A Big Thank You !

I can’t believe we are at the end of another year and what a super year it has been!

It is a time to say thank you to so many people. A big thank you to all the parents who organise the fund raising events which are so successful and to all the other parents who support these events. Thank you for giving up your time so generously and willingly.

Another thank you must go to all our parents who come into school and help in the classrooms, your help is so invaluable. An additional thank you to all our parents who have come into class to support our topic work, your skill and expertise have been really welcomed and valued.

The range of activities, trips, themed weeks and WOW days have engaged and motivated the children to achieve at the highest level and there has been such a wonderful buzz in the classrooms!

I will miss our year 4’s and the contribution they have made through their journey at Berkley but wish them well for their future.

Lastly to everyone – have a happy and relaxing summer holidays and let us live in hope for some much needed sunshine.

my swimming gala

On saturday I had a swimming gala and my team was the Badcox Barracudas.I had six races, three of them everyone did and the other three I did with two or three other people.There were four teams with sixteen people in each team and at the end of the gala they announced that our team WON! with one hundred points