About our holiday

We went to Spain. On the first day we went in the pool. We went to see our cousins Lola and Sophia. In their pool they have a whale that you can sit on. And they have a rubber ring its yellow. We played diving. When it was night time I slept in Lola’s bed its really big. The next day we went to the beach. We had ice creams we all had Magnums . they weren’t just any Magnum they were chocolate with melted chocolate then chocolate ice cream. they were nice . I had them everyday. The next day we went to the beach again .we got a boat to go in me and Lola went very far out my dad had to come and get us and  pulled us back. We made a Jacuzzi . It was nice. When we got home I went strait in the pool with my clothes on.. Everyday we had toasties  I had just a cheese one.  we had babeque  and 2 roast dinners

it was one of my best holidays




Season nearly over.

Well the season is nearly finished, I’ve had a really great year. I qualified for the European championships in Belgium and the world championships in New Zealand! I finished my first season of nationals as British number 9, south west number 2 and have won both Bristol club championships. I am off to Birmingham for the British championships next weekend and the South West championships on the 8th September. Then the season is done. Lots of hard work over the winter working towards the world championships in Rotterdam next year!!

About Sunday the 4th August

On Sunday we went to the cricket pitch because the cricket players were raising money for a charity. It was the fire brigade . Everyone had a raffle ticket. who ever  got the right number got to have a go all round Frome on a Helicopter. There was a lady who had it and she took her boyfriend. And Rudy’s friend Isobel and her mum all went . We waved at the Helicopter. After we went in to do the raffle tickets we won 4 things. Some chocolates, cricket things, sticky bat and ball and sexy man after shave for Dad!

That day was fun.


We have been searching for Gromits in Bristol.  So far we have found 13 out of 80.