Easter Poem

Eggs are yummy
All about Jesus
Sun is shining
The daffodils are out
Easter eggs are being hunted
Rabbits are hopping



Egg’s are being laid
And being eaten
Simnel cakes are baking
Tiny lambs are born
Everybody is excited
To celebrate Easter time.

London Trip

We went on the London Eye.It was great but we got stuck for 1 hour as it broke down .We also went on the River Thames on a boat we saw lots of things.

We saw the ITV STUDIOS where they film Ant & Dec

We also went on 2 train trips it was great


Orla’s Easter Poem

Easter Eggs are yummy
Alice in Wonderland came to Longleat House
Sleepovers with family and friends – YAY!!!
Time spent enjoying the sunshine
Easter Egg hunts
Remembering what Jesus did for us all

easter blogging

Easter egg hunt
A busy day
Standing in the rain
Tasting Easter eggs
Everyone having fun
Racing to find the Easter eggs

Easter poem

Easter with all the family,
And friends are coming round to play,
Sun is shining,
Time for fun,
Eating eggs and hot cross buns,
Remembering Jesus and why he died, so we could live and he could guide.

Pirate party

On Sunday the 20th I had a pirate party. There was face painting and I had a skeleton. Issy had a pirate face paint.

We had a competition to see who had the best pirate costume, the best boy was Caiden and the best girl was Maisie. Everyone was brilliant but Caiden and Maise just looked great.

We played musical statues and musical bumps, that was really good.  We had a competition to see who could do the best Gangnam Style dance, Izzy won that she was really funny.

We had this BRILLIANT  cake that Naomi made. Basically it was a pirate cake but made out of chocolate fingers with vanilla inside. That was really hard to cut up so we had another chocolate cake that we put in the party bags. Nearly everyone was dancing, my dad was DJ he’s really good.

In the party bags the girls had a plastic egg with either different colour chicks or bracelets my sister Issy had made, inside. The boys ether got a stretchy alien, bouncing putty or a car and a balloon that you blow up and punch! All the bags had some sweets and chocolate  and a piece of cake inside too. That was the best party I ever had.


Easter is a time to celebrate together,

All together , whenever,

Spring is here, flowers have sprung,

Time to have some fun!

Everyone eating eggs,

Running fast on their legs!!

Easter holidays

I have had a really fun time on holiday. I went to cornwall and stayed in a caravan. I went to the beach and played and had food at the restaurant on the beach. I went to the Eden Project and saw the ginormous rock bee and made my own bar of chocolate. I went on a go kart and crashed on the grass.

Easter poem

Easter bunny hops along

As he delivers chocolate eggs he sings a song

Spring is here the sun is shinning

To celebrate the seasons hijinks

Everything is warm and bright

Remembering the story of easter as the chicks chirp with all their might


By Olivia and Luke

Easter blog- Jessica Mc

Eggs stacking up ready for you to eat
After eight chocolate in my reach
Sun beaming down on all the girls and boys
Time to go and play with all our new toys
Enjoying our time with loved ones
Running around until we’re all hungry for hot cross buns

Ruby’s Easter blog!!!!

E aster has come, the chicks are hatching
A load of Easter eggs you need to be catching
S pring has come,the lambs are playing
T he people in church are always praying
E aster is here we all want to cheer
R abbit’s are playing oh bless that little dear

Rudy’s birthday

On Thursday it was Rudy’s birthday he woke up at about half past 7 not too bad.

He got some AMAZING presents. First he opened the blue presents, he got a table football!! We pretend it’s Arsenal against Liverpool, we play that every day it’s really fun. Then he got a scalextric!! It’s a Jenson Button one and they go REALLY fast, that’s so cool.

Next he got a Walking with Dinosaurs film, we watched it about a million times but that’s because it’s really good.

Then me and Henry got Rudy a James Bond car it’s got 3 buttons on it. One makes the horn go off, the other one makes the music of James Bond come on then the last one makes it move. He got lots of things I  could sit here all day and list them. But I definitely know he had the time of his life. Now he’s looking forward to his pirate party tomorrow.

Miss. Pennington in the Big Apple!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. I have been enjoying a good break and had a lovely trip to New York.
Here is a picture of the skyline, myself in the M and Ms store and Central Park!!

PS Badgers I’ve got a picture of myself reading in a random place! Hope you’ve got yours sorted!

