David Walliams!!!!

On Saturday I went to see David Walliams as part of the Bath children’s literature festival. He read from 3 of his books, Gangsta Granny, Ratburger and Windy Mindy. He was very funny. Afterwards we bought 2 books that he had signed.


My ballet exam


yesterday I went to ballet so I could do my ballet exam.  I had to have my hair in bun.  The examiner was helpful and kind.  I think I did well we get our results in a few weeks  Eloise did three exams they were tap ballet and street dance.

Buddying up!

On Monday afternoon Rabbits and Owls had a great time. The year 4 children have been helping the new Reception children to settle in and have done a brilliant job. We all had a fantastic time sharing different activities and making new friends. It was lovely to see the children young and older exploring and playing together!
Mrs Matthews


Squirrel Class has produced some fantastic home learning


What a joy to see such beautifully produced home learning. Here are some of the pictures from week one’s home learning – to create one of Percy’s friends using a pine cone base.

Squirrel Class – The first three weeks


We have enjoyed our first three weeks of the Autumn term. We have planted like Percy, learned about the trees, experimented with mixing paint to match the colours of the seasons and sharpened our maths skills. Great learning Squirrel Class!

Head Teacher’s News

Headteacher News

The recent balmy weather makes us feel like Summer is still here, even though we are well into the throes of a new school year now. I have been extremely impressed by the industrious and caring approach of everybody working at Berkley and your children are very welcoming and only too keen to show me their good work.

I regularly pop into lessons and this week, it was a sight to behold: I arrived unannounced, to find one- to-one tuition going on in reception class, year 2 TAs were linking the pupils’ writing to their individual targets, year 3 were speaking French and Year 4 pupils were working in pairs, creating their own food webs. The challenge and the creativity were clearly embedded.

My first task has been to complete the School Development Plan, which drives our striving for even further success this year. You should be able to access this on the school website now. This has been a collaborative process, involving feedback from the pupils, parents, staff and governors.

The main headlines are:

  •   Under Leadership and Management: to improve communication with parents and amongst staff; seeking Dyslexia-Friendly re-accreditation; undergoing a mock Ofsted inspection in the Spring and further developing collaborative work with other schools.
  •   Under the Quality of Learning, Teaching and Assessment: to agree the ingredients of an outstanding lesson; to implement more strategies to stretch the more able; to review the homework policy and to further develop our teaching of literacy and numeracy
  •   Under Personal Development: to introduce a buddy system for reception pupils; to ensure the school’s behaviour system is clearly explained to parents; to include personal statements in reports and to further develop pupil presentational skills
  •   Under Outcomes for all: to show evidence of ‘deeper learning’ in books, to case study key pupils and to further develop global understanding.Please see the website for more details.Open DayWe are holding an Open Day on Tuesday 18 October for prospective parents whose children are due to start school in September 2017. If you know of anybody who may be interested in attending, please pass on this information to them. I will make a 20 minute presentation at 9.30 a.m. and again at 1.30 p.m. Parents will be able to tour the school and then ask any questions. Thank you for your support.Spare books

    As staff we are very keen to pass on our love of reading to each child. We are always on the look-out for books, to add to our collection in the classrooms and in the library. If you are able to donate a book to the school, please can you hand them in to the school office. Again, thank you in anticipation of your donations.

    Traffic issues

    As you will be well aware, this is an on-going problem for us, but we appreciate your patience and your efforts to help minimise the hold-ups. I know some of you car-share and the staggered start to the school day has helped, with some of you dropping off at 7.45, 8.15 and then from 8.45 a.m.

Place value

Well done to badgers class for working really hard to understand place value in maths. I have been very impressed with your levels of enthusiasm so please keep up the hard work!

Welcome From Mr Kirby

May I take this opportunity to say how privileged and proud I feel to be your new head teacher. I am really looking forward to working so closely with your children, the staff, governors and of course you, the parents, so that we can all work together to make Berkley a wonderful experience for all concerned.

I trust that you have had an enjoyable summer holiday and that your children are looking forward to the new school year with everything that this entails, such as making new friends, learning new skills and making great progress.

Just to re-iterate one or two points I made when I met many of you last term: I want Berkley to be a school where the pupils enjoy attending, the staff enjoy working and the parents feel proud of their child’s achievements. The expression ‘Each child is my child’ encapsulates my philosophy. I want each child to feel valued and safe, to be happy, supported, stretched, listened to and cared for as we would wish for our own offspring.

My eldest grandson has just started school, so I am only too aware of the excitement of starting school and also the anxieties that any child may harbour.

