London Marathon


On Sunday my Mummy, Auntie and Uncle ran the London Marathon for a charity called Barnardo’s. My Auntie and Mummy wore bright green tutus.Mummy’s legs and feet are very sore. She is a bit sunburnt too. It is very hard for Mummy to walk at the moment. There is a website where you can track them and see where they were running. We also watched the telly to try and find them but we were out when they were finishing and the camera’s showed them, how annoying is that! Well done them!

Maddie xx

from town ladies football club

When it was the 20 of April I was a mascot for the frome town men and we had to hold their sweaty hands and then we had to shake their sweaty hands. The goalkeepers gloves were all spongy and when they wre training they spit on their gloves. We went to wash are hands because they were that sweaty I said `yuck’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS FUN

School Disco

I have just got home from the school disco!  Mrs Langton and I had a lovely evening. Everyone was really well behaved which meant we had a really great time!

I got to dance with lots of children, Malachi shared his mini donuts with me and I even got a giraffe tattoo! Evie said I was a good sport!

Mr Carver was the DJ and loads of parents helped to make it a terrific evening.

Thank you  everybody!

Mrs White

PS good luck with the London Marathon Jo Blackburn

My First Race

On the 7th April I went to my first moto cross race it was really fun.  I had to get up at half past six. We went to pick some of my dad’s friends because they were coming.  Then we got in the van and set off.  We had to travel all the way to Southhampton I had a sleep in the van so it wasn’t too bad.

When we got there I got out and had a cookie it was a chocolate one I was winding my dad up with it. Then we had to get my bike checked to see if it was okay to race, my motorbike was alright thankfully.  While we were waiting I had another cookie I couden’t wind my dad up this time because he had one.

Then it was time for the race. My racing number is no. 22.   My dad was worrried I would hurt myself,  I wasn’t, I was excited.  A race was on before me so I watched how it was done I got more and more excited my dad got even more worried.  Then it was my turn I went and got my bike and went to the starting line the gates wern’t up yet because not everybody had gone round.  Then the green flag went up that means it was all clear. you had to look up at the man because he was going to hold up a 10 second sign then a 5 second one.  When it went five you had to look at your gate and it could drop any time then.  The gate dropped I zoomed away the first thing I did was go over the handle bars.  I was sceaming not because I was hurt but because I wanted to get back on my bike.  I did get back on and then it countinued.  That that was my day – I did 3 races and I got rider of the day.   I get to do it all again in a weeks time – I cant’t wait!

Another Amazing Rain Forest Walk

Today we went back to the rainforest. It was a bit like home today and was rainy and cloudy but the raindrops are huge as well ! The trees are just so enormous.

First we went to see the Hinze dam and you can walk right over the middle of it and look down on the water overflowing.

We then went to see a natural bridge in the rain forest.There is a waterfall which comes down and has formed the bridge. You can go underneath it into a cave. You can then go above the waterfall and there are lookouts on both sides of the water . It was very loud. I hope you can see how tall the trees are from the video.  The trees are so different from ours.

It was wet and cool in the rain forest today.

Forest Schools will never be the same again !!

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

We went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. There is an animal hospital there where lots of sick animals are cared for. In the park you can see all kinds of animals and get really close up .

We saw pelicans,eels, crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, dingos, tasmanian devils and so many lizards wandering about we lost count.

We saw the pelicans and eels being fed and a bird show. We were able to feed the kangaroos ourselves but luckily the crocodiles were fast asleep.

There was a magic show and the magician did the same bottle trick that you saw at the Berkley christmas party !

Australian Forest School

Today we went to Springbrook which is a community in the Gold Coast, within the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.   Few places on earth contain so many plants and animals which remain relatively unchanged from their ancestors in the fossil record. There was so much to see we are going to have to back on another day.

We went up a very steep road and stopped at lots of lookouts to see the amazing views of the rain forests, waterfalls and the skyline of the Goldcoast.

