Forest School


At forest school I had hot chocolate and a marsh mellow with two biscuits. I had lots of hot chocolate around my mouth. I had a lot of fun. I’m excited about going next week.

good at school

I would like to be very good at school. one day i will get the golden pencil if i am very good and can sit still very well. mummy will get me a star wars game if i am quiet and still and try my very best. one day we could go to disney


We are very lucky tonight because we get to listen to songs before bed time .My faveret song is Sunflower by Paul Weller.I like it  because daddy sings it with his band!!!

play time

On  Monday  affternoon I played a really good game .I was the mum & Sophie & Kayleigh was the big sister & so were  jessica & rebbeca .kayleigh had a boy friend & Isabelle was a boy & she had an gutitar & she kept waking the baby up & Me & Sophie were moving & we didnt know & everybody came in  the train & then we went on holiday to spain

The End?????

my half Term holiday

On sunday I went to pantmime to watch the ugly duckling with  my granny and grampy and then I slept over it was great and I liked it very much.

Photo Evening

I was really pleased to see so many people arrive to see our pictures, including my Mum Dad and Yasmin. I sold my pictures to Mrs Rayner, Grandma and Grandad and Mum and Dad. We raised lots of money for the school. I have loved camera club and would like to take pictures as my job in the future.

Green day

It was green day on Wednesday 22nd of  february.In my class we made posters and water cycles .When I was doing my water cycle the rest of my table were colouring and I was  still drawing my water cycle.

hair cut

On Friday night  my god mother is a hair dresser &  she cut my hair. A cut  & A fring  & I  feael  diffrent. I look like  when I was smaller. Henry had A hair cut as well? I like my fringe.

All creatures great and small – 4

Painting the elephant

All creatures great and small – 3

Making the ladybird

All creatures great and small – 2

Photographic Exhibition

Children in Badgers’ class have been enjoying a photography club. It has been so interesting, they have learnt a great deal and this afternoon they set up an exhibition of their work in Juraj’s studio. Parents and other members of the families came, and after enjoying refreshments, toured the studio to enjoy the children’s work. They then had the opportunity to purchase the photographs and Juraj kindly offered to donate all profits to Berkley School!


Kayleigh came for a sleep over and  George came for tea. We went to the park on our bikes & scotters and  then came back for pizza. We went to Boomerang and played for hours. Me and mummy went to town to the cafe and I had hot choclate with marsh mallos and mummy had coffee. Nanny and Dave took us for a picnic at Bath park.

My Sister

I have a new sister called Molly, she was born on 4th Feb 2012 in the night.  I have enjoyed lot of cuddles with her over the Half Term break.  I have helped my Mum and Dad look after her.  She likes lying on her new playmat.  She sleeps in her moses basket which plays a lullaby when you press the button.  She wakes up every 3-4 hours for food but hasn’t woke me up yet in the night!  I love my new sister.

Henry and Rudy

Henry and Rudy are the best brothers in the  whole world . At the moment they are playing with the lego . they are making  space ship with star wars people . On saterday morning I made them look like a girl . I put makeup on them and dresses .tonight they are very igsited because we are not sleeping in there bed we are sleeping in the playroom bed .


my brother likes rabbits because I love the school and I think rabbites is the best because they get to play and do letters I love rabbits.

The fantastic muppet show

On the 17th me and Mummy and Sophie went to see the muppets in Bath with Susie And Issy. It was a great movie.The muppets had to get alot of money so they could keep their old studio because the bad man tried to rip it a part to keep oil in it but he lied to make into a muppet museum.In the end they raised enough money to save their studio and Walter became a muppet to even he always was one.

Feb half term

I have had a busy half term. On Saturday my dad and I went to the bmx track to do some practicing which was great, On Monday I had swim academy and I was brilliant at swimming underwater.

On Wednesday Mummy, Finlay and I went to junction 21 to play and when I was there I saw Rowan and Kian. Also this week I have been getting things ready for my birthday party on Sunday at the rugby club.

Looking forward to seeing my friends again.


I went to watch Muppets with Sophie& Holly. There was a man who saw Kurmit the frogs office and wanted to buy it and knock it down to dig for oil! So Walter a big fan of the Muppets went to find all of them to tell them and Miss pigy was in France. So they drove to France and went to the hotel  where Miss Piggy was and asked  the people if they could go and see Miss Piggy but they said no and then the muppets came back in dressed up as a big man  and then they let them in! Miss piggy said sit down and then they fell over and the costume came off and Kurmit told Miss Piggy what was happening and she said no I cant help you.


Someone posted a letter through the letter box for daddy!!! It was a valentine card, it said I love you and a poem by Tennyson “If  I had a flower every time I thought of you… I could walk through  my garden forever.” It made him very happy.



for my mumy and daddy


listen to the waves washing the sand.

watch the snow fall on the land

hear the hale stones bounce on the ground

I look at the rain falling down.

my eyes  look at the grey cloud swooping in the sky.

I see areoplanes landing on the ground and who pops out mummy and daddy.

writen by issy ford.

e-safety day

Today has been e-safety day and everyone at Berkley School has been thinking about how to keep safe when we use the internet. We have talked about some of the people that we could turn to if we were worried about anything when we are using the internet.

We have also started to think about ‘Connecting Generations’ which is the theme this year. I have asked the Badgers to find out from their parents and grandparents about what they like most about the internet and what their favourite pastimes are.

What do you like about using the internet? I love researching fantastic games for my class to use in support of their learning. I love being able to keep in touch with my friend who lives in Australia.

Do you know how to keep safe on the internet? If not – ask your children for advice!!!