My Holidays

I’m very lucky, or some people might call me sooooooo lucky, but you can call me anything. I have recently been to Disney Florida, don’t be jealous, but that’s just the start.(I might be going again in 2025) This year,(2024) I’ve got MORE great holidays. Don’t be jealous when I say all these things. I don’t know for SURE, okay ? Okay, lets start with how THIS all started.

When I came home from school, my Mum asked me to fill in a chart. The chart was to write ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE in the world. My family put pretty crazy ones, but some of them worked. We go to Portland like a million times each year because my Granny has her own house there which she lets all my cousins and me stay there for FREE!! So if they put down Portland on the chart even like 5 times, we would be going to Portland 5 times. No matter how many times. The second holiday that we were definitely going to is Greece

My Competitions

I (as usual) have loads of things going on . You might think: why do you have millions of things going on? Well, the answer to that question I do not know. We are now talking about my competitions. I have more things going on, but here are the competitions. Here we finally go.

I only have 4 competitions but they are all very exiting. The one I’m most exited for is actually the closest one to now. Its a school swimming race!:) My Mum will take me to Frome Lesiure center at 9 o’clock and what we do is : if you are competing you will swim a length and then another person will go then another then another…. (yawns) Then its your turn again! You go over and over again…Oh! I forgot to mention you will be against OTHER first schools! Also you are against year 3 year 4 year 5 and year 6!!!!!!! Don’t worry, you won’t be against year 6.

The second competition I have is:

I have a school tag rugby tournament ! We will be having training at school.

About Berkley

In Rabbits class the older children pick you to be their buddy. In Squirrels 🐿️ class you’d be y1 and learning gets a bit harder. In Badger class you’d be a y2 and y3 and learning is a bit harder. In 🦉 owls you’d be aY3 and y4 that’s about Berkley.

my life:)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I’m Gracie and this is my second blog , I bet your thinking “where‘s the first?”

It’s called MY NEW YEARS, if you want to see it.

But today is a new blog LET’S GET WRITING!!!!!!

FIRST thing, my year: year four My favourite food: PIZZA and anything CHOCOLATE My favourite film: wish!!!! My favourite animal: DOGS PUPPYS DOGS PUPPYS…I could go on forever ( would) My favourite number:5 My favourite colour: purple!!! What clubs I do: ballet, swimming, musical theatre, blogging ( obviously) Bye:)

New Years Eve

On new years eve I went to my friends home who lives down the road. Annabelle came too. We played Roblox together. On tv there was a countdown from 10 to one seconds until midnight. I filmed some of it. It was amazing.

New years Day

  1. SINCE I WAS BORN IN STEEPLE ASHTON we all ways go to celebrate with them for the New Years day. Most of the people that we celebrate with are related with me. Last year we celebrate at my sisters godmothers house. IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!

One New Years day a few hours before I played a game of fc 24 with my friends. Me and my friend were on a team.


In the night my mum woke me up at 2am I was SO tired I screamed loud in joy. I was sooo exited so I sprang to my feet . I got in comfy clothes so I brushed my hair my hair was so curly. I brushed my teeth and I had a yummy bagle and I had some water and I got in the car with a comfy blanket. It was so soft. We had to get to Bristol airport and it took 1 hour. My tummy felt funny. It was sooo dark outside in the sky. We got into the airport. THERE WAS LOTS OF PEOPLE I WAS SUPRISED. I took my luggage and when I got on the bus and there was like 1000 people. It looked so cool. My body was so squished and my sister Phoebe was swished too. I didn’t know that though. WHEN WE GOT HERE I RAN with my family. We managed to get though all check in and we are having yummy breakfast and i had smoothie and banana and it was so yummy. I got so exited I was sooo happy and we were nearly here. IT WAS TIME TO GET ON THE AEROPLANE. wooohooo. I ran so we didn’t miss it and we got on. I was so happy 2 hours the plane. I made friends there and so much more THE END ..

My Christmas Eve

I had a party with my Grandad and Grandma. I had lots of yummy food. Santa came and in the

morning I opened lots of presents .My favourite present was my floor football .

At Christmas Time

On Christmas eve I opened my Christmas eve box. I had a pair of pyjamas and a hot chocolate bomb. A two new story books and I wore my new pajamas’ to bed. Then I woke up at 5-15 am because I was so Excited. Then I went down stairs so I could open my new presents. I went to my granny’s house for a roast dinner and then I got to open even more presents. Then I went to play with my new toys and then I put my pyjamas on. I went to bed. I also enjoyed my family getting there presents too.

My Christmas

My Christmas was fun and I got a guinea pig. On Christmas day I saw my sack was full. I opened my presents . Christmas is special time to celebrate Jesus being born. His birthday is on December 25th,when we celebrate Christmas.

