about first aid

today ONLY year four and year three

did first aid DR.ABC  is the thing we did

D.   danger     check the area so you don’t get hurt

R.  respond    you  have to say can you hear me can you open your eyes and hit the coller bone
A .  airway     you put your little finger in there mouth and tilt there chin
B.   breathing    hand on there chest ear angainst there mouth for 10 seconds if there chest is going up and down that means there breathing
C.   cuts           clean up cut with water use a dressing to heal up the cut



I went to Bristol Zoo today .  Mum, Dad, Abi and I watched two Lions pacing about in there enclosure we also saw fruit bats hanging around.  Then I spotted a red panda eating some apple and mango while staring at lots of people.  At the Gorilla enclosure the were being fed FACT: Gorillas are vegetarian. Meerkats were busy digging in the sand so Abi and I climbed into the viewing domes to get really close to a baby one, he was so cute!  We were walking past a bird cage and heard a hilarious voice say “HELLO” we turned round and saw a blue and green parrot named sky.  Whenever we shouted “BYE” he would shout back “HELLO” .  My day at Bristol Zoo was really cool and I hope all the animals stay well.

Mummy’s 40th birthday party

On Saturday I went to mummy’s 40th birthday party my cousin Hari and Finlay came out we asked for One Direction to be played so we could dance.
We then walked home at 1:00 in the morning my legs were aching from all the dancing so my daddy carried me for a little bit.
I did not wake up until 9:30 Sunday morning as I was very tired but I had amazing time.

bonfire night poem

plot a plan to kill king James the king of Engaland

giging a tunnel far away

rent a house to stay

barrels of gunpodered rolling all day

nerealy a year they dag this tunnel

fourlks getting the mach to lite it

when the gaurds see him

he was sent king James straight away

no awners the made

now we celebrate this day with poping fireworks

have bright day

firework poem

popping wising dissing wishing singing twinkling  listening ringing thinking brighting

fireworks pop wiss dizz wish sing twink wink list ring ring think bight

pink orange blue red green yellow and purple too

the fireworks remind us about the gunpowder

My half term.

In my holiday I went to Birmingham BMX track for a coaching session. At the end of my session I did the biggest jump and failed. That was the end of my day as I really hurt my wrist. I came home and went to the hospital to check if it was broken. I had an x ray but luckily it was just badly sprained. We also went to longleat with Elliot to watch the fireworks which was great fun. At the end of my holiday I went to my auntie Emma’s party and stayed up really late. I had a great holiday.

My half term

In the holiday I went to boomerang it was fun I met a new friend he was a good friend but not a better friend then george HENrY ELLIOT HARRISON and jessica. After that i went on big Blue slide it was fast. I went to My Brothers work at the diving center as they had a fireworks display, I had a hot dog to eat and a toffee apple, it was really good. On Halloween I went treacle treating round to my family’s houses and I got money, crisps and lots of sweets

My bike ride

When I went on bike ride we cycled from wellow to bath. We cycled through two tunnels. One tunnel took 10 minutes to cycle. The other tunnel took 2 minutes to cycle.The tunnel that took 10 minutes played music.After we went to the pub.I had             spaghetti bolognese and my drink was a J20!!

My half term

We went to Longleat and done the pumpkin trail with mum dad me archie and Laygan and when we found all ten pumpkins we had a choice of a prize for a lolly or a freddo and Gemma was at play school having lots of fun.

My trip to We Care Too

Me and Rylee are part of a Foster Family group for children called We Care Too, and we got to go to a workshop on Wednesday. We made a badge so everyone knew our names and we did circle time so when the ball was thrown at you, you had to say something special about yourself. After that we made loom bands, bath bombs, biscuits and pizzas for our lunch. Also we did a fashion show and we had to make our own costume and me and Rylee made an alien thing. We had a big feast and ate our pizzas and did a vote on which film to watch. We watched E.T . After that mum and dad picked us up and we had a really good time.

The Holidays

In the holidays I went to Longleat. At Longleat I saw Macauley and his brothers. We done a pumpkin trail and found all the pumpkins so we got a lollypop I had a really good day at the end me and Beth went into the adventure castle.Also I met up with my cousins and went to Junction 21. It was really fun.When I went trick or treating I dressed up as a warewolf. I got lots of sweets and after we all watched a scary movie in the dark called The ghost busters. Yesterday i washed the van with my dad and my cousin came over.Then me and daddy went to the farm shop for fish and chips it was really nice. We watched the Longleat fireworks and they were really good but they looked like they were coming forwards so i got off my daddys shoulders. Later I am going to a Halloween party and I am really looking forwards to it.


I went to Longrock which is in Cornwall.  I went to a beach called Poldhu,  I watched some people learn to surf and then the next day Mum, Dad , Abi and I learnt to surf.  First we warmed up by running around the beach, we dived into the sea to get ourselves used to the water and get ourselves wet.  Next we learnt about something called a riptide and safety in the sea.  After that he told us how to kneel up and I did it first time.  Finally are instructor Keith taught us how to stand up and it was quite easy for me because the third time I tried I stood up it was really cool to be able to surf  and I would definately do it again.



C aves surrounded by cold ruff water

O ften find me eating pasties

R ockpool rummaging all day long

N ight skys while walking under the illuminating moon

W etsuits keep me warm while surfing in the sea

A dventures on the soft cornish sand

L icking ice creams while walking a narrow coastal path

L ove cornwall in every way


we went camping with fred my mum dad leo jen max and jack

when we got there we stayed in the campervan.

The next day we went for a really really long walk my dad kept saying lets go to baggy point

we went up a big mountain and my mum said we done 4 and a half miles

when we got back to the campsite my mum joked saying lets leave the biscuits for tomorrow’s

10 miles  walk. after that we went swimming and there was a water slide and i went on the waterslide it was scary

we stayed campind for 3 nights and 2 days the 1st night we went to a bar for dinner and after we had dinner we went in the

arcade it was fun you collect tikets and the more tikets you get the bigger prizes