into normal people and not pigs?” said Small Rock.

“OK, I will be careful this time.”

By Margot

Badgers class is great!

My time in Badgers has been great!!  On Friday 10th of November, we went to the Apple Store in Bath and we learnt how to use iMovie. We were given a cool Apple t-shirt, I have wanted one for ages!!  Last week I was a news reporter and we asked lots of children questions about what they want to be when they’re older, as on Monday we had a mufti day, where we got to dress up as what we want to be when we are older.  I dressed up as teacher and I wore some fake glasses! Mr Banton even let me be teacher for a little bit! It has been a brilliant time with Badgers!

Mr Bloom

Mr Bloom was really good at doing the rain dance and it was very funny. The songs were great.
Then we had the muddy puddle story and played a game of guess who?
I loved the singing most it was wonderful 💜😂🎼🎼🎼🎤🎤🎤🥁🎸🎺🎷🎻😊😘🌸💕💜💚💙💛

The weekend

We went to Kent and saw my grandad who is 90. We had a great time. And yes then we went to go to my cousin Amelie’s party in Sussex and she had a my little pony cake.

My weekend adventure

At the weekend I stayed in Woolacombe in a large static caravan. Also Sid, Malachi, Natasha, Kev and Mia came to. On the first day I went arund the block on my bike with Sid. Me and Sid kept jumping off of kerbs. In the evening we went to a club where there was an arcade and a soft play. I saw Finley Lynch, Jenson, Jude and Charlie Haines, we all played together.
The next day we drove to Bideford to race my bike for the day. I came 4th in my first moto, 4th in my 2nd moto and 5th in my 3rd moto. I came first in my B final. My Mum and Dad were really proud of me.
We went to the awards ceremony for the season which was held at the campsite next to ours. I went up on stage and got a trophy and a medal for my racing throughout the summer. We went back to our campsite and carried on having fun with our friends until midnight.
The next day we went swimming in the big pool and the little pool had a big mushroom fountain. Me and my brother swam with my Mum.
That afternoon we walked to the beach, looked in the rock pools and looked at some hermit crabs. We walked into Woolacombe then caught the bus back to our campsite. We had a fantastic weekend and I was very proud of my achievement.  My award and medal is displayed on my chest of drawers in my bedroom.  My Dad is going to put up a shelf so I can put all my medals up safe out of the way of my little brother who likes to play with it!

Who has made an impression on me?

During my music lessons we have been listening to Beethoven’s music. I like some of his music, as it can be dramatic. He’s inspired me as he still wrote music when he sadly became deaf, what a clever man.

Inspirational People. Anne Frank

I am reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in Holland in Amsterdam during WWII. She lived a very different life because she didn’t dare go outside or make any noise because she was in hiding from the Germans. Hitler’s army were taking families and putting them in concentration camps. Anne’s father decided to take his family into hiding. Their hiding place was called the Annex. The Annex was hidden on top of an office and the entrance was hidden behind a bookcase. Anne loved writing and decided to start a diary. She called her diary Kitty. Anne Frank is inspirational because she teaches you to always have hope. Anne always wanted to be an author and her father made her dream come true. He published her diary for other people to read after the war even through she died in a concentration camp just before the war ended.