christmas holidays

Its the christmas holidays and only three days until christmas.I have got only two more windows on my advent calender.I also cannot wait until father christmas comes our house if we have all been good this year.

purple mash

I’ve been on purple mash. its very good. you should go on it.  on purple mash its got winter games on it.

its on kids zone. it is at the bottom of the page .

The party

On Tuesday we had a party and a delicious Christmas lunch and a magician came in and shown us some of his tricks . Then the whole school sang jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! to try to get santa to come and get him in the classroom and evryone was excited! And luckily he came!

Longleat trip

I went on a Christmas train that took me to see Father Christmas who gave me a present.  I went in Longleat house and I saw Scrooge, Sleeping Beauty, two fairies and Cinderella who was dancing with Prince Charming.  I had my picture taken with them and I told Cinderella ‘I like your beautiful dress’.  It was blue and pink.  Outside was an enormous magical singing Christmas tree.  My favourite thing of the day was writing a wish that I hung on the wishing tree.

purple mash is cool

I went on purple mash this morning.It is cool.I love purple mash.

I especially love the 3d monster game on purple mash.I am going to go

on it more often because it is COOL!

georgia coming to my house

one time  georgia is coming to my house she might sleep over mine we might have a midnight sweets.

we might have a movie.this sunday im going  to the fleat its to see antey Carl and Gogenere

I like school

I like going to school because I like doing numeracy games. I like doing sounds and letters . mrs langton gives me hard ones because when I am big I will know them very well.