Once I went to the theme park and there was a merry-go-round at the theme park. I went  on the pink horse. And the person who worked there pressed a button to set the horses free! I went miles on the horse who ran away. I saw delightful blossom trees and the movies and loads of fields with crops in them.

I NEVER SAW MY MUM OR DAD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Once upon a time on a merry-go-round were four horses they were alive. One day someone came along and wanted to play on it but they ran away so the little girl went to the cage where the man was.She looked through the window with a fright AH it was the man he was frozen solid. So I turned my useful brain on and went and found  the  first horse was in the forest next in the lake next in the cottage and the last one was  behind the merry-go-round  cheeky ha.


By Finlay C











The escaping horses #100wc

Once, some children went on a carousel. Their Christian names were Laila, Caiden, Tao, Thomas, Orla and Yanah. They each went on a horse and then the horses came alive and they butted their children off their backs and the children opened their eyes. The children were blind. The horses escaped. Then a little fairy popped out and stopped the horses from escaping. Then the fairy popped out again and put the horses back in their places. The children were no longer blind.

By Yanah

The Funny Show

One day an old grandad came to the carousel

And said to the Nan Do you want to came on

yyyes said nan. Ok oooooooooOOOOOOOOO0000 said the grandad to the.

Nan getting in the Jacuzzi and the grandad got his Arsenal t-shirt on and snuck up on the nan and said, “Arsenal is the best!!!”

“OK!!” said grandad and went back to the carousel and broke the horses pole. And the grandad ran after the horses and the nan got the first horses the grandad got the second horses. The end.


100 word challenge #100wc

Well done to Badgers class for taking part in the weekly blogging competition 100 word challenge. They had to write a story that was less than 100 words, but their stories must include all of the following words:

Lime   Overboard   Excitedly   Clock    Rat

The great thing about this competition is there are no rules about punctuation or grammar (although try to do your best with these!) but just about having fun and writing creatively. Have a read of their stories and look out for the words. Give them a comment to explain why you liked it or you can give them some advice on how they could improve next time. Enjoy reading.

Mr Banton

Lime Sailor #100wc

Once upon a time there was a lime and he was a sailor. Now you might not think that he was a very good sailor but he was a professional. One day he toppled overboard. Several months later he got washed up on a beach. Excitedly, he jumped up. He found a clock. He turned it over and there was a rat under it. The rat had never seen a lime before so he went to investigate. The end.


Jack the Rat #100wc

Jack the rat was going to steal a diamond clock. He excitedly set off to the museum. Jack sneaked into the museum through an air vent. He had to jump over the security lasers. He replaced the diamond clock with a regular clock. He crawled back through the air vent and jumped onto his boat. He had a cup of tasty lime soda. The police found Jack and chased him on his boat. Jack threw the diamond clock overboard and escaped on his jet-ski. The end.


A Cheeky Rat #100wc

The Rat looked at the clock excitedly and the Rat drank the lime soda. The the toilet overflowed. The Rat had a little boat. He got on the boat for a couple of hours then he saw a cage. He jumped overboard to his cage. The cage was sinking in the toilet water. The Rat had to go under water to get his cage. He was about to drown but he was lucky because the owner opened the door and the toilet water went outside. The Rat was scared, he didn’t know what was going on.


Spy Clock #100 wc

Once there was a spy clock. The evil rat cast a spell on the clock. They were on a boat. The evil animal was excitedly drinking a lime soda (like in Fantastic Mr Fox in Bean’s secret cider cellar. But when they weren’t on the boat the clock meanly said, “Rat overboard, bye Rat.” The clock changed back to normal and the evil rat was never seen again. The end.


Captain Rat #100wc

“Oi! you Captain Rat, let us get free!”

“No you aren’t going anywhere oh and by the way be quiet!”

“No we will not be quiet and by the way you be quiet and get us out of here. I like your lime boat and we will throw you overboard so get us out of here because Me, Jamie, John and Matt are starving to death!”

“Where do you possibly want to go?”

“To the magic clock show of course!”

“Can I come to?”

“Yes of course.”

Thank you so much boys,” said Captain Rat excitedly.

The end.



The Rat King #100wc

Once there was a rat and he was evil and a black widow who was going to save the city. The rat was called Jay and the black widow was Jack. They were old friends but now they were enemies. The black widow was overboard but he wasn’t dead, he was still alive and he was angry. The clock was ticking and he was very mad so they had a face off. They shot off in battle but the rat became a king.He was named the Rat King. He was eating a lime excitedly.


The Broken Clock #100wc

One night Billy was going fishing. He caught 4 fishes. Billy got tired so he slept and slept. He woke up and fell overboard. He swam to a light house. He went inside to look at the clock. He looked down and saw a rat. He went back out. He was hungry. He saw a lime on the floor. He’d never eaten one before so he excitedly did.