The forest is very different to ours. The trees are massive and so tall. They have the most amazing roots. At one of the lookouts we were in the clouds and then they cleared away to show the view and then came back and we could see nothing.


Today we went to look for kangaroos. We found lots !!!!!


Today we went to Kuranda which is known as the Village in the Rainforest. It is situated 380m above sea-level on top of the McAlister Range, in the heart of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforests.
You can travel there two ways. We went up on the train and came back down on the sky rail.There are lots of shops at the village . We had a picnic and did lots of shopping.

The Cairns-Kuranda Railway was constructed between 1882 and 1891. It is amazing that they built the rail track in the rainforest. Hundreds of men were employed to build the 15 hand-made tunnels and 37 bridges. The train journey was very slow and we had a couple of stops to look at the view and the waterfalls

The sky rail was scary as you came down in gondolas above the tree tops and you are very high up.We had to change cable cars as we came down and were able to go to some look outs to see the view.

my surprise birthday trip to disney

hello everyone,

I have been very lucky to have an extra week off school as my mummy took me to disney to celebrate my 5th birthday,

I had a very good time and went on lots of rides and I got to meet lots of the characters to. They even signed my autograph book which I am going to bring in for show and tell when we return to school. On the day of my actual birthday I got to have a royal dinner with princess’s which were belle, snow white, cinderella and prince charming, it was very exciting and even had a birthday cake there to.

My favourite ride was “its a small world” and I made my mum and nanny take me on it lots of times.

I have added a few photo’s for you to see.

See you all soon

The Great Barrier Reef

Today was just a perfect day. We went on a  bus to Cairns town and got on a catamaran which took us 36 miles out to sea to Marine Land.

We all had to get changed into special suits and get our flippers and snorkels. We then went down to the edge of the sea and swam above the coral.

It was amazing.

We saw all sorts of fish and sea life. We had lunch on the boat and then went in the under sea viewing area.

We also got on a glass bottomed boat to see some more fish and coral. We saw a 150 year old clam .

We then went snorkelling again. The sea was 29 degrees and so clear and pretty.

We went out for dinner when we got back. Someone was very tired.

Here are a few pictures but there are some more !!

my birthday party

On the 29th of March I had a birthday party. Sophie, Holly, Maddie, Ruby, Kayleigh, Aimee and IzzyN came It was a pampering party.

We had our finger nails and toe nails painted. The lady did 180 nails altogether! Another lady came to do our hair. Most of us had 2 french plaits and Maddie and Kayleigh had high pony tails curled. We danced to 1Direction songs. That was fun.

I gave out menus when we were at school.They had to give them back to me when they had chosen and ticked what they wanted. Mum made us each our chosen main, desert and drink. It was delicious.

After we had tea we put some Michael Morpurgo books out and each guest got to choose which one they wanted.  I chose first and decided on ‘An Elephant in the Garden’ (elephants are my favourite animals).

We played a dancing game on the Wii. Whenever somone wanted they joined in on the dance, eventually it was just me, Izzy, Sophie and Holly so we carried on dancing it was the best day ever!


I had lots of chocolate at Easter.  I did 3 Easter Egg hunts.  On Easter Monday we went to the park and played cricket and went on the slides.


We had to have a big sleep as we had an early start to catch a plane to Cairns.

It was very exciting to see the Great Barrier Reef from the plane. We are off on a boat tomorrow to go there and snorkel.

Today we played in the park and the pool. All the parks here have shades over them to give you shade from the sun !

A Busy Few Days !

I have had a busy few days on the Gold coast. We went to the beach …again !!

We saw lots of lifeguards . They have painted koala bears that you have to count like we had in Bath.

It is Mr Hirons birthday so we made him a cake…yum yum !

There was a big spider outside the front door which was a bit scary.

On Sunday we went to a car show where there were lots of hot rod cars. It was like being in the Cars movie .