On Friday

On Friday I went to Sophie’s  house . The first thing we did was watch T.V. We watched Tom and Jerry. Then we had lunch, we had pasta. Then we went in Sophie’s big pool it’s as big as my front room! We played pairs in the water, there was a picture of an animal from under the sea and we pick one up and try and find the other one. Then we played try and get round the whole circle without breathing that was fun .Then we got out and got our clothes on. Teddy Sophie’s cat  brought in a lizard, we tried to get him in the box and it took a long time but we got her in. Her name was Lizzie Sophie Issy  Lauren Ford. We looked at her and some of her tail had come off but that doesn’t matter because when they’re babyies their tails come off and they grow back. I took it home it was very smelly because she had done a poo in the box! I didn’t  want to get it out of the box because it was too smelly so mum did it.

That was an exciting day.

First tooth out

On Friday evening at Joe’s house my tooth fell out. It was my first one that I lost. The tooth fairy came and I got 2 golden coins.

Grandma round

Grandma is staying with us for five days and we’ve  had lots of fun so far. On Friday Grandma looked after us while Mummy and Daddy went out. Saturday  Hugo,Millie,Dave and Lina came round for dinner. Sunday all of us went to Long Leat and we went in the mirror maze and it was fun. Monday grandma is leaving us it was great with her for 5 days.

nunney castle

Yesterday I went to Nunney Castle with Oscar and daddy. We walked down the river without our shoes on and climbed over the wall to get in.  The moat has been cleaned and there was loads of pond weed on the bank and we could see the blue dragonflies and fish.

At swimming day

At swimming  i swam by my self every day with out holding a rope. I swam  so long i codont stop and i was out of breth at swiming. Iwent  with my mummy and my daddy and gracie.At swimming i went inthe dep end. Iwent home.

At yasmins house

At yasmins house i am going to her house and her mum is going to tack us to gym and it is really fun and sumtime yasmins mum picks me up to my house and it is good fun.

A birthday party

At Millies birthday party I got to be a helper and she was 4 years old. There was a game which  was called pin the tiara on the mermaid  were you had a hat over your face and Lina span us three times. Then you stuck it on. I got to play the music for muical statues and a game called fancy dress pass the parcel and pass the parcel. I had dinner with the little ones in the living room. I had lots of  fun there.

ILikepLplaywifmiyfres. I like playing tag. I like playing on the tiyes.

at bristal

I went to At bristal mum,polly, zoe,ruth came with me. At bristal is a massive science museum. It is orsome. we got to do every thing.


horse racing

On sunday I went to the horse races. First we watched punch and judy. Next we went to play on the bouncy castle.After that we got a ice cream and it was yummy . After that we went home.

The new house.

I am getting a new flat with my Dad . And we sold my trampoline. With the money we bought a hamster called chip mashmello gorham. Now it is not long. I am moving next week. We are packing at the moment. I will miss my old house.

forensic theatre

Today  I   saw     the   forensic theatre   my  favourite    part  was   when   cryastl

and       felix     tricked      James .Heathers   mum  said wheres  your

shoes but  Heather put her  coat on. It was fun.

Gymnastics Competition!!!

Me,Holly,Bethany,Sophie,Issy and Mary went to a gymnastics competition at Millfield we had to do the vault and a floor routine (Key steps 2).We all got judged on everything we did.There was 140 gymnasts there (around about that anyway).

All the gymnasts there in their teams got split up into groups of about 6 schools to announce the winners.There was lots of suspense. ” ……..And in third place for the floor routine are from Berkley…….Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   I couldn’t believe it I got a Bronze medal for the routine!

After a few minutes “……This is for all the scores from your teams,vault and the routine in third place is……….BERKLEY!!!!!!!!!”

I was amazed going up together, I mean we were only a team of 6 ,other people had way more in their team!

After that I came home with 2 Bronze medals! It was amazing.

Maddie xxx


Dispicable me 2

On Sunday  me Daniel and Malachie went to the cinama.To watch Despicable me 2, and Malachie’s mum took us there and then she went home.we were on our own and me and Daniel found a realy good place  well Malachie went to the toilet and when Malachie came back he said “look there’s two hole rows over there lets sit there.” so we did  we sat in the back one and a realy tall man sat in front.It was fun!