Making new friends and helping them #100wc

Once upon a time there was a lime called Harry and an apple called Jack. They had lots of adventures. Once day Harry bumped into a rat. The rat said that he was called Rat and he didn’t have any friends. The Jack said, “We’ll be your friends.” They played a game of cards. Harry said, “Is there a clock?” “Yes,”said the rat, but Harry had already fallen asleep. In the morning they excitedly went onto a boat. “Overboard.” Jack went in to save his friend.


The Rocking Boat #100wc

A family lived on a boat. Then they looked at the clock and it went tick-tock-tick-tock. Then whilst they were doing their spring cleaning they saw a rat behind the bookcase. Soon after it was lunch time and they saw a lime and ate it – it tasted yummy. Then the boat went bang and then it rocked and they has no idea it went bang and then it rocked and rocked. Then the family excitedly went overboard the boat because they had arrived at their destination. It was beautiful and they lived in a hotel. The end.


The Rat Pirates #100wc

“Hey you there captain lime. Give us back our treasure.”

“Not so fast,” said Captain Lime running away excitedly. Captain Rat was very very sad. So the next day the rat pirates decided to sail away. After a while some lime pirates boarded the ship. So the rat pirates pushed them overboard. You guys I’ve kind of hid the diamond clock in the treasure, said the captain. Nooooo Thomas screamed. The End!


The Lime #100wc

Once upon a time there was a lime that was a rich rich rich lime but suddenly came a rotten orange and he was shouting Hello Hello but no-one spoke and just then the rotten orange saw a lime that was rich and he live there forever. The end.


Princess and the Naughty Prince Rat #100wc

One day a princess was packing her bag and came behind her was the rat pirate. He put his hand on the princess’ mouth. He had a lime jacket. The clock was ticking. The rat put her on his ship. A prince came and he untied the princess and went overboard and they excitedly cheered that they would never see him again.


Hat Rat #100wc

My rat is called hat rat because he has a rat hat bowl and when ever I let him go out he nibbles my clock. And his favourite food is lime. And when we went on the bus we were pretending it was a ship and he fell off and so I said man overboard and thats my rat.

THE END – George

Edward Lear’s Limericks.

There was a young lady from Frome, Who decided she wanted a broom, She purchased some sticks, And some lovely new bricks,
That was the young lady from Frome

Emily’s jokes

What do you get when you cross a cow

and a werewolf?

A burger that bites back.


did you hear about the fight

Outside the chippie last night?

two fish got battered

what did mummy corn say to baby corn

wheres popcorn?

Which ghost stops goals?

a ghoul keeper.

why are bananas so good at gymnastics?

they are great at doing the splits

knock knock.

whos there?


justin who?

Justin in time to let me in toad

what do you get when you cross a cat and a parrot?

a carrot

who is a penguins favourite aunt?

aunt Arctica.

why did the boy put sugar on his pillow?

he wanted to have sweet dreams.

why are insects clever?

because  they always know when you’re having a picnic.

what do you get when you cross a bomb and a bad smell?

a stink-bomb.

did I tell you the joke about butter?

I’d better not in case you spread it.

why are adults always complaining?

because there groan-ups.






What’s purple and fixes pipes?

a plum-er?

whats purple and sounds like a ape

a grape.

What do hedgehogs like to eat? Prickled onions

what colour is a burp?


why did the cow cross the road?

it wanted to see a moooovie?

why don’t leopards cheat in exams?

they know they’ll be spotted.

why is Europe like a frying pan?

it has Greece at the bottom.

what do cows say when people are in there way?


what is a ghosts favourite food?


how do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?


what do you call a sleeping bull?

a bulldozer.

what do computers eat?


where do you catch a flying pig?

at the airpork.

Whats a cats favourite colour? Puuuuuuuur-ple.

Why was the computer so cold? Because it’s windows we’re open.

what do you call a eight legged cat? octopussy.

whats the cleverest species of dinosaurs?

a thesaurus.

why did the boy carry a clock and a bird on Halloween?

for a tick or tweet.

what did the frog order at the fast food restaurant?

french flies and diet croak

how do you make a fruit punch?

give it boxing lessons.

what do you call a man with a map on his head?


who gives presents to children then gobbles them up?

santa jaws.

how do snails keep their shells so shiny?

they use snail varnish.

what are the werewolves cousins called?

the whywolf the whatwolf and the whenwolf.

can I tell you about a wall?

Yes please

no because you’ll never get over it.

why do Cornwall call the place Cornwall?

because there walls are made out of corn?

what does a ghost call his mum and dad?


whats the earths favourite bit of pizza?

the crust.

why are skeletons scared of dogs?

because dogs like bones.

what do you get when you cross a pig and a woodchopper?

pork chops.

what do you call a woman with two toilets on her head?


what runs but has no legs?


what do you call a rooster that wakes you up at

the same time every morning?

an alarm cluck.

what do you call a skeleton snake?

a rattler.

why did the sheep cross the road?

it wanted to go to the baaaaaaarbers.

what do you call a bee that lives in a graveyard?

a zom-bee.

what did the ghost teacher say to her pupils?

look at the board-I’m going through it again.

why did the submarine go red?

because it saw the ships bottom.

What happens when you ask someone to take a seat?

they take a seat and take it back home.

whats a sheeps favourite snack?

chocolate baaaaaaaaaaars.

what did the chick say when his mum laid an orange?

look what marmalade.

why do zebras like old movies?

because they are black and white.

wgat happened to the wooden car with the wooden wheels

and the wooden engine?

it wooden go.

how does a dog stop the DVD player?

he pressed the paws button.

why did the man stick his head out the window?

to get some fresh hair.

what did the scarf say to the hat?

you go on ahead and I’ll hang around.

when do birds celebrate their Dads?

on feathers day.

why don’t oysters share?

because they’re shellfish.

why did the robber take a bath?

he wanted a clean getaway.

why did the overweight man throw his wallet away?

he wanted to loose a couple pounds.

why was the broom late for school?

it overswept.

what goes oom oom?

a cow walking backwards.

what gets bigger the more you take away from it?

a hole.

what kind of tree has hands?

a palm tree.

why are hairdressers such good drivers?

they know all the short cuts.

what do you call a woman with a sheep on her head?


why is the sofa like roast turkey?

because it’s full of stuffing.

why did the tuna go to Hollywood?

to be a starfish.

why was the baby ant confused?

because all his uncles were ants.

what has six legs but only uses four?

a man on a horse.

whats the tallest building?

A library because it has so mant stories.

what do you call a pig with no bacon?

streaky bacon.

why did your brother wear a wet t shirt all day?

because it says wash and wear.












What a day 😎

Yesterday after school me and my friends played tag rugby we played at frome rugby Pern sorted two teams out to play, both teams had a name ,my team was called Lions and the other team was called Tigers.Tigers played their first game ,Harrie scored a try so did Archie, in the end Tigers drew 2-2.
Now lions played their first match, Dylan scored a try, which I helped set up and then Tao scored a try after I made a run straight through but got tagged so I passed back to Tao. Then Dylan scored another try!
Next game team lions played again this game was a bit boring it ended 0-0 after that we were all resting and everyone was sweaty 😰😰😓😥
A couple moments later Tigers had a game, they lost unfortunately but everyone played so well!
Then my team played one more game if we got 20
points we would of got through to the final but guess what happened we lost & that’s the end !!!!
we had fun so that’s the good part, well done rugby people 👍😎👏better luck next time guys don’t worry
We did very well 💩😁😎

Arthur K Jokes

Why did the lion spit out the clown?
Beacuse he tasted funny.

Why was the maths book sad?
Because it had so many problems.

What did the tiger eat after he had his teeth pulled out?
The dentist.

When did people start wearing uncreased clother?
The iron age.

Isla’s jokes

what’s  orange and sounds like a parrot?

a carrot!


what happened to the cat who swallowed a ball of wool?

it had mittens!

Jack’s jokes

Why did the crisp not want a lift?
Because he is a walker!

What do you get if you sit under a cow?
A pat on the head!

Lewis Chalk

Why did the traffic light turn red?

You would too if you had to change in the middle of the street.

Roman’s jokes!!

Why did the cow cross the road?

beacause he was going to the moovie!!


What do you call a cow on a trampoline?

A milkshake!!


Lola P’s joke

what do you call a man with a spade on his head?


what do you call a man without a spade on his head?


Kathryn’s jokes

How do you wake up lady gaga?

poker face


what do you call a deer with no eyes?

no I deer


what do you call a donkey with three legs?

a wonkey


Jokes for the week

What do you call a cow in a tornado
A milk shake

Why should you not let Elsa hold a balloon
Because she will let it go

Ryan.K’s Jokes

What is yellow, and smells of bananas ?
Monkey Sick!!!!

Why can’t the turkey eat on Christmas Day?
Because it’s stuffed!!!


Why did the boy take a ladder to school?

Because he thought it was a high school!!!


Why are leopards so bad at playing hide and seek?

Because they’re always spotted!!!

Taos joke

Did you here about the cat that swallowed the ball of wool?

She had mittens.

holiday jokes

Where did Napoleon keep his armies?

up his sleevies.


What did the hat say to the scarf

you hang around while i go on a-head.


What are the wettest animals in the world?



what’s a frogs favourite drink?

croke a cola


by Thomas perrett