hi everyone I am having a lovely time here in Orlando . My favourite ride so far is the speed way . My favourite 3d film is the Muppets at Hollywood studio’s and I saw a stunt car show and my favourite part was when this person was on a motorbike and skidded through flames.
I am going to New York tomorrow .

George WH

Halloween poem !!

Staying up on Halloween
Eating all of the sweets
Scaring are mums and daddy’s
Halloween costumes are amazing
Halloween is the best day of the year

When I went to Center Parcs

I went to Center Parcs with my Mum,Dad,Elliot,Lucas,Ava,Danny,Kate,John,Natalie,Callum,Kiera,Paul and Sarah. My favourite thing was going tree trecking and we went across a lake on a zip wire which was awesome.I liked going on all the obstacles and the mini zip wires. I also enjoyed going swimming and there was a lazy river and some rapids. But my favourite slide was the tropical cyclone which is this big slide that it starts off going quite calmly then you go down this big steep drop and then you go up one side then down then you go up the other side and  keep doing that until the ride comes to a end. AWESOME!


yesterday we went Weston Super-Mare for lunch . we had fish and ships. I got a new diary. we bought some chistmas presents . sand keeped going in our faces. (it was not very nice) and I have been looking at each other’s blogs and commenting.  I can’t wait infill hallween .

wow day

wow day was the best becuase it was like we were actuly going around the world in 80 days

I thank all the teachers for setting this brillant wow day

i think the next one will be as great.  me and fred loved it and thanks to france freddie now loves brie

Getting a hamster.

On my birthday my mum and dad got me a hamster cage.So after school we went to the pet shop and got a golden sirran.So I got him.I got him straight away because he had been in the pet shop five months. When I got him the pet shop owners told me his name was Tufty because when he falls he is tuff.The next day I put him in his ball.Sadly five months later he died.Then I got a black and white one and I called it Rolly because he is good in his ball.The next day I put him in his ball.Sadly he died four months later.Dad buried Tufty in my sisters flowerbed and Rolly in front of the wendey house.So on the 8.10.14 we got anther hamster. Insted of a male we got a female.They only got her on the 7.10.14 and they to have it a week before they can sell it.So we reserved it and on the 15.10.14.


H happy times eating sweets

A apples are not for hallowen

L lovely chocolate

L late nights for everyone

O orange pumkins at the front of your house

W wearing scary costumes

E eating all day long

N never miss hallowen

the school disco

The school disco the best day ever.  Here are some things that they had. Glow sticks in different colours and tattoos or glittery tattoos and yummy food.


Watch out at midnight.

scary spiders crawlling up your body

look in your cuboards and draws some ghost will be waiting for you

your family could be witches and wizards


join in

I hope you join in making your halloween poems.

It can be a rhyme

or a mix

a acrosick
or normal .

halloween poem

children wanting chocolate from you

try to meet delvil’s in the night

stuff your face chocolate all around

mums and dads say not to many you will  get sick

dress scary dress the best

haloween comes again

I don’t ever want haloween its scary

boys love it uhhhhgggg


apple store trip

The apple store trip was funny because on the way home everyone starting singing we played on garageband we had partners I was with Billy the apple store trip was brilliant and we might be able to go back in march but it felt like a short day a very short ,  short day but everthing was like lovely games today we got mini apple cupcakes

My birthday and party

It was my birthday on the 3rd of October. I had Zoe round for a sleepover and I also had my friends called Sophie,Josie and Millie. We watched a movie called we brought a zoo. Zoe slept up in with me in my high bed. In the morning we started to watched another movie and we had breakfast in bed witch was awsome. After that we did some of this thing called Doh Vinchi witch is play doh.Then we went to play outside and we knocked for Mia and played with her for a bit. After Zoe went home Gracie-May came to pick me up to go to the Cinema with her Couins called Jack and Gabi. We watched the box trolls witch was amazing.I went back to Gracie-Mays house for a sleepover and we made our own pizzas which were really yummy! Afterwards me and Gracie-May went up to her room to watch lots of movies until we fell alsleep. When we woke up  we went on our roller skates and then went to the park and played until I had to go home. When it was thursday the 9th of October it was my party and I had a roller skating party. Freya,Zoe,Yasy,Gracie-May,Lily,Hugo,Ameila,Josie and Sophie. The bad thing was the place that it is normaly it had a broken fire door so we had to do it in the sports center in the main hall but we had are dinner in the place that it is normaly in and we had some of my birthday cake which was really YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

staying at home :)

were not going anywhere but were making mini cupcakes For cake day.

it will be only ME MUM & EMILY

but Chloe’s at .D.A.V.         dad is doing stuff   mummy is doing  ironing





Me Fred mum and dad we went to longleat it was fun i went on a deathslide in the adventure castle . then we went in the gigantic ball pit after that me and dad done the deadly challenge. i had to do two big challenges. I climed a wall and went through lazers.After that we went and watched the bird show. at the end of the bird show they raised money to help the vultures in the world .we brought a band to help them the birds flew over our heads really fast. they went over my head too.

I like

My name is Isaac. I like writing stories in literacy . I like playing on the  ipads  in ict.

I like

My name is Ellis . I like having a midnight  Feast. I like having cheese on crackers.

I like

My name is Casey.I like playing with my friends. all the time in the  playground and we play tag

I Like

My name is Loretta.my faivirote thing in school is maths. I like science .I like reading new books. I like going on the iPad.