Pebbles our lamb

Pebbles was born on the 4th April .Me and my brother were so amazed. We hugged her and kissed her, this was our first lamb.We hope our other sheep has a lamb . We hope you had a nice Easter. We must go there is a chicken walking around in our kitchen!!! from Meredith

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  1. Pebbles sounds very cute Meredith. Keeps us updated with what she gets up too and the chicken!!!!!! Well done for blogging 🙂

    From Mrs Hooper

  2. What a lovely experience for you and your brother. I look forward to hearing if you have anymore.
    From Mrs Pickford

  3. A chicken walking around in the kitchen sounds fun! Thank you for blogging this Meredith – Pebbles is a brilliant name for your lamb. Mr Banton

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