Fun at Gymfinity!!!

Maddie and I go to the best gym club in the world.It is run by my mummy and her friend.We learn lots of new things there like the beginnings of back flips and other fun things for the older groups.The younger groups get to do fun warm up games and the start of things like forward rolls and practising the bars with support.The older ones have there lesson on a Friday  what a brilliant way to end the day. The younger ones come on a Saturday

Georgias house

On Wednesday I went to georgias house and we made animaitoins. It was really fun . I did one about my beenie boos and georgia did one about her cuddly dog . After that we had delishous pizza and waffles for tea . Then Andy and me,Georgia and Maddie went out side to play .

Sam’s Birthday

On Friday its my brother Sams birthday.Also on Saturday its his birthday treat and our mum and dad arent telling us what its going to be! so its going to be a suprise.Plus there not even telling us who’s coming or where we are going!


Mummy, Daddy, my Godmother Jane and I went to see Oliver at Bristol Hippodrome at the weekend.  We missed the start because there was a lot of traffic so we had to stand at the back. The lady showed us our seats when it was a good time I stood on a ladies foot! Whoops! The show was good.


Maddie xx

It’s moto cross time!

I went to my first moto cross track on saturday there were loads of people we there.  I was zooming round the track going over the humps did 2 wheelies taking over people and every thing .  So cool it was the best day ever and I can’t wait to go again.


Cornwall days 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Day 5
We went to Falmouth in the rain:( we looked around and had fish and chips for lunch at a famous restaurant called Rick Steins.

Day 6
We walked along to Mutton cove and saw seals being lazy on the beach. We saw some little ones swimming in the shallow water. It was very sunny:) We had lunch on the way back in a cafe on the beach.

Day 7
We went to a fish shop and bought fresh prawns and squid. I tried the squid and it was lovely.

Day 8
Daddy booked us to stay another night in a hotel..We left the beach house and drove to Porth. We went for a huge walk and flew our kites.

Day 9
After breakfast we had to leave:( We went to Padstow and bought some rock and fudge and then stopped for lunch on the way home. I slept all the way back. I loved my holiday but was looking forward to picking up my cat.



Marvellous Madame Tussaurds !

I went to Madame Tussauds in London. There was lots of people made of wax. There was lots of people I didn’t know and lots of people I did know.These are some people that I saw. See if you can guess who they are.Tell me at school if you know who they are!

Maddie xx


Our friends had a baby called Eva in London.  We went to see her. We went to see the dinosaurs.

Kayleighs house

On friday I went to Kayleighs for a sleep over.We played circuses on the furnitcher.And then we put are  p j mas on.Then we had our tea.We had another  practise on the circues and we got everyone to the longe and showed our show.They thought it was when I was looking in my suitcase I found chocolate…


So when the air bed was blown up we shared out the chocolate we put our film on.When we woke up roly the cat was on my head.We went down stairs I had a cup of tea.

Holiday in Cornwall Days 3 and 4

Today we had a another walk and  we walked five miles we also had lunch at the surf shack. The next day we went  on the train to st ives .We also were lucky because we saw dolphins! And we played on arcade games and I got a lot of two pees. We had pancakes and nutella .


Holiday In Cornwall Days 1 and 2

I  am in Cornwall with jan Gary mummy and daddy, Abi  and murphy .The first day we relaxed and explored the house and unpaked for tea we had pizza. The next day we had two walks on the beach.we went out for sunday lunch.We saw some wild shetland ponies.

On Monday

On monday we had to dress up as robots.It was great and nearly everyboady dressed up. I didnt know we were going to be in the paper.I havent seen us yet.I had  a grey face and a big body

It was great



E-safety day [February 5th 2013] began at Berkley School with an assembly where Mrs Matthews talked to us all about the  theme of ‘Connect with Respect’. We spent the day in each of the classes considering this. You may like to look at the link to the clip of the Rabbits singing their E-Safety song!

In Badgers we have been designing our own E-Safety posters. We have also thought in depth about how we might develop an E-Safety charter for our class. We have nearly completed this and we will share it with you once we have finalised it!

Today the Badgers thought about keeping safe in general – not just E-Safety-  and we all played a board game, called ‘I Know That’ , this morning. It was fun and made us think about lots of areas of our lives where we need to be be safe!


The twins next door

On the day they were born Anisly next door came round with some photo of the twins and they are cute . one is calld Sphiea and the over one is calld milla .