Unusual place to read

Today we went to my Nan’s to read one of my favourite books in a unusual place, I chose ‘tiddler tiddler’ and my mum chose to put me in a lilo to read my book in nan’s huge pond, so we could read tiddler tiddler to the fish!

tiddler tiddler  is about a little fish that makes up stories to say why he’s late for school, and one day he gets caught in a fish net and gets lost but finds his way home from other fish telling his made up stories.  When he finally gets to school he says why he was late, but no one believes him because of all the stories he’s made up.

i enjoyed it so much and so did my Nan’s fish!


I Went Camping for 3 nights!!! because I’m a cub I went camping at west woodlands! it was so much fun! the best bit was when I saw Bear Grylls!!  he arrived in a helicopter and he said to us “CUBS AND SCOUTS ARE DANGEROUS!” there was a tent were we could buy sweets!!!! I had a feast with all our sweets! I was so tired when I came back! but I want to come again


What do you see at the seaside

Yesterday we went to JBR Walk in Dubai, there are lots of nice shops and a big beach.

On the beach we saw a play park, an outside gym, the Dubai Eye building (which will be the same as the London Eye) and a really big sand sculpture. We normally see a camel doing rides but it wasn’t there.

What is a Khim?

Last night we ate in a Thai restaurant and there was a lady dressed up very pretty doing Thai dancing, she was also playing a musical instrument called a khim, which is from Thailand.

The lady used two sticks made of bamboo to play the Khim which made a nice sound. It was made of wood and trapezoidal in shape, there were lots of metal strings in groups of 3.



My holiday in Dubai

Hello Rabbits class

I am having a lovely time here in Dubai. On Tuesday we went to Abu Dhabi to see one of daddy’s friends, we had a drink at Yas Marina where the Formula 1 circuit is then went to a shopping mall and went up a big viewing tower and had lunch.

Today we went to see a Mosque, a mosque is a sort of church for the people in Dubai. We couldn’t go inside but we did look round the outside. You are not allowed to wear shoes in the mosque and you have to cover your shoulders. The building isn’t old like Berkley church and there is no stained class and you sit on the floor. It is very clean and new. The men and lady’s have to say their prayers in separate rooms.

Then we went to the Burj Khalifa, it is the tallest building in the world. We went up to the 125th floor, it was very high we could see all of Dubai. Granddad was a bit scared and wouldn’t go near the edge.

It is very hot here and I am going swimming lots with my brother Reece

See you all soon, hope you all have a good half term.

Love Lara


Fossil Festival!!!

Me and my Mum my Dad, Fred and Ava went to a fossil festival at Lyme Regis. My Dad was super excited because he was going to make us walk.
IT WAS FREEZING COLD!When I was there I saw a man using tissue paper to make a dinosaur head with different shades of green.
I also went to a museum and tried on some outfits that they would wear in the olden days (Victorian times).
Near the end of our trip I went to this tent where you could buy fossils I also brought one that is 165 million years old from the Madagascar.


I went camping at the weekend it was very hot! Inside the tent was hot when i got changed. I played lots of football and rode on my bike.My bed collapsed in the night and I ended up on the floor. I held a snake it was slimy it made me shiver. I cant wait until next time.



Next time we play rugby we are going to tackle I think it’s going to be amazing ! we do not have tags yes !




We are moving house on the 25th of may!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are living in a bigger house and me and Mia share a fence in our gardens.

when I start Selwood I can walk with Mia,Hattie,Elliot and Freya D.We can ride our bikes to the Frome Flyer.It takes 3-5 minutes but if you walk it takes about 10 minutes.We also can go to the rugby field and the green with everyone.

SO EXICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Weymouth beach!

On Saturday we went to Weymouth beach with some friends! We found a crab that was really scary looking but still cute, when we put it back to the sea it disappeared into the sand! We also found lots of shells and clams.

We made a moat with sand castles on it and paddled in the water. There were lots of donkeys on the beach too!

When we left after our chips, loads of seagulls came flying at us after our chips we had dropped and mummy screamed!

Then we went to the amusement park and I went on all the big rides as I’m not scared I love them!

Hope everyone enjoyed the sun this weekend!


Acting Owls

Owls class have been looking at the works of Shakespeare with MrStone. They acted out ‘The witches’ spell: Macbeth, Act Four, Scene 1’. They then constructed their own individual witches spells. As a class we then put these together to make the ‘Owls Witches Spell’. Please watch our videos at the end of our spells.

