Show and Tell

i like golden time because you get to play and you get play with your show and tell things that you have brought to school.

Media Arts ‘Oscars’ 2011

Badgers’ Class has been having such a lot of fun making films during the last year.  We ran an Animation Club after school led by Julia Roberts. Mrs Hirons, Mr Hunt [ our Bath Spa Teacher] and I supported too. We had been studying a topic called ‘Flight and Space’ so in literacy we shared the story of ‘Icarus and Daedalus’. So we made an animated film all about the legend. We had a brilliant time and learnt so many new skills – the adults too! Some children also wrote their own background music to add to the film.

As part of the Frome Community Learning Partnership Year 4  planned and filmed an information film called ‘ How to look after your teeth’ which hopefully will soon appear on the website.

Several children and I attended the ‘Oscars’ award ceremony at the Merlin Theatre and we were delighted to win an Oscar for ‘Best original concept’ and a special award for the ‘Icarus and Daedalus’ film.

Look out for the films and also for photos of the award winners!!!

Making Shields

today i made a shield with our own coat of arms on it with Ben.