Easter blog

Easter egg trail
A cross for Jesus
Tao’s chocolate egg
Easter bunny hopping
Running and leaping lambs

Easter Blog

Eggs made of chocolate
Amazing Son of God
Songs sung in church
The world thanks you for your sacrifice
Easter reminds us of you
Remember The Lord because his love is true

Easter Poem

E aster represents

A loved man called Jesus

S o that’s why we

T ell the story of how he died on the cross and now

E veryone celebrates  the

R  esurrection of Jesus

Easter Blogging Competition by Sophie

Early morning spring sunshine covers the land in gold.
Animals spring across the meadows.
Songs from the chirping birds spread over the land.
Trips out for family fun.
Easter egg hunters are curiously searching high and low.
Roasting dinner to celebrate Easter with family and friends.



I went to Chessington and it was my birthday present.  First we went on the log flume , next we went on this jungle bus that  went up and down and it made my tummy flip.  While mummy and Georgia were on the monkey swingers that went round and round me and daddy went on the bumper cars.  Daddy kept  crashing into everyone. Next all of the Madagasca characters came out and they sang the song then we went on the safari and we saw gazelles and grevy zebras, garaffs  and zebras.  On safari there was a cave and by it was a river that we splashed through and a sign saying Danger Go Back but we carried on.  We saw gorillas and baby ones and they were just like us.  A baby one was holding onto its mummy’s back and once they got round the corner he was having milk from his mummy like babies do. We couldn’t see the tigers because it was camouflaged in the trees and one was underneath the window.  Once we were in the hotel room mine and Georgia’s bed had tiger print duvets and we saw a fox in the morning out of our window and it was creeping up on some baby ducks.  The mother took the ducks to the side where they were safe.  One duck was left behind but it got to safety,  We could see the safari park from our bedroom window.  Chessington was my favourite holiday.






Easter Acrostic Poem By Caiden, Ollie and Mummy

E- aster Time Again – Trails & Fun Times
A- waiting Easter Bunny to Arrive . . .
S- pring Flowers like Tulips & Daffodils Bloom
T- ime for sleep now to dream & await maybe a magical bunny soon
E- yes open wide – is there a surprise ????
R- ich Chocolate Eggs – Yummy yum yum – Can’t believe my eyes ! !


Easter Poem

Everyone’s excited that Easter has come

A snowy white lamb munching on fresh green grass

Sunny yellow chicks hatching

Trees blowing calmly

Eating patterned chocolaty eggs

Rabbits happily hopping in the shining sun



Everywhere choclate is hidden


So many children have

To look

Easter is a great time of the year so

Remember not to eat all the choclate at once

Acrostic poem

April showers
Sticky sweets
Terrific treats
Energetic lambs leaping
Running Rabbits

By Laygan  (Archie and Rylee’s little Brother)

Bronze Certificates

In Badgers class since September the children have been earning merit marks for going above and beyond, this can be for work or play.
These children so far have achieved their 10 merits and received their Bronze certificates in the last term which is fantastic and are now on to the Silver Merit challenge which is 20 merits. I hope to see the whole of badgers class with 10 merits by the end of next term!
Well done!
Miss P

Easter is here.

Easter time has come

And we celebrate Jesus

Spring has sprung

The sun is shining

Eggs are hiding

Rabbits hopping

easter acrostic poem

Easter bunny hops about

A chocolate egg hiding just for me

Spring flowers looking pretty in the sun

Together the family meet and eat

Eggs all around such a treat

Rejoice together its Easter time

my holiday

I am looking forward to go on holiday and its nearly my sisters birthday!!

when we are going on holiday somewhere in Devon we are going to go in a hot tub!! we are going to have a great time

Our trip to London

We arrived safely at our hotel,first we have to book in,then we went into our room!! I have my own BIG bed!!!! I’m looking forward to my bacon and egg’s for breakfast yum yum. Nite nite everyone xx

Good bye Pirates

We have all had a great term! We loved the school trip to the M Shed in Bristol and our favourite thing in class was making our own Pirate Ships! Yesterday afternoon Owl’s class did Pirate activities for us, they were so cool!

We are all looking forward to starting our new topic (Bookworms) after Easter.

We hope you all have a lovely holiday and eat loads of easter eggs!!


Love Squirrels Class, Miss Pickford, Mrs James and Mrs Snell

My first regional BMX race!

On Sunday Harri and I went to Paignton with Daddy to race the first regional race of the season. I was racing in 6 and unders and I finished 4th,3rd and 4th in my moto’s and finished 3rd in my final.

Harri finished 2nd,2nd and 2nd in his moto’s and 2nd in his final. We had a great day in the sunshine.

I took my medal to school and showed everyone in my class.