The Tooth Fairy Blog

This is my first blog about the tooth fairy. On the 23.12.2023 I lost my first tooth. I put it under my pillow and then the tooth fairy came. She gave me a £2 coin and a card. She also took my tooth.

At Christmas

I got a new football kit it was a Manchester city one. When I got it I wore it the first time. I got it for Christmas I was very happy !!!!! As ever I couldn’t believe it!! . It was blue and black like stripes and it was all black . It had a pink puma sign on it.

I had a lot of fun. My cousins came round and Nanny and Grandad for tea and we had Chinese and played for a bit.

My new years

On New Years eve I stayed up until 12:00 so I could be awake for 2024!!! Then on new years day I went to Nandos and then went to the shop. MY FIRST DAY OF 2024!!! Do you want to know what I got for Christmas? Most of all I got joy and love but as presents I got air dry clay, (it’s like playdough) new shoes, (they are boots as well, they are also doctor martin’s) a new owl alexa AND a lol bracelet kit, those are my top 4. BBBYYYEEE!!! 🙂 SMILEY FACE!!

Christmas and New Year

My christmas and new year this year was one of the best ones yet!

Unlike last year, when things were NOT so great but I’m not talking about last year, I’m talking about this year.

I dont know where to start!

Okay, here we go.

The first thing I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went to the roller disco at the cheese and grain. I loved it so much!

The second thing I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went to my mums friends house!

The third thing I did to celebrate christmas was:(christmas day)

I went to my Grannys house with ALL my cousins! 🙂

The fourth thing that I did to celebrate christmas was:

I went ice skating at bath on ice!

Now were at new years eve.

My friend Millie came round to my house with my Mums friend to watch the count down and I stayed up to 12 o clock!:)

So that was my christmas and new year!

Hoped you liked it

Byeeeeeee! 🙂

Its 2024!

Dilton Rovers 4th win

Last Saturday I played a match against Chippenham and we won 4-2. I was a midfielder for my first time and I had to assists to Finley. One was a cross in, while the other was a throw in.

It was cold and I couldn’t feel my feet or my hands and we had to play for one hour. I was off for the 1st and 3rd quarter. Finley got the man of the match because he scored all the goals.

Back to the team. So Harvey and Harry were in defence. Orla and me were in midfield and Finley was striker. Our coach was Alex because Ian was away.

My whole life of Berkley

My whole life at Berkley is brilliant.

In Rabbits all of my teachers were so kind and I loved reading and it was so fun and I loved playing with playdoh inside. Outside I loved playing with my best friends. We used to play on the colour stepping stones. We did fun activities like painting and doing like Christmas stuff and Easter, Halloween and things like that.

In Squirrels all the teacher’s were so kind as well. I loved the teachers as well. I loved reading and Squirrels class was so fun to play in. I love doing art it was so so so so much fun. At the Christmas nativity we were dressed up and all things for Christmas and I loved it so much. I love the teachers. THEY ARE THE BEST.

In Badger’s which I’m in now. I’m a year 3 and I’ve stayed in badger’s class but its the best class ever. All the teacher’s are so nice in Badgers. All of the teacher’s in Berkley are so so so nice. We made cookies.

Disneyland Paris

Last week I went to Disneyland and it was so fun I loved it. My favourite ride was Avengers assemble because it went up side down three times. We got to see lots of characters. My favourite was Bell because Emma Watson plays her Emma Watson is my favourite actor. I went with my cousins. One is my age and one is a little younger. And on the last night we watched a really cool show in front of the Disney castle. And in the morning, before we left we got to go into the shop and I got a water bottle and a angel teddy. well bye see you soon.

Being Sneaky

when I am sneaky I take it to far. I have a massive list:

1: I found my mum looking at holidays.

2: I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

3: I steal my brothers ps5.

4: I found some random money in my house and put it in my pocket.

5: I was awake at night at a sleepover

Don’t try this.

TT rockstars

Badgers and Owls did a battle of the bands in ttrockstars. Owls [my class]

won! We had multiple prizes and they were UNREAL!

our choices are:


movie with sweets

day with lessons of our choice

a fun morning

arts and crafts session

It was a tie between movie or choice of lessons.

Movie won!

Which one would you choose?

My great holiday to Bulgaria

Me and my family went on holiday to Bulgaria. It was the best time ever.

There was seven swimming pools and there was a gaming room you had to go up to the bar and get token’s to use there you’d love it .

My trip to Gran Canaria

When I went to Gran Canairia I had so much fun. The swimming pool was so cold but the water slides were really fun. It took 4 hours to get there on plane it was really super fun. We got to watch loads of shows there. My most favourite thing at Gran Canairia was going down the small water slide into the mini pool at the bottom and getting all wet.

I really really enjoyed going to Gran Canairia!

Exiting Things in Life

All of the exiting things I have are mostly just really small

but somehow exiting.

I dont know why but I just cant wait!

The first thing is

I’m getting a new bed maybe a new wardrobe and maybe a MASSIVE desk.

The next thing is an

advent for Christmas. It is soooo close to now and the calendar that I have looks AMAZING!

Since its almost Christmas its almost boxing day. its 2 months until new years eve

and 2024!

The next thing is

its going to snow this week! its not going to pitch sadly but I dont know when but its


In january

my friend is DEFINETLY coming to mine for a sleepover!

one thing thats really far from now is sooooooo exiting and one of the best things I will

experience! (second best after Disney!)

That thing is in 2 years (groan) in 2 years (groan) I will be moving into

wait for it…

my sisters MASSIVE room!!!!!!!!

Shes 17 right now and the reason why I am moving

you might of guesed it

She’s going to university and she has my tiny room for weekends.

Right now I’m just getting ready for Christmas 2023 and I’m

going to a shop called whitehall to buy decorations.

It’s like the best christmas shop ever!

thats the end byeeeeee

Turkey trip

In the summer holidays we went from Antalya to Alanya in Turkey. We went to a hotel called THE MARRALIS HILL we stayed there for about 1 week.

There was a pool about half the SIZE OF A FOOTBALL PITCH and another THE SIZE OF THAT! There was also a pool the size of a pond. There was a foam party and we had to use the little pool but then somebody told us we couldn’t do that so we went back to our room and had a shower.

There was a disco at around 9:29 to 9:35. We did 5 different songs. The last song we did included everybody.

There was a place where there are a whole bunch of different foods. Like on Wednesday for breakfast there were pancakes,toast and more! There was also a thing called late lunch and it was basically just leftovers and some more from lunch for the people who where late for lunch!

P.S we went with are grandparents,aunts and uncles.

My Trampolining

In the summer holidays I went to my trampolining competition. I had to do a triple front flip . I did not now how I landed . But I got a trophy and some sweets .

Being Peter Pan

On Saturdays I do a club called Stagecoach and it’s all about singing, drama and dance. We do loads of shows there and the show that we are doing at the moment is called Peter Pan and I am Peter Pan. I had to audition for a part. I auditioned for Wendy but I got Peter Pan.

As I came onto the stage I felt a bit nervous but as the show got on I gained my confidence. I felt that I would forget one of my lines or forget a scene but I didn’t and the show went really well.

I really hope that future students can gain their confidence like I did.

My singing lessons

My singing is so fun we get to play so many games but my favourite part is the songs we are working on this term. We have been doing We Will Rock You the musical. Even though I do singing lessons we also do some dancing as well. I am getting nervous now because we are doing are exams soon and after that we are doing a show. Well anyways I need to go now see you soon bye

Berkley school

At Berkley I had a wonderful time in every class.

The teachers are amazing and wonderful. They are the best.

The classes are amazing and decorated nicely.

We have a church to worship and think about people who we love.

Some times it’s sad that your friends have moved to Selwood.

To everyone in the school. Thank you for being kind and helpful to me bye.

My Show for Ariel Hoop

My show was at the Merlin theatre. It was so much fun but there were so many people and I got very nervous . My heart was racing and it felt like there were a million people but there were only 500 people . My song was amazing. I chose Perfect by Anne Marie because everyone is perfect in their own way and the theme was inspirational women. I had my own solo and it was so long . We had to get there at 3 in the afternoon to practice, then the show started at 7 and ended at half past 10.It was great fun

See you soon bye.


HI everyone. My name is Matilda and I’m 8 yeas old . I want to tell you all about how much I love gymnastics. It’s the coolest thing ever. It’s like a mix flipping and going upside down, dancing and being very bendy. My favourite thing about gymnastics is the bars because it’s fun. I look forward to Fridays because I get to do 3 hours of gymnastics. I had a competition. I came 8th and it was so much fun and I did different events .


My Pet Fish

I have two pet fish. They are called Mouwee and Aidin and a snail called Shelly. She likes to hide a lot.

I have a new baby cousin who is a boy . I held him and he was asleep. I held him when he was asleep. I held him for an hour. It was fun for me.

Big Trip

On Saturday I excitedly jumped in into the car because we were going to the Newt joneis.

When I got to the Newt it was hard to find a parking spot at the Newt. We excitedly ran down the path to get our pass checked. By the checking table there were big juciy apples.

My Great Trip To The Caravan Park

Me and my family went to a caravan park called Oakdene forest park.There was a disco every night called lets go nuts.There was a fancy dress party I won and There was bingo every night.

And we did archery. It was me and dad vs Grandad and Paps

Me and dad won then we went to a pirate party.

After that we went to another party but this time it was a Robin Hood party.

Oakdene forest park was amazing you’d love to go there.


My dad found some Kestrel chicks in an old owl box. We rang a local bird expert who came out to our farm and today we watched the Kestrels being tagged. It took ages to get safely up the ladder to tag them.There were two of them ,we think they are 3 weeks old.I got to hold them . VERY FLUFFY!!!!!!!!

Alphabet story

The Zoe Ball Radio 2 Breakfast show set a home schooling challenge every day, the challenge for Tuesday 28th April was to write a short story using the letters of the alphabet in order, here is my story:

A Bull Came Down Extremely Fast, Getting Hotter Inside. ”Just Keep Laughing” Mum Nodded “Once Passed, Quietly Run Straight Towards Us”. Vinny Will eXtract You! Zzzz time.

Pebbles our lamb

Pebbles was born on the 4th April .Me and my brother were so amazed. We hugged her and kissed her, this was our first lamb.We hope our other sheep has a lamb . We hope you had a nice Easter. We must go there is a chicken walking around in our kitchen!!! from Meredith

Making a fantastic rainbow .🌈

Today I made a 🌈.
I used a mirror and a fantastic glass with water 💦. We shone a torch at the mirror in the glass of water but a rainbow didn’t come. Then we tried a torch and a CD. We shone the torch at the CD and a rainbow appeared!

Then we did some tricks with a pencil and water. We put the pencil in the water and it seemed like the pencil was broken. It looked bent but when we took it out it looked fine! You should try it! It is called REFRACTION.

School life

To Mrs Thompson

Please can we have more break and can people come every so often to take videos of are school to show people what its like. Can we have a play track that has swings even tho we have a play track that does not have swings.Can we please have some baking clubs and art clubs.Please can we have desks instead of carpets.Can we have more visitors in school to show them our school and how great it is.Can we have more time on the computer and can we watch videos before we go home.Can we do more football tournaments at Selwood school.

Head teachers challenge

Berkley is great but I wish for the playtrail we had a slide and a swing and maybe a hot tub.and I bet you will be a good


In class I wish we could always do more story’s for literacy.I feel sad about Mr Kirby leaving so I say to Mr Kirby good bye Mr Kirby hope you visit before I go to Selwood Max.kennedy

Mill On The Brue

When we arrived at Mill on the Brue we waited outside for a little bit until some people came and put our stuff in a big truck so we did not have to walk up the hill with all our heavy suitcases. When we got up the hill we put all out things in the main house. The main house is were we slept.All the boys slept in honeysuckle and all the girls slept in beech. When we got up to our rooms we choose who we were sleeping on the bunkbed with,I was with India. When we had all chose who we were sleeping with we all unpacked our stuff into the draws under the beds we all waited by the meeting point and we were told what group we were in.After we got told what group we were in we went to our firs activity, my first activity was ice breakers which is a game where you got to know each other. After ice breakers we did egg drop, egg drop is when you have to cover lots of soft stuff over the egg and then you drop it over a balcony and see if it cracked.Then we had lunch which was chilly and for pudding was jelly. My 2 favorite activities were leap of faith and canoeing in leap of faith me Phoebe and Spencer were the only people that touched it and in canoeing sadly I fell in and it was freezing cold. At bedtime India and Imogen woke everyone up because they were shining their torches around the room and chatting very loudly so we were all very tird in the morning.

Advice For Mrs Thomson

1. Please can we have a swing and slide and a trampoline to go with the play trail.
2.please can we have more morning break at least 40 minutes.
3.please can we have more school trips.
4.please can we have more play equipment.
5.please can we have more school disco’s.
6.please can we have more iPads and computers.
7.please can we have more time on the computers and iPads.

Head teacher challenge.

to Mrs Thompson

more school trips

spend more time on the field

more teacher

more equipment

more wow days

people working hard

make music shorter

mak people happy

new front cover for maths and litracy

more art work

Christmas blog

I helped my Dad to fill up the bird feeders and clean out the chicken shed, it was very smelly!

I helped my mum make mince pies, set the table and write place names for our Christmas parties.

Noah’s Christmas help

This holiday I started making an ecobrick to help look after the planet. It is a bottle filled with plastic rubbish. It’s saving animals and plants because the plastic doesn’t end up in a big pile in the sea and other places. It was quite hard and fun and I want to make it into a table and stool when i make a lot more and stick them together. I also helped look after my brother Luke when he was poorly.