snowy the snowman

On friday me and Tyler went around Maddie and Georgia’s house.We made a snowman and went sledging it was great fun !
Then we had some hot choc and cookies to warm up . When it was time to go home Maddie and Georgia came to play at my house and have tea . After tea we watched the Chipmunks dvd and it was brill !!

Snow day

First we went to Karens and we had a fire in the woods and we got very wet because me, Oli and Beau had a very long snowball fight. Then we cooked sausages on the fire and had marshmallows with chocolate biscuits.

Fun with Robot Snowman

Me, Abi and daddy built a robot snowman. He is our new pal. We used snow, lids, twigs and tinfoil. He is very cuddly and smooth. He is lots of company. I love him.

. .

Wonky Snowman



Heres my snowman I made . It’s a little wonky but it’s ok . I did the middle as big as the bottom so Sam had to cut it a bit .I drew it a mouth because Icouldnt find enough stones.We have seen a lot of birds around the last few days.





Frosty the snowman

We made a snowman.

Winter Wonderland

When it snowed we went out at 8am to build a snowman. We also built a snow cat, a snow rabbit, a snow handbag and a fort for the snowman. We had great fun except for when I got hit by a snowball and I did not approve!  We also made a chocolate house.  Here are some photos.


Winter Wonderland Walk

On friday when school was closed me, mummy, daddy,  Abi ,mrs wheeler, mrs harding and mrs hirons and the dogs had a winter wonderland walk. Me and Abi played on our sleighs down the hill. Daddy pushed us down the hill and we kept falling off them.

Mr Snowdrop

Me and Zoe had fun in the snow. We made a littler snowman in the garden. Then we made a giant one in the car park and I put the hat on.




On friday

On friday we went to Lyme Regis it took us an hour.When we got there we had to get our ticket.Then we walked down the cobbly bit and we saw lots of  boats.On the way back we jumped down and up.Then we got to the sea we didn’t go in the sea we played tag. it was really fun then we got  some fish and chips I had a super duper long sausage.Then we got an ice cream I had a choclate ice cream with choclate sauce and extra sauce.

The Southwold secret

Kenny Beau Errol margot and Leo set off to Southwold.Thay went to the park it was fun and then we went to the beach.(We built lots of sand castles) here is are video we made.

on christmas day

On christmas morning I woke up and I said to the boys its christmas morning so we got up and went into Mum and Dad’s room. They said we will get up in 5mins.But we kept on getting up so mum said come on then. So we ran down stairs AND………… was full of presents. My ones were on the little sofa and Henrys were by the chimley and Rudys were on the long sofa.I got a teliscope and a blanket that turns into a dressing gown.It was the best days of my life.I played my piano after our roast.The best present for all of us was………………A wii we got just dance and mariocart.

about christmas

a very long time ago sumthng went rong with santa. “I feel sic” “oh no” said the elvs. but then santa got beter and santa gave the children some presents.