Leavers’ Trip

Today the Year 4 Leavers, Mrs Perry and I travelled to Warminster School for a special day of science, PE and music. First of all we travelled into the world of CSI as we tried to solve a crime that had been committed. We took finger prints and matched them to ones found at ‘the scene of the crime’. We went on to identify the perpetrator of the crime by investigating a range of inks taken from different pens. It was such fun!

Then, after a short break, the children had a tennis lesson. This was also very enjoyable although it rained very hard and we had to come in early.

Finally we had a drumming lesson. This was absolutely terrific! The teacher was ‘outstanding’ in my view and the children had a brilliant time playing the djembe African drums.

Finally the school treated us to lunch and this was delicious.

Then we returned to school

It was a really enjoyable day and we are very grateful to the staff of Warminster School for the invitation and for the welcome received to day.

Mrs White

Norfolk holiday – seals

At half-term I went to see Blakeney on a life-boat and saw I two types of seal, one was the Common Seal and one was the Grey and a bird called the Sandwich Tern.

School Holiday

It was my big sisters birthday Chloe she was 12, we went out breakfast and tea and my sisters and cousins went to watch snow white and the huntsman. i did not get to watch it because it was to scary.

my Grandad had a car crash so we visited him in hospital ,me and my sister emily ate the rest of his chocolate fingers.

my sister got three birthday cakes she is soooooo lucky.

forest schools

I really liked going on the swing and I enjoyed the climbing frame even though my welly got stuck and I had a little bit of trouble getting it out. The lady had a roses tin, I thought we were having chocolates but it was full of biscuits to squish with our marshmallows. But first we had to toast them. I took home a big long stick. I hope Murphy doesn’t chew it. Cant wait week for next week .

Ballet exam

I passed my first ballet exam. I got a certificate and a rosette. It was fun and I like bending my knees in a diamond shape. Rosie my sister does ballet now too she is in melody bear class.

My first medal

I went BMX racing in Exeter for my first regional race, I finished 5th and got my first medal. On bank holiday Monday I went to a barbecue at Bath BMX track, it was lots of fun.

The heroes and the haunted house

Me Daniel  Jamie  Beau   and  Margot   made  a film  about  a  haunted   house. Me Daniel Jamie and Beau super heroes and Margot was a monster and she kept scaring us. And here it is.

school holidays

When we went to Trowbridge with my mum and dad and jessica we went shoping and we got nothing but when we got home we got some ICREME and some chocolate to macke us happy and when we whent out again  we had a mcdonalds and me and jessica had abloon each and then we went to pick up lucy from grandmas because she whent to bristol with grandma and then we all got home and we all went to bed

Jubilee Day

The last day of school before the half term break was centred around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. The whole school dressed in red, white and blue! Ladies from the Mothers’ Union came into school to help the children to decorate special jubilee biscuits which were then eaten at lunchtime! Yum. The MU ladies were so complementary about the way the children had behaved which was great to hear. Everyone made a ‘crown’ to wear during the picnic, we all made bunting ready for the ‘Berkley Olympics’, and in Badgers’ class we began to draw portraits of the Queen – which we will finish next half term.

It had not been the best of weather so the field was wet. We decided to have our picnic on the playground which worked out quite well. Chloe and Max’s mum with the help of Christopher’s mum had made 100 small cakes which were beautifully presented on cake stands. And they were delicious – so a huge thank you to them for their thoughtfulness.

After the lunch Mrs Langton organised everyone for a country dancing session which was fun and then Mrs White led a very loud three cheers for the Queen – which we have been told she heard in London!!!

After that we all went back to our own rooms before starting an extra long Golden Time [ Diamond Time?] when children from the different classes mixed together.

We took lots of wonderful photos which will appear on the website once we return to school.

Mrs White.

School holidays

On saturday me and my family went to Lucas’s house.We had lots of fun. We went swimming and we went to a jubilee fete. We watched a  punch and judy show. On  monday we went to Nana and  Grandad.

jubilee party.

I had a jubilee party. All my friends came. We played lots of games.my favourite game was the egg and spoon race.

My fabulous Jubilee Party!

We had a Jubilee party in our car park, all our frends came, it was lot’s of fun.We had teams for the mini Olympics, I was in the orange teams, OUR TEAM WON!



I went to a farm and rod a hors colled trigger. and i saw my little sister rid a hors called george. I had fun.


On monday me Henry & Rudy & mummy daddy are going to london .We  are going there to watch a band and on tuesday we are going to see the queen.Mummy thinks that the queen will be in a posh car with her daughter princess Anne and 3 sons prince charles and prince Edward and prince  Andrew.