Sunny Spain

On the 8th of  August at 3 o’clock in the morning  we got our Uncle Steve to drive us to the airport it was a two  hour wait then we  got on the aeroplane.We had to wait two hours then  we arrived in spain. We got our hired car then we went to our house and had a look around .Then we went shopping for food.When we got home we jumped in the swimming pool it was so much fun.Mostly we did the same all the other days but the best thing was at the sea side. I loved it. I also loved  going  out to dinner by the sea and thats my holiday!

Monster animation

I made an animation of a monster with my friend Billy. The little monster falls through a hole and the other one laughs at it.

Ned and Looras Mums house

I liked ar big bed.


I like the haybales.

Hotel in Bonmooth

We went to the hotel on the vinkoolar trane.

Seaside with Grandma

I  liked palding in the sea

Brilliant Bowling

me and holly went bowling with my mum.mummy won  both games which was annoying.

holly did very well, for it was her first time bowling ever.

Fantastic France

I like swimming .I have been to the pool every day. It is very hot and sunny.


On My Holidays

I like going in the swimming pool. I went on a roundabout.

A huge thank you!

I would like to say a huge thank you for all the gifts and cards that I received at the end of term – mainly from the children leaving us but also from some of the Year 3 children. I was overwhelmed – as I know the other staff were – by your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you letters have been written and will make themselves to you, some by post in the next week or so and some by hand. Finally some of you will receive them via Selwood in September. But in the mean time


Enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Mrs White