100 Word Challenge

It was the December 25th. Me Issy and Rudy woke up at 6ocloack. We ran into mum and dads room they said wait half and hour before we go down stairs. But we got to open our presents from our stockings. I got a harmonica, Arsenal socks, LOTS of chocolate and a minion case for a phone. Mum went down stairs to make cup of teas for herself and dad and our nan she slept round our house. It was half past six. ” Can we go down stairs now.” mum said ” yep we’ve finished our tea. We all ran down stairs like a herd of elephants.

“WOW” we all said we all had our own piles. I got Arsenal tickets and I’m now a junior gunner. I had a tin which had a poster, a watch, and an activatey book. I’m going to the Arsenal match next week.

I also got a book that had all the British football facts and pictures in it. It had a DVD in it. Issy got a lap top. I got an ipod touch with the minion case I got Fifa 15 on it, my brother got an ipod touch too he’s got a minion case too but they’re different so we don’t get them confused.

Both my nans came. We had beef and pork for lunch it was lush! After that we played lots of board games, we got Uno extreme! It’s really fun, it’s got different cards to the other one and a machine that shoots the cards out. It sometimes makes me jump!

We had a brilliant Christmas!

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