Kathryn’s jokes

How do you wake up lady gaga?

poker face


what do you call a deer with no eyes?

no I deer


what do you call a donkey with three legs?

a wonkey


Jokes for the week

What do you call a cow in a tornado
A milk shake

Why should you not let Elsa hold a balloon
Because she will let it go

Ryan.K’s Jokes

What is yellow, and smells of bananas ?
Monkey Sick!!!!

Why can’t the turkey eat on Christmas Day?
Because it’s stuffed!!!


Why did the boy take a ladder to school?

Because he thought it was a high school!!!


Why are leopards so bad at playing hide and seek?

Because they’re always spotted!!!

Taos joke

Did you here about the cat that swallowed the ball of wool?

She had mittens.

holiday jokes

Where did Napoleon keep his armies?

up his sleevies.


What did the hat say to the scarf

you hang around while i go on a-head.


What are the wettest animals in the world?



what’s a frogs favourite drink?

croke a cola


by Thomas perrett


Orla’s jokes

Knock knock
Who’s there
Cows go
Cows go who,
No,silly cows go moo

Why are seagulls called seagulls?
Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels

How do you make a tissue dance?
You put a little boogie in it

Witch flower talks the most?
Tulips, of course because they have two lips

Homework joke

Where do fish keep their money?

In a river bank

Which day do fish hate?


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it wasn’t peeling very well

My funny joke!

I went into a bakery and asked the lady ‘how much are all the cakes?’

The lady replied ‘All cakes are ¬£1.’

‘I’ll have that one please’

‘That’s ¬£2!’ Said the lady.

I said ‘Whaaat? You said they were all ¬£1’

‘That’s Madeira cake!’


Apple store trip

Badgers had a wonderful trip to the apple store. We learnt how to use i-movie and we created some fascinating movies!!

BMX racing in Paignton

On Sunday I went BMX racing in Paignton as part of the South West Regionals. I raced for the Bath BMX team. I took part in 3 races and then 1 final. I came 4th, crashed in my 2nd and came 4th again in my 3rd race. In the B final I came 1st place against 1 other racer. My Mum, Dad and Brother called Joel came down from the Bath tent to cheer me on. My Mummy came up to the gate to help me balance on my bike before the start. The race begins by a recorded commentator saying “Ok riders, random start, riders ready, watch the gate” there are 4 beeps and the gate drops down, the race begins. Whilst we wait for our race to start we stand altogether in our correct pen. We know which races we are to take part in because race sheets with our names, plate and race numbers go up for everyone to see. When you are racing a man calls your name out to the crowd to let them know what position you are in. After Id done my racing because I raced near a beach¬†I asked my mum and dad if we could go to the beach and they said “Ok”.¬† So then me and Joel were happy so we started to walk and when we got there I saw my racing friend called Fintan and we played and he went into the sea and we went to our house “bye” we said¬†wave.


WOW day

We had a fantastic start to the Summer term yesterday where we launched the new topic, Out and About, with a WOW day. The children worked in mixed age groups and completed four different activities. All the activities used the environment and built our skills through outdoor learning. With Mrs Matthews the children wrote group poems based on the clouds. With Mrs Hardwick they made patterns and pictures using natural materials, based on flowers and plants. With Mr Banton the children used the I-pads to build poems by finding QR codes around the school and with Mrs Langton they completed a scavenger hunt. All the children had great fun!

sad day

Yesterday Mrs.Hirons left I was crying in the church I felt sad… it was tough for me please come back again, I miss you very much.


We are watching a film about Hugo Cabret and he is trying to steal a blue mouse! I wonder what will happen next…

Our trip to Liverpool Football Club!

On Saturday we went to Anfield, to watch Liverpool Fc Legends V Real Madrid Fc Legends.
It was a very long journey, but it was made better by Liverpool winning 4-3!.
The stadium was Amazing and we had a great view, also I got to see Goodison park, the home of Everton Fc.


Meeting my new cousin

I had a great time meeting my new boy cousin called Oscar.

He is so cute and I had cuddles. He looks like his big sister Amelie when she was a baby.

Pyjamas and bedtime stories

On Wednesday the 1st of March we had an exciting evening planned at school! ¬†The whole school got to come back into school to have bedtime stories & hot chocolates, it was really fun because we go to wear our pyjamas. ¬†All of the teachers read us stories. My favourite was Mrs Hardwick’s poem about the boy who ate chocolate cake. ¬†It was really cosy as we ¬†were all ready for bed!

Badgers visitors

Badgers had some very special guests visit them on Friday – guinea pigs!

What a night!!!

The night that dad took me to meet DAVID SEAMAN AND LEE DICKSON was one of the best of mine and my brother Henry’s lives. For anyone who doesn’t know, they are Arsenal and England footballing legends.
When I got there I was so EXCITED!!!! I just couldn’t wait .When I got in I saw Mrs Hirons and her husband. She asked us for a couple of facts. We told her about the save David Seamen made against Sheffield Wednesday.
They came on to the stage and we got to sit right at the front. Daddy spoke to them and they all laughed. They told us all stories about Ian Wright and Martin Keown.
The funniest moment was when they told us about a prank they played on Ian Wright.
Afterwards Henry and I got to meet the legends and chat with them.
It was the very best thing you could imagine!

My shopping day

On Saturday I went to Bath with my auntie Jo, she took me in H&M she bought me a dress and hair bands and a necklace and a bikini for my birthday. After that I had some lunch in M&S my auntie Jo had a coffee and I had a pack of sandwiches and apple juice and a cake. It was such a fun day!

my half term

I went to Old Harry Rocks and it was lots of fun. It was really windy! I found a massive stick and brought it home.
I went to the Cinema with my brothers and watched Sing and afterwards we went for lunch in an Italian with the ‘We care 2’ fostering team and it was nice.

The Radio and the Holiday

When I went on the radio I was nervous to say something I thought I might get it wrong but when I talked about the news I was proud of myself when I finished. I enjoyed the day as I had friends to keep me company and we played games. Mr Banton helped me with my words and Mrs Hirons said come on boys you can do it for Berkley!

Thank you for a nice day.
I have had fun in the holidays, I went to Ellis’s birthday party, I felt really happy as I scored a strike at bowling. On Tuesday I went to circuits with my mum and Beth and I joined in, it was really hard. Then we went to the cinema to watch Sing, it was very good. I went to Flip out on the next day, I landed my front flip on the trampoline. After flip out Macauley came to my house we had lots of fun.


Australia Days

I have had a lovely holiday in Perth, the weather is great. I have been on a ferry to Rottnest and on the island and we had to ride 10km.  Because I rode so good my dad bought me a new watch.  We went to Dome and had a rainbow cookie with a babychinno.  We have been to a beach with very big waves.  We caught the train and went to Perth city which had some really tall buildings and water fountains


Finlay’s week


On Friday I done some colouring with my brother Harri. After that I played a bit of football. Soon I went on mxgp on the ps4 and I came first it was great fun. When I played football I Lost 3 2 against my brother Harri.on Saturday my whole family went to Manchester indoor to race. When we got there we watched the elite men practice. Soon it was 12 and under practice. On my first lap I went slow because I didn’t want to crash.well when we all went up to the gate sulli went down and crashed. When sulli crashed he split his chin open so he had to go to the hospital to get stitches in his chin. Before you say it did hurt him a lot and I am not kidding you at all ok. At that moment I went down stairs and saw a masive marshmallow so I ran up to mummy and daddy and said” am I allowed a marshmelow please ” and they said yes

Radio Show

Last Thursday I went on the radio at Oakfield school. It was for e-safety.  I was talking about Donald Trump.  I loved it there, it made me remember about my first time on the radio at Westwood school. I want to give a big thank you to Mrs Hirons and Mr Banton for looking after me.


More robots from Owls

I can’t wait until they are finished!

Robots are taking over Berkley School!

Owls class are doing an amazing job building robots – well done Owls!

The robots are starting to come together

Badgers are working hard to make the 3:00pm deadline!

Robot junk modelling

Badgers class are working extremely hard as individuals as well as in groups. They have a big day ahead of them building their robots but they have made a great start!

What a magical weekend in the FA Cup!

The fairy tale of this wonderful cup continues as Lincoln City and Sutton United reach the final 16 of the competition. Thank you to Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott for contributing 5 goals between you to sink The Saints!

Mr Kirby’s writing club

I really enjoyed Mr Kirby’s writing club because you learn green grass grows quickly and it means adjective, noun, verb, adverb. ¬†You are allowed delicious biscuits and a drink. ¬†Everyone there loves writing club because we learn new things.

Bath rugby

On Saturday I went to watch¬†Bath rugby play against Pau. It was really good and before the match I got four autographs from the players and played crazy golf. I got a hole in one! At half time I did the pitch parade and was given a flag. We won by a lot, the score was 69 – 10 to Bath. It was very cold, but after the match I stayed to get lots more autographs and photos. I got 15 autographs!! I am watching Bath again soon play against Leicester at Twickenham and I can’t wait!

My Christmas

I have got what I wanted and I had the best Christmas ever and I didn’t get coal. ¬†My elf on the shelf has gone and I think mum is glad about that because he was very naughty and we think he is the same elf as last year because last year he loved ¬†our Christmas chocolates and he did this year to. ¬†Now I have something new to look forward to witch is Australia.

My great weekend

I stayed in a cottage and there were some super steam trains outside the front door.

It had a hot tub and it lit up.

I went on the Santa Express and saw Father Christmas.


My Amazing weekend

This weekend I went to a cottage and there was a hotub,consevatory,BBQ also there were a lot of trains going past and just Down the road there was a bridge where the trains went under and when they went under steam came out of the funel and it went in my face. On Saturday we went to Willington but we stopped half way because Santa came to us but before we saw him there was a man that went round and touched everybodies hand 3 times and if there was a spark you were on the good list and he showed us all two tricks . And then we went back to the cottage and I went into the hotub and then it was tea time and I went back in the hotub for ten more minutes and went to bed.




Advent time is here

I can not wait for Christmas.Our elf on the shelf has been very naughty this year and he was last year.We have our Christmas decorations and our tree up. There is a lot under our tree but it is not for us. On Tuesday eving Santa clause is coming to frome in his slay.

Christmas Craft Club Week 4

Making origami boxes and sugar mice – yum!

Christmas craft club – week 3

A fun and busy week making festive peg characters. Which one is you favourite?

Family Service

It was lovely to see the Berkley children at today’s Family Service. It was a wonderful service all about forgiveness. Well done to Ellis, Isaac, Rudy, Jacob, Laila, Matthew and Yanah for delivering that message. Every person I spoke to said how brilliantly you all performed (and I agree!).