 Owl Class Witches Spell

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Round about the cauldron go

In the poisoned entrails throw


Round and squishy blue bird’s eye

Dad’s red and black spotty tie

For a charm of powerful trouble

Like a hell broth boil and bubble


Ancient homework wrapped in foil

Teacher’s glasses in brown soil

Half a cup of water cold

Teeth of a shark really old


Rainbow rays and dark green dye

Tied together with dads tie

Light green dye rains from the sky

When I see it I will cry


A thousand volts from a bolt

Eye-ball of shark, wing of lark

Head of squid with piece of bread

Slimy snout from pig, quite dead



Slimy broken metal brain

In goes a bubbly quick train

Green blobs ear wax in goes two

Stinky smelly cheese, snakes poo


Put in a cheeky smile

You get it from the Nile

Pull a chest hair from a clown

Fry it till it’s nice and brown


Get some belly button fluff

After play some Blind Man’s Bluff

In the cauldron pour rat juice

White and fluffy wings of goose


Purple bones from a toy shop

Sticky pink sweets that go pop

Hulks shoulders, great big boulders

Mrs Langton’s huge folders


De’geas hands and Bales legs

Hanging on some smelly pegs

Messis left foot, Neuers arm

In the cauldron on the farm


In goes brain with fur balls too,

In an hour it will be two

Stir chicken with smelly socks

Pour it in a big fat box


Chopped off finger and a ball

And a shark tooth on a stool

Cows tongue Steven Halkin’s brain,

Hair from a mum, toothache pain.


Broken glass a baby’s heart,

Witches wild treat eyeball tart.

Lovely scrumptious pig, black dye,

Cup of rotten tea, weird pie.


A pigs eye a tail of rat,

A bat goes in with a hat

A bull’s horn and octopus

A cat and Stegosaurus


Roony’s boots, a football lace

Both together in a case

Ronaldo’s boots in a waste

West ham crushed to make a paste


Shiny duster cruel bee’s sting

Cobra venom black flies wing,

Creepy slimy owlet’s eye

Next in goes a rotten pie



Giant gun and two long belts

Electric wires and green paint felts

One piece of nice chocolate cake

In the cauldron boil and bake


For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell broth boil and bubble

Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.


Me and Rudy played frome town Robbin’s.  it was fantastic .  they scored an own goal.  it was 4-4 altogether.





Appeal for books

Does anyone have any spare childrens books just lying around? Also any comics/annuals/plays/childrens magazines that you are no longer using? We would love you to bring these items in as these would be of interest to the children at Berkley. Thank you for all of your support. Greg Banton.

Family picnic

Badgers class really enjoyed the family picnic and we thought it was really fun.  There were lots of exciting activities including making masks, orienteering, rugby passing, jumping over the bricks and many more. Sadly, because it was raining we had our picnics inside our classrooms but it was still fantastic! It was amazing showing everyone the cute, furry rabbits. We enjoyed showing the guests that included our friends, parents and siblings around the school. In the church we enjoyed listening to the poems from Rabbits, Squirrels and Owls. We also enjoyed reading our own!!


Hello from Luke

Hello Owls. I just want to say hello to you all. I have a cast on my leg to help it. I chose to have a red cast, it looks like a candy cane because it has white tape around it. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your school trip, how was the zip wire? I hope to come on Friday for the school picnic and see you all x

Have fun Owls class!

Hope Owls class have a great residential trip!

We are thinking of you all, Eloise is gutted to be missing it, but is looking forward to seeing you all next Monday & sharing all your exciting stories!

Have fun!!


Tuesday the weather was so nice my mum took me and my two best friends to Longleat for the day! I held a snake and a tarantula, the snake was smooth but bumpy and the tarantula felt soft and hairy Her name was Amber. There were lots of giant eggs hidden around Longleat, we found lots and I loved the humpy dumpy and batman ones! When we fed the tropical birds, they landed on our heads and one even pooped on my mums friend, it was so funny She was not impressed! We finished off with a nice big ice cream and a drive round the safari to see all the lions and tigers sunbathing!

i hope all my friends and teachers have enjoyed their Easter holidays!



A big smiley hello from Australia!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter holidays?!

We are in Australia! We had a very long flight here & we were all very tired, but we’ve been here for 8 days & we have settled in very well!

We have done lots of wonderful things, been to lots of lovely places including beaches, parks & costal walks! I have seen my sister, brother-in-law & my little nephew, which is so exciting, as they have moved here & I haven’t seen them for a while!

The weather has been very good too, lots of very warm sunny days, perfect for barbecues & watching some amazing sunsets!

See you all school soon!


Mrs Rushton xx

Greetings England from Australia!

Greetings England from Australia!

We are having a fantastic time here. We go to the beach lots, my favourite is Mullerloo where we swam with Daddy in the waves. I was nearly washed out! We miss all our friends and family!

Year 4s have a great residential trip!

Hello Squirrels

Hello Squirrels class.

It is great here in Australia. I am playing with my cousin Noah lots. My brother Rio tried to talk to some parrots but they didn’t reply! I love Hillarys, the beach and harbour and have been swimming lots. Eloise was a bit afraid at first but we have learnt to be safe in the water and daddy has bought us some floats. Hopefully I will have a tan when I come home!

Easter Holidays

I went to Bournemouth for Mummy’s birthday, we stayed in a hotel.

We went to the arcade and Daddy won a teddy for Reece and I.

I had a Beanie Boo called Ice Cube and Reece had a monster. We went to play on the sand and Reece sat in my hole.

We had a lovely time in Bournemouth.

Wales holiday

In Wales, we went to Caernarfon Castle. I made a medal. The castle was amazing.

We went to Chester Zoo, we saw giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, deers, a Komodo dragon and lions. My favourite animal was the lion.

I had a lovely time in Wales.

Easter poem

  • Easter’s time for chocolate eggs
  • A baby chick is hatching
  • Spring bunnies are hopping like mad
  • Triumphant easter egg hunts
  • Excited lambs run like crazy
  • Rejoice in the lord

Easter holidays!

I cant wait until the Easter holidays because that means its closer to my residential and for yummy Easter eggs!!
And I am doing singing lessons with my friend Elodie and that’s on the 6th of April!!!
I really want the days to go quicker as theirs so many special advents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope that your happy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to be a Jedi Reader?

William and Freya’s Mum and Dad have a brilliant way of supporting reading.
Make the room as dark as possible, crawl under the covers and light up a light sabre (or a torch!). Get reading! What a fun way to read a book!

I wonder what other fun ways of reading we can think of? Post and let us know.
My children can’t wait to be a Jedi reader!

A massive thank you

A huge thank you to Mrs Scovell who came in today to read the children a story in Czech. We loved it and the children even learnt how to say some simple words in Czech. We also learnt about Easter celebrations in different parts of the world.

Easter Service

A fantastic Easter service today!
A massive well done to all the children. Year 4 you led the service brilliantly!




I’m really exited for the residential at Mill On The Brue because Mrs Langton was giving us information about it like what we need to pack and things. It’s 35 days away on Friday so it gets more exiting the moment it comes closer. When I get back I will promise to blog about it!



I am very excited because I am going to Australia.  I   Really want to see Noah my baby cousin.  I really want to see a kangeroo. I’m going on a plane for 21 hours on two planes. We will  definitely go to the beach and hopefully not get eaten by a shark!!!!!

I will miss you all

Rabbits Being Smart

We have been learning how to be safe when we are using a computer or iPad or phone on the internet. We read the story of Smartie the Penguin . Click here to read the story with your child.  Smart has problems with unknown messages ,pop ups and unsuitable games. He learns how to deal with the problems “You have to tell a grown up and ask them to help you “. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember and we have made a Smartie the penguin to take home. Hope you enjoy our video.

My Friday!!!!!!

I had a fun day today!
The first thing I did was wake up. After that I went to the wool-pack with my Mum,Fred,Ava and my grandma the wool-pack is a pub/restaurant. I had BBQ ribs my grandma had fish and chips so did Fred. My mum had a pork sandwich and Ava had a chip.



On Wednesday we went to London and we walked to Sealife Aquarium. It was amazing. I got a teddy seahorse.

After that we went to the Science Museum and learnt about energy.

On the next day, I went to @Bristol with Clark and Dylan. I loved it. At the end I bought a rock and a keyring.

Half Term!

I hope everyone is having a great half term?!

We have done some lovely things, we have been to Center Parcs, which was great fun, but very tiring!

We have also been to town this morning & had hot chocolates in the River House Cafe, yummy!

We are off to Sea Scallop at the Farm Shop later for tea! I have never been there before, so I am really looking forward to it!

It has also been really nice to have some chill out time & get lots of boring jobs done!

Can’t wait to read what everyone has been up to!

Center Parcs

I went to Center Parcs.We went swimming, me and  Eloise went on a green slide.  At first Eloise did’t want to go on it.  I went on with daddy first then I had another go and I went on with mummy.  It was fun but a bit scary.

We also went on a boat! Because there was 8 of us we had 2 boats.  I went on with ,mummy, daddy and Eloise.  Daddy and Eloise had to pedal in the back and we went fast.

We played mini golf and I won.

We had tea then we went swimming.  there was Rapids and big waves in the pool we went to the outside pool it was nice and warm.

We got some sweets on the way out.

daddy let us get ice cream.  But it was way to cold to have ice craem.

Center Parcs

I went to Center Parcs on Tuesday. I went with Mummy, Daddy, Rio, Rosie, Mica, Kai and Matty.  When we got there we hired some bikes . We rode to a place called the Plaza. Then we had our lunch.  After we rode to the lake, Mica got us 2 boats, Mica, Matty,Kai and Rio went on one and me, Daddy, Mummy and Rosie went on the other one. Me and Daddy sat at the back. It was mine and Daddys job to pedal the boat.

We went to the Sports centre part and played table tennis and mini golf.

We had to ride bikes, we had to ride back up a massive hill to get to the restaurant for tea.

We went to Hawtons for tea.  I had cheesy beans on toast.

After we all went swimming.  First we went in the big pool we found some water slides and I went on them with daddy.  It was dark outside and we went outside to the pool outside.

There was waves in the big pool and rapids it was awesome!

I was very tired when I got home.

American candy tasted…

I received my candy this morning and I was really exited.I got mum to open it with a sharp knife.
the first thing I did was went to get Fred so he could taste them as well then we started trying the candy. the sour kids berries were my favourite. Even though they were REALLY sour they still tasted nice .my second favourite was the Swedish fish . the fish were different flavours they were lemon raspberry and lime. Third favourite was the Reeses.  fourth was mike an ikes my last favourite was my nerds.

American Candy!

I have ordered some American candy because on YouTube I have been watching some English people tasting American candy.
I have found this American website called AMERICAN FIZZ and basically its a candy shop.so i emailed my dad and asked
if i could have some so i chose five pieces of chocolate/sweets and i brought:
I can’t wait until they get here and I am really lucky because my dad got the first class delivery.
But we ordered it on a saturday and they were closed on the weekends so we had to wait until monday.
The first class delivery was a fourty-two hour wait so from monday it took fourty-two hours so it will
come on a wednesday!
Wednesday is tomorrow so i will blog tomorrow to tell you how is tasted.


E-safety Day

Rabbits have really enjoyed meeting Smartie the penguin’s new friends, Red and Murphy. The children thought about ways in which we can keep safe on the Internet and about how we should behave towards others to make the Internet and safe and happy place to be. We made posters to help us remember.
The children will be bringing home a Smartie the Penguin tonight with some useful E-safety advice. Ask them to explain who Smartie is and how he keeps safe.
We also met Digiduck today. You can read the story of Digiduck’s big decision online at www.childnet.com

Ruby Harrold

On 4 February  I met a famous gymnast called Ruby Harrold ,she is an Olympic medallist for Great Britain. She bought her gold and bronze medals into show us.  She is very talented. We went to Beckington and watched her show us some amazing gymnastic moves, she even did a handstand walk around the hall.    She signed my leotard and we had our photo taken.  I really loved it.

Green day

We had a great day today in Rabbits.As part of our Green day we learnt about energy and where it comes from. Then we looked at how we could save energy around school and in our homes and we made posters to remind us. If you are in school have a look and you will see.
Look out for the photo’s coming soon!

Longleat Lights

On Saturday we went to see the festival of light at Longleat. It was very busy and we had to wait a long time to get in.

We went to the cafe first for a drink and cake. We walked around the lights my favourite was the dragon boat.

We saw Mrs Jeffery and Mrs James as we were going home. When we got home it was very late.

Longleat Dragon Boat


My baby cousin James came over To my house I play with him in our house with his toys and we watch TV with him. He is staying for 2 weeks.

My Christmas by Finley

My Christmas was fun because I had loads of presents. For my Christmas dinner round my Daddy’s I had some turkey, broccoli, roast potatoes and gravy. After that I went round my Mummy’s and had lots of fun playing on my iPad mini. In the evening I played Battleships with my cousin Lily, it was a draw 3/3.

On Boxing Day we went to my Nanna and Grampys, my Uncle was there and they gave us our Christmas presents. We opened them and they were really cool. We then played with their puppies, Dilly and Pickle. They were so cute and fun to play with.

The day after Boxing Day I went to London to visit my Uncle because he is moving to Switzerland, I will miss him but will visit him one day.

Thank you for reading my blog.