One new strategy we have introduced straightaway is a ‘buddy’ system whereby Year 4 pupils will each buddy up with a reception child and with two new pupils in Year 3. Hopefully this system will help the new Berkley pupils settle in as quickly as possible.

Last week we started with two inset days, with staff and governors working together most productively to formulate the School Development Plan. During the school holidays I assimilated all the comments from pupils, parents, staff and governors, all of which has been shared at the inset day and has helped to shape the key issues that will form this important document. All the replies are now available for you to view on the school website.

We will share the SDP with you when it is completed.

I have also included the table of parental replies to the 12 Ofsted questions, so that you can see the overall picture for yourselves. We will share the School Development Plan shortly when it is completed.

As promised last term, I would like to continue with the Berkley tradition of holding a ‘surgery’ with parents, and I would like to make you aware of the first such meeting: I shall be available on Thursday 29th September from 2.00 p.m. onwards, including after school if you would prefer to meet then.

Of course, if you have a particular need to speak to staff about anything at all, please contact the school.

I am employed for two days a week, there needs to be some flexibility but Rest assured that, on the days when I am not in school, there will be a senior member of staff in charge.

For the first week of term I am attending Berkley on the Monday, as this is the pupils’ first day of the term and on the Wednesday, so that I can collaborate with Mrs Matthews on the SDP.

For the second week of term I shall be at school on the Wednesday and Thursday.

Of course, working most effectively for the good of each child is about a partnership between the home and the school. An analogy I use is the plate-spinning circus act, which intrigued me as a child: Without the hectic nature of this act, we are all working together to keep each child spinning in the right direction, ensuring that no child falls off! We each have a hand on the stick, keeping the plate spinning.

I look forward to getting to know your child, their individual personalities, their strengths and indeed their needs.

Arsenal vs AC Milan

Once we had our showers and breakfast we set off to London.
I was very excited on the way and couldn’t wait for our family day out. We always drive to Acton Town to park and get the underground train. I love getting on the tube to Arsenal it’s a fun journey.
We decided to stop at Hyde Park for a little walk around and stopped by the Serpentine Lake to have a nice drink and I had a Belgian shortcake. It was yum yum. We chilled out in the sunshine.
We then set off on the tube again to Arsenal. When we got to the Stadium it was very mental!
We took lots of photos and bought a programme and went in. The match was a charity game and it was older players who played for Arsenal. My favourite players were Kanu, he scored a hat trick. Also Bobby Pires, Freddie, David Season, Pascal Cygan, Petit and Martin Keown. It was very fun, I had a great day with my family and we one 4-2.


To Mr Banton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Mr Banton


I will give you a minecraft thank you with all my dogs. You have been a fantastic teacher.






Bye Bye Berkley

I have had a EPIC time at Berkley and I bet you will to. Thank you everyone for being so kind to me.

I am a little nervous for Selwood but im sure I will love it!!!!I’m not going to say much about my 5 years there but what I am going to tell you is that
all the teachers are lovely.

Bye Berkley


Pokemon Go: A parent’s guide

Pokemon Go launched earlier this month, and in just over a week, now has more daily users than Twitter! It is set to be a massive craze for young people over the summer.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an app enabling users to create a character (any name) and partake in a mobile version of the Pokemon game.

The app is FREE, however there are in app purchase available. Once downloaded the app will use the Geo location enabled through the phone to identify the location of the user. A map will show the user the location of nearby Pokemon.

The idea of the game is to move towards the Pokemon to capture it and increase your game status. This is achieved by throwing a virtual ball on the screen at the character, some are harder to catch than others.

Characters are widespread and there do not appear to be rules as to where they can be found although popular spots do appear to have more. Local popular spots are; the Frome Flyer, Frome Sports Center and many churches and local land marks.

Many of the original features of the Pokemon games are embedded and this will include Gym’s. This is where players congregate to use their Pokemons to fight Gym leader Pokemons in the Gym in order to improve fighting skills and status. In the new Go version players will come across Gym’s during their travels. If they have the necessary skill level and experience they can enter this virtual gym and take part in fights. There are popular Gym’s where (set up as a virtual Gym) players will physically attend in order to fight. These can be anywhere but tend to be in public open well known spaces.

The risks with Pokemon Go

There are loads of good things about the game, and there’s a reason it’s become so popular. But it’s important to learn the risks involved:

  • Meeting people they don’t know face-to-face
    The game is designed to bring people together. Usually strangers. So you never know who they might meet.
  • There’s a physical risk
    It’s easy to forget to look where you’re going with this game, but they need to be careful of where they end up. There are already stories of people being lured to places that aren’t safe for children.
  • It can cost a lot of money
    There are in-app purchases and other incentives which can cost up to £79.99 (14,500 Pokécoins). Make sure the app’s set up without payment options.
  • Access to personal data
    Pokémon Go asks for personal information like your child’s birth date and email address, which they’re asked to enter or receive through social media accounts. Parents have the right to contact the creators to stop them from using their personal information.

As with everything, a set of rules and honest conversation will avoid many of the issues and allow your children to enjoy what is an engaging and fun game. In this case many of the rules that are already taught are applicable here. Taking care around strangers whether, Pokemon players or not.

SWIM 1 MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On sunday I swam 1 mile. It took me an hour and a half.

I was so puffed out. My towel got too wet so I had to borrow a towel from my teacher Simone.

I swam 110 laps and I raised money for charity.


I saw Mrs Hirons and Mrs James.




My time in Squirrels

I think my literacy has improved . I think the  Olympic topic is the best one of the year. I have loved the fun days because l got a medal.I can’t wait to be a year 3.

My time in Squirrels

I like maths,Art and handwriting.I like doing football camp and  fun days. I liked it  when we had the cinema and I  like  French.I like it  when  we  raise money for viaanney.

My Time in Squirrels

My best part about being year 2 Was learning fractions in maths. My favourite exercise was the long jump in National sports week. I can’t wait to be year 3!

My time in Squirrels

I like doing licteracy, handwriting and art. I like going to football camp. I like it when we

have the cinema and raise money for vianey

My time in Squirrels

On fridays I get to play in the sand pit. My best friend is matthew we play together  every day .I like literacy the best and my favourite part is writing the story mountain.

My time in Squirrels

I like literacy and learning about the olympics.  I liked the time when we had popcorn and juice in class with the cinema. I like maths.

My time in Squirrels

I liked making hot cross cookpies and fruit kebabs.I like playing with Takoda Jacob Arthur and Caiden and Matthew these are my friends.

A day in the life of……

When I went to school , when it was near the end of the day I went BMXing at school. I was proud of myself and when I did it I rode in a little area and then a big area. . Everyone was watching means people in Squirrels were watching through the window. Mummy was right there. Then Mrs Rayner asked everyone to come outside and watch. I am blogging under the kitchen table.

My gymnastics competition

I went to a gymnastics competition in street with Jo,Hattie,Rosie and Mum. I was in round 1 with my friends Libby and Lottie. We had to do a floor routine and the vault. My score’s were 8.8 in vault and 7.6 in floor.  When the lady said level 2 year 4 I got really excited. She called out 3rd place Libby Brothertson and Eloise Rushton! I was so happy and I saw mum SCREAMING YAAAAYYY!! Then she called out 1st place Lottie Farndale then we screamed!!I got a gold too

here are some photos


Italy euro sweepstake

Italy’s star man is Ganluigi Buffon and he is a goalkeeper.Italy lost to Germany 6-5 on penalties so they are out of the euros.
Italy’s flag is green, white and red. The food they are famous for is pizza and my favourite Italian food is meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta.
The capital is Rome and Roma and Lazio both play football in the Seria A football league.


I can not wait because I’m going to start gymnastics In september.   I’m going to go to gymfinity.


Ava Photos

I was looking through some photos and I found some of Ava!




Another Camp!!

I went on another camp with the cubs BUT this time we were at Tedbury!! We stayed there for 2 nights the first night we kept on chatting, the second night we just fell asleep STRAIGHT AWAY! We did a hike (its a long walk) it was 2 hours and it had questions on the way, we passed jackdaws and other places! THEN we also built a chariot (a cart that they use to take posh people in) We only made it with rope and sticks and I did 2 of the knots!! Also we made a catapult ALSO just with sticks and rope! the food was amazing too I HOPE I COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football Awards

On Saturday my Nan, Henry and I went to the Frome Collegians Family Fun Day.
There were lots of games there and my friends and I played football. Some people threw wet sponges at Lee, our coach!
Finally it started to rain so we went in the tent, it was time for the award presentation!!
I started to get butterflies in my tummy because I was really  hoping to get a trophy but didn’t know if I would …
Suddenly I heard Lee call my name ‘And the winner of the Player of the Year goes to Rudy Ford’!!!
It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

2 tunnels

This time last week l couldn’t ride a bike properly. Today Orla, me and Daddy cycled 8.4 miles through the 2 tunnels from Midford into Bath, and back again

Our new motorhome

This week my family got our new motorhome. I am so excited, we have been for a ride and looking forward to going on holiday to Cornwall.

My race weekend

This weekend I raced in Bath in the BMX South west regional. This is all the riders from around Cornwall, Devon,BANES and Gloucester. I came first in all 3 of my moto’s and then managed to win my final. This weekend I travel to London to compete in the British BMX series.

My race day

On Sunday I raced at bath. I raced against the best riders in the region. In my moto’s I came 1st, 2nd, 1st and then I raced the final and beat two of my closest racers to come first! I’m going to race Peckham this weekend In rounds seven and eight Of the national series.

My holiday to greece


I went on a holiday to Kos (which is in Greece) The hottest day was probably the second day which was about 34 degrees.
I was with my dads part of the family which includes my Granny,Grandad,Auntie Carrie,Uncle Charlie,Angelo (he is 1 years old)Auntie Nic,Uncle Matthew,Dougie (2 years old),my Mum,Dad,Fred,Ava and me.

I was really fun because we were with lost of my family.We mostly spent all the time in the pool


I went to kids Club alot because it was so fun I was in the lasers and Fred was in Picos.
Every night I would meet my friends at the shack (where kids club is) at about 8:30 and we would play this game called man hunt in the dark all behind the houses.
Man hunt is where someone is the “Man” and all the others hide together and the man has to go and find them and the people that are hiding run away until the man tags you and says man hunt.
One time we all snuck in the restaurant and got brownies and bread we all played until around 9:30 and then our mums or dads came to get them.while we were there it was my dads birthday so we went to reception and asked what do you do for birthdays and they said “cake” so we said can you put “happy birthday brad” on it so they did and it was chocolate cake “Yum yum”.
I also went scuba diving in the swimming pool.





My football team

I got Switzerland at school and they are doing well. They beat Albania and drew against Romania. My favourite player is Xherdan Shaqiri because he has the skills to pay the bills !

My football sweep stake teams

My teams are Germany and Republic of Ireland. We put all the teams in a bag and picked out two each in my family. I hope Germany wins , as Manual Neuer is the best goalie in the world (I think ) .


The reason that I have choosen Italy is because two of my friends originate from Italy.
So I decided to find out more.
Italy has a population of 61.3 million people.
The captial city of Italy is Rome.
The countries flag consists of three bands of colour green,white,red.
Italy is easy to find on a world map, as the country is shaped like a high-heeled boot.
Another football competition the World Cup was hosted by Italy in 1990.

Blogging competition:Belgium

Belgium is a small country which covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres.Its population is around 11 million people.
Belgium is a member of the European Union.People who visit and live in Belgium drive on the right hand side on every road.

Belgium played at the Euro’s Belgium vs Italy they lost 0-2.
Belgium’s prime minister is Charles Michel.


In the sweepstake I got ENGLAND.  On Minecraft I did a very cool thing I made the Euro Trophy,  a football, the ENGLAND flag and a football boot.


The euros is a big tournament of 24 teams from europe which are France, Romania, Albaina, Switzerland, England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, N.Ireland, Spain, Czech.Rep, Turkey, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary. I want Croatia  to win the euros because  in badgers  we had a sweep stake and I got Croatia 🙂 the scores  of all the euros matches so far FRANCE 2 – 1 ROMANIA     ALBANIA 0 -1 SWITZERLAND     WALES 2 – 1 SLOVAKIA     ENGLAND 1 – 1 RUSSIA    TURKEY 0 – 1  CROATIA POLAND 1 – 0 N.IRELAND    GERMANY  2 – 0 UKRAINE      SPAIN 1 – 0 CZECH REP      IRELAND  1 – 1 SWEDEN     BELGIUM 0 – 1 ITALY AUSTRIA 0 – 2 HUNGARY      PORTUGAL 1 – 1 ICELAND    RUSSIA 1 – 2 SLOVAKIA      ROMANIA   1 – 1  SWITZERLAND    FRANCE  2 – 0  ALBANIA ENGLAND 2 – 1 WALES     UKRAINE 0 – 2 N.IRELAND   GERMANY 0 – 0 POLAND     ITALY 1 – 0 SWEDEN     CZECH .REP  2 – 2 CROATIA SPAIN 3 – 0 TURKEY   at swaps  club on Monday if you are  going  do any of you have Simon church in swaps because I only need one more to fill up Wales.And also if you do have these maybe can you give them to me JACK WILSHER  ,THEO WALCOT  ,GARY CAYHIL  ,DANNY WELBECK AND ,ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN  ,LEWANDOWSKI ,ANDREA PIRLO ,SHANE LONG AND ,CEDRIC



Our new baby sister

We have a new baby sister she is called Imogen.she was not born on the right day she was going to be born 10 days late.

She weighed 9 pounds 15 1\2 ounces and only in hospital for a day



From Archie And Spencer



The population in France is 6.3 million people lived in France in 2013.

The prime minister is called Manuel calls

They won against Romania tonight

Its